Monday, December 27, 2010


The Rainbow Eden Dress!
I love this wool! I love how the colours bleed into each other.
I love this pattern! So perfect to show off the fancy colours.
And I love how soft merino wool is.
Raveled here.

I love that Jazzy loved her new Rainbow Dress so much, she was happy to brave the icy wind for a photo shoot.

I love that none of us has gotten dressed today. Lazy daysies.

I love, love, love the puppies. Puppy love - I totally get the full meaning of that term now. They are all huddled up together asleep right now in a bundle after a day spent feeding voraciously.

I loved scripting, casting, rehearsing, shooting and editing The Friendship Movie this morning.

I love the way Indi is moving into the spare room and the touches she is putting on it to claim it as her own.

I am not loving the sore pimple on my chin.

I love having my farmer boy at home with us all day long.

I love that the girls are all working together as I type this to make a batch of chocolate balls. Oh my goodness the mess!!

I love that her sticker chart is making Jazzy behave like an angel.

I love coffee and salad with haloumi and salty pop corn and summer fruit.

I love it that the girls are working through a book of fairy tales. The little girls take turns choosing and Indi reads them one each night before bed.

I love that there are no plans, no time-tables, just slooooooooooow summer days.

What's going on at yours?
What are you loving??

See ya later alligator


  1. Your day sounds just perfect! Jazzy's rainbow dress is just gorgeous and the colors are beautiful. Enjoy your puppy love and slow days in your pj's!

  2. It is a lazy day for me, too. No plans, no food to prepare, no nothing.
    I might sew a bit, or not. I might go for a walk, or not.
    This is freedom!
    Cute jazzy dress, by the way.

  3. Oh so beautiful!!! It's really gorgeous!!! I love it, and love to see how great your girl look with it!

  4. I like all your post, all your knitting, your photos, the place where you live. I follow you every morning and every morning I think your blog is really nice!

  5. Totally gorgeous dress!!
    I'm loving no nightly lesson plans and living in hope that I can actually get the house in order before we start school again!

  6. I'm loving that you're loving so many things. And that Jazzy is so gorgeous and things are making you happy
    I'm loving clover honey, and that Im going home today. It's been a lovely time, but I'm ready to go home.xo

  7. la la love this one! enjoy it all =)

  8. I'm loving your post :D
    I'm loving lazy days too. Getting lots of sewing time in with the older kids looking after the little ones. I'm loving time with family and eating too much. Sunny days on the beach and sleeping in tents under the stars.

  9. What a spectacular rainbow dress! So colourful. Sorry to hear you are having to put up with icy winds in the summer! How awful for you all. Love the activities you are all enjoying.

    We are puzzling over here at the mo. Spent the day hanging out at home, playing a new board game and making a proper tutu!! Didn't quite work out as hoped, but you get that.

  10. I LOVE this post! Lazy hazy days happening here...

  11. Oh it's turned out so well!! You must be so pleased :-)
    Completely love it!

  12. So much to love.
    Not least of which is that wonderful rainbow dress!!
    Enjoy the slowness.
    Andi x

  13. Gorgeous photos! And the location in particular fits well with the colorful dress. Glad you had a great Christmas! (You may want to pop over my blog for my latest giveaway.)

  14. I am loving your beautiful post & beautiful, beautiful pics!
    I am loving haloumi bread which I will get Sam to make for you one day as I am sure you will love aswell.
    I am loving my gorgeous little nephew who turned 2 today.
    I am loving yummy lentil burgers for dinner
    I am loving my adventurous little monkeys giggling all day together (we'll not mention the fighting)
    I am loving visiting you sweet friend & reading your lovely posts.
    many hugs to you ♥

  15. That is the most stunning dress I have seen in a very long time. Lucky girl (and lucky mummy getting to look at lucky girl wearing it) I love sticky date biscuits which I discovered today.

  16. I wish I was in a more loving mood but I'm just not! I am however, adoring your photo's, how beautiful is Jazzy in the field? She is reminding me more & more of you lately, her face is changing, growing up. Glad you are having such a happy start to the holidays xo

  17. Sounds glorious. :-)

    I'm loving that I have SIX whole hours all to myself - better go do something useful with them.

  18. Kate- wonderful dress, wonderful photos to match! Clever you. Loving that it's just about bed time and I am off to sleep soon! Loved blogging for the first time in weeks too, nice to get some words out of my head, loving catching up on some of my bloggy friends lives.

  19. I'm loving that rainbow dress. So so so uber ace.
    ... I'm also loving ice-cream and loving day dreaming about what 2011will hold. I have a fluttering feeling in my heart that makes me think it could be a really good year.

    Not loving the sharks that were swimming at the beach today thwarting my plans!

  20. ...In a while crocodile...

    (sorry, but I can't not respond... it's been programmed into me since childhood)

  21. I am lovin that my house guest leaves tomorrow. Morning.

  22. thats a rainbow full of things to love :-)
    Im loving the not-have-to of our days...its the best, my gathering of sunflowers in my garden, berries galore, sleeping whenever, kids playing together and the lack of school crap weighing their shoulders down at 3.20pm every day, eating roast potatoes...might be time to stop that soon, thoughts of a new year coming, holding little hands, having my sister on skype in our lounge for hours... a portal across the world....and your puppies are so so so loveable. should we or shouldnt we let rosie have a litter is our question.. happy days Kate x x

  23. Hey Kate, amazing to see the paddock so green at this time of year. Yes, I know I am meant to be looking at Jazzy's dress, but it just struck me.....
    The dress looks lovely, all that knitting, you are amazing. It must feel lovely on against your skin and the colours, she will stand out in any crowd.
    So what's the next knitting project going to be?
    No time-tables how luxurious, such a great time of year,enjoy it.

  24. Oh goodness she beautiful and so tall. Yay for cooperation too, can't beat that. I want some of that wool and that dress is spectacular!!

  25. I am so in love with this dress! It makes me want to dig out my knitting needles and re-learn to knit again... It's beautiful Kate!

  26. LOVE reading your blog Kate.... I will write my loves for today on my blog a little later!

    The dress is delightful! Do you have any nice poncho patterns you can share?

    Much love

  27. Oh my goodness! A rainbow dress of the utmost kind, the likes of which I have never seen! Beautiful!!!

  28. Well done with that dress - it's just perfect. We're all enjoying the man of our house being home too. It's all too rare, as we usually head back to Melbourne for Christmas so it's busy busy visiting and not being in our own space... Or on the rare occasions when we have Christmas at home he often ventures into the office as it's so quiet and good for getting work done. But this year they closed the office to upgrade the IT systems so... here's here with us ALL week. It's great! Enjoy your lazy days - may they last!

  29. Love that dress! It is completely gorgeous.

    I am loving the unrushed, quiet time after a month-long frenzy of holiday crafting :)


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