Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Butterflies and beanies.

Two nights ago I crocheted this beanie using Amanda's latest pattern. She is such a clever cookie that Amanda is. I can quite confidently say that out of all the girlie beanie's I have crocheted, this little number is my favourite. Its quick and easy too.

After my last project took two months to complete, it is wonderful to start and finish something in one night.

Details here.

Yesterday we had a meeting with a woman who we might do some work with. She showed us her figures and gave us loads of examples of what she does and how she does it, but what really won me over was how lovely and accommodating she was of my three year old who didn't really want to be there. She gave her pens and paper, she included her in the conversation and sent her/us home with some gorgeous olives, cheeses, dips and other fancy produce made in the area.

Last night I started another one of Amanda's beanies in the blue cotton with the purple waiting patiently to be next. Ooh, I wonder how it would look with a crocheted flower on the side.

And this morning we are painting each others' faces (her's is above, you are not going to see mine!), my butterfly is eating her very gourmet morning tea and I am about to bring all the soggy washing in from the line (summer? what summer?) and chuck it on a spin cycle.

What are you up to?

Have a wonderful day.
See ya!


  1. Ooh, I'm going to have to check out that pattern, I like it very much.

    It looks as though we are sharing your rainy days, lakes have sprung up all over the place, I do hope the chooks can swim, oh wait...pretty sure I gave them the crash course last year. Maybe I can fashion some wee floaties for them out of plastic baggies.

    Yes, a flower on the side would be stunning!

  2. I absolutely love how it turned out. And a flower would be perfect I bet great idea...

    Scott just left for 10 days in the field. And we have a number of fix-it things on the list that I guess I will be taking care of, what fun..

    Thanks so much for the kind words Kate you rock!

  3. BUT I WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE!!!! Spoil sport! the lady sounds wonderful you might be working with. a definite goer.
    Very sweet beanie, very sweet girl very sweet butterfly-girl xoa

  4. I agree with Jess, how come we didnt get to see your face painted, lol! Your new hat looks very very nice indeed and it suits Miss Jazzy too. I like instant gratification too when you have a long project going but I think 2 months was pretty quick for an adult project. The meeting sounds as though it went very well for you. Hope your fields are starting to dry up for you too and you can finally plant some seeds. I was wondering how your chickens were going with all the rain.

  5. Beanie looks great, and your girls are so beautiful. I'm completely won over by anyone who is nice to my kids! And unlike you, I have been very lazy (or optimistic!) and left the soggy washing on the line to deal with later xo Em

  6. Crochet flower would make that hat go wowee!!

    And I'm usually OK with the washing getting fresh water rinse - but you can have too much of a good thing! Welcome to the Chinese laundry!!

  7. What a gorgeous hat! Off to see the link, thanks :)

  8. They HAVE to have a crocheted flower on the side.

    I'm also retrieving my washing for a second spin.

  9. Two beautiful images of your girls there Kate, I love that first one particularly.

  10. Love that cotton beanie, wonder if it will fit me??? I have a very small head :-) I'd like to do a project for me that can be finished in a day, instant gratification is what is needed here. I am doing the bookwork and invoices YUCK! YUCK! and getting very easily distracted by blogland! Off to tally the incoices NO I'm going to check out that beanie first ;-)

  11. I just pulled the washing off the line as well - although I was lucky that mine was nearly dry before the rain today. Will still have washing hanging all over the house again.

    I really need to learn how to crochet. There are so many gorgeous things that are crocheted (including your beautiful beanies).

    I also have a face-painted little butterfly at my house today :)


  12. I love the beanie, your butterfly is beautiful too!

  13. Gorgeous colour and pattern. What am I doing? Nursing a 3 year old back to health - she has chicken pox despite being immunised!

  14. Stop my heart that blue yarn is gorgeous :) Face Painting!! Awesome...what a great way to use up some of these extra daylight hours :)

  15. Love the beanie ! I had thought the days of draping washing over racks was over here for a bit , how wrong I was !

  16. Beautiful pic Beautiful Work + Beautiful girl!

  17. Yes I adore that beanie of Amanda's too and have it as part of my 2011 ambitions... no time to start now though life is too frantic... and too hot to be thinking about beanies!!!

    I don't want to rub it in... or jinx myself... but my washing has been drying in under half an hour! Fresh sheets all round in this neck of the woods :)

  18. Lovely beanie! I love quick projects.

  19. What a great hat. I am working on hats right now for the family and found your blog while looking for new and interesting patterns.

  20. That beanie Rocks!!! LOVE IT


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