Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanks Jess!

This Saturday afternoon I am sitting here feeling overwhelmingly grateful for the generosity of bloggers.

A few months ago when I started knitting, I wrote a post on my blog about the pros and cons of knitting. One of the problems with being a brand new knitter I wrote, was all the stuff I needed to buy.

A few days later I got this mysterious black wrap in the mail from the gorgeous Jess.

What do you think was inside?

The most wonderful gift of all for a brand new knitter!
Knitting needles of every shape and size, all organised and neat and tidy.

How cool is that!

A few moments ago while I was knit, knit, knitting away at the top in the first photo, all of a sudden the pattern asked for the sleeves to be knit onto another pair of size 3 needles.

Another pair!!!???
First I panicked.
Then I thought about removing the stitches onto some waste yarn and knitting them later.
And then I remembered the wrap.
And sure enough, there was a pair of size 3 needles waiting for me.

Thanks Jess! I feel so very lucky that you chose me for this wonderful gift.

Thanks also to everyone else who has sent me or another blogger a brilliant gift. What a brilliant bunch bloggers are.

The sun is shining, my washing is drying, we are going to eat dinner outside tonight.

More grateful here.

See ya!


  1. Holy cow - bloggyland is THE BEST!!! xxxCate

  2. Jess's thoughtfulness just brought tears to my eyes. Like you, I've been overwhelmed by the kindness and old fashioned community spirit that exists here in blogland. I feel like we've stumbled onto a rainbow. Beautiful. Happy knitting!! x

  3. How thoughtful! And what a pleasant surprise. That would surely make my day too. Happy weekend!

  4. Oh SHucks Kate,
    you are sooo more than welcome. And you sooooo deserve a bit of spoiling. And I know you'd do the same. I'm so thrilled you are using them. I wasn't.
    blogland is the best.

  5. There is nothing like preloved needles .. the colours of them and knowing that somebody else has created something with love with them ...

  6. Perfect gift..I find the same thing every time I find another 'new' craft to try...I have to get all the stuff !!!

  7. thats so great, good for gorgeous bloggers! I agree!

  8. how absolutely wonderful! what a treat and treasure for you :) made my day to see such kindness!

  9. The power of blogging! What lovely suprises! :D

  10. What a lovely gift! So generous. You're knittings looking fab! xxx

  11. whatever you're knitting looks very pretty. bloggers are a lovely bunch.

  12. What a lovely and heartwarming story. The generosity of others is what makes this world a nice place to be, warm and fuzzy. Thanks for sharing.

    PS your knitting looks great! Ames :)

  13. Blogland is full of wonderful bloggy friends isnt it! They look like much loved needles and I am sure they will be well loved by you too! Your knitting looks gorgeous Kate, what pattern are you knitting up now! I hope the rain has gone away and everything is starting to dry out at your place for you. We have finally had some hot sunshine in the last day so the puddles are starting to disappear!

  14. ahhhh - see when you turned from the darkside of needing only a hook hehehe.
    What wonderful bloggers that have posted these gifts. Each time you use them little memories would surface - grand !

  15. Yay for blogness. Love what you are creating - seems you've got this knitting thing down pat. You amaze me!
    See you tonight sweet cheeks,
    Ab x

  16. i bought some needles on ebay once and i seem to have inherited three of each size! it's fantastic though. when my nieces and nephews come over and want to knit i can send them home with their very own pair (i seem to have an awful lot of big ones).
    i love blog land for it's giving nature though - if not in gifts, they give in spirit :)

  17. Very sweet :D There are some truly wonderful people out there. I too love blog land. We had a knock on the door. And someone arrived with a lawnmower after reading about ours going up in flames!
    You read so much about being careful when putting personal stuff on the net, but there are a lot of positives too, like the wonderful people you meet.

  18. blogland is fabulous & I love the community feel about it.
    I have been a bad blogger of late but I know it's ok as I will be re isnspired soon.
    and that Miss Jess...LOVE her, she is a keeper, just like you Miss Kate ♥


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