Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The year of love!

Good morning!
How're things with you?

So I'm sitting here thinking about the new year. 2011. Wow!
And I'm thinking about where I want to go and who I want to be this coming year.

So many things are popping into my mind and I'm tempted to write a whole resolution list but today I'm going to start with one thing. The top of my list.

I think that this coming year, after ten years of parenting, my Farmer Boy and I need to schedule a bit of regular alone time. Just him and me and away from the farm.

A date night. With a baby sitter and all. Woo Hoo! I am excited already.

Just now after I wrote that bit I called a friend and asked her if she was interested in the job and she loved the idea. She thinks we should prioritise it. I do too.

So there you go. My first New Years' Resolution has been put into action.

What about you? Do you have a regular date night? Have you started making your resolution list?

Have a wonderful fourth last day of the year.

Oh and the puppies still have their eyes closed but they have started wagging their tails. Too cute.

Bye now. XX


  1. Brilliant resolution! The Mr. and I used to have a regular date thing until our babysitter had babies of her own. Now we get out when we can, which isn't really often enough. We do try to have nights where we nest on the couch with a movie which works in a pinch. We are on the hunt for good sitter for next year.
    Have a wonderful time together when it's your night!

  2. I love to see couples growing old together, sharing a look, a secret smile or holding hands. Too sweet and it could be guys too! Cherrie

  3. Wonderful idea! We used to do that with another couple - taking turn about we'd go out and one of them would come over and mind our kids and then the next week they'd go out and one of us would go to theirs and mind their kids. It worked perfectly for a few years actually. Have fun! :) Kx

    p.s. beautiful photo btw! :)

  4. we have some friends kids who are teenagers now and they babysit all the time. We love date night, we probably get a babysitter at least once a month- but we make the most of it- it does add a fair bit to the night out but come summer we can just go the the beach and eat fish and chips. I think it is THE most important thing you can do for your family. Organising it is really just a phonecall... and well worth it.
    cute pic too. x

  5. Yep - we're big believers in the date night. I reckon happy/sane parents are good parents, and some time out with just each other is a good start!! We have one tomorrow night, and we're off to the movies - bliss! Have a lovely date together! Nic

  6. That is the best new years resolution, time together alone is so important. My hubby and I have a date day or night every month and my mother in law is happy to help out. I'm so grateful to her for looking after the girls and for the alone time we get. I hope you enjoy your first date! xo

  7. Nope... no date nights for us. We've been alone about five times since we became parents almost four years ago... and not all of those time were for "dates" :(
    We've been meaning to put more effort into this area of our lives too. We try to have "us" time at home of an evening... but it ain't the same.

    Good luck with your date nights :)

  8. sounds excellent & much needed after 10 years!
    we don't do date nights, maybe someday in the future, but for now that's ok, we can wait.

    have a wonderful end to the year Kate.
    gorgeous, gorgeous pic ♥

  9. We haven't had date night for a few years, since our youngest was born. Quite frankly no-one could handle him! With the move and the kids going to a prep to 12 school - I am hoping to find a delighful young nanny so we can start dating again!!

  10. What a great photo with lovely smiles. Your ideas are fantastic and you've put them into action already. Nothing could be finer.

  11. Sounds like a very good idea Kate as you are both so busy! Paul and I havent had a date night since Lachlan was little actually - maybe I should pop that in my New Year's resolution too!

  12. I'm a big fan of the date night and enjoy it once a month.

    It is so easy to get caught up in the daily grind, to take each other for granted and to forget about what brought you together in the first place.

    Enjoy your dates, you do look cute together.

  13. good on you kate, great resolution. will have to take a leaf out of your book

  14. good luck on that! I think this is the most important thing we MUST do for all. Since this great great time together is making the relationship better, and it reflects on all around the house =)
    We used to have a "date" once a week, but when baby Alona was born 4.5 months ago, it changed and we are still trying to find a way through to keep this going on - because we both understand how important it is =)

  15. OH You Two make my heart melt ... love your brilliant resolution ... I'd have held my hand up for sitter duty if I'd been closer ... drat ;) Stay warm and dry Darlings.

  16. How exciting!! For the last year or so one of my closest friends and I babysit for each other once a month so we can have date night.
    I go to her house and look after her 3 kids so they can go out and eat, drink and be merry, and then when it's our night she comes to my house and does the same. It's so wonderful!! We plan our dates a few months in advance so if we want to organise something special or get a group of friends together we can. Enjoy - it will be one of the best decisions for 2011.

  17. Ive never thought about a regular date night but I have been thinking I want to surprise him with something once a month. Until he catches on that is.
    Yep! You guessed it! The first thing is going to be a raised bed vegie patch.

  18. Yay date night! My hubby and I had one recently too - and we plan to have another one some day!!
    Yes, my new years resolution list is well and truely underway...love a good list!
    Have a wonderful night :-)

  19. My advice would be to make a plan and/or bookings!!

    After 5 years, we decided that we should have a date night, and headed off into the night with a vague plan to have dinner and catch a movie. We were so out of touch with our old stomping ground, we didn't realise two favourite restaurants had closed. By the time we found another - infinitely inferior - and were served dinner, we missed the movie. We also nearly had an argument. We were home by 10.30..... Not a great success.

    Enjoy your time together!!!

  20. We haven't had a date night in some time. That sounds like the best new years resolution ever - much better the diet exercise one I was thinking of.

  21. Good plan, Kate. We don't get out as much as we'd like, but it's worth it when we do!

  22. Sounds like a most excellent and important idea!
    Love this pic of you two love birds.
    Haven't even thought of mine yet, perhaps get my license , but really get it this year xo

  23. A great first resolution. Of late, I have been lamenting the lack of time for "us" but we are working on it. It is hard work now but should get easier as time goes on. Have fun with this resolution!

  24. We don't do it often enough, but when we do it's worth it for the conversation alone! I think consciously prioritising it is the only way to make it happen regularly. Great resolution!

  25. i think this is a perfect resolution and an important one to stick too. go you for already putting it into action! and what an adorable photo!
    im yet to make any resolutions myself.

  26. I hope you'll have many date nights next year. I suspect that once you get into habit of having them it will be easy to organize.

    We end up going out together about twice a year, when my mum comes to visit (pretty sad).

    I'm not making any resolutions at the moment, have some from about October (or even earlier), which I need to implement.

  27. What a beautiful photo of you both.

    I hadn't thought about a date night. After nearly 6 years of staying-in-with-the-kids nights, perhpas its time to plan some. Enjoy yours!

  28. I really like your date night plan - and will be adding it to the list of resolutions I've just started... thank you! Hope your third last day of the year was wonderful!
    (I just loved the puppy pics too!)

  29. date night sounds blissful....we dont, but we should. im feeling some resolutions bubbling...i love a new year. and you two are too cute x

  30. you two are gorgeous and i think i may need to steal your idea.

  31. Excellent! we don't have regular date nights...but we don't have kids yet...but it is still important and good on ya for putting it into motion..oh and gosh the puppies are precious! happy new year x

  32. Lovely idea.

    We had regular date nights years ago when it was just the two of us. We shold do it again. Organising a regular babbysitter is a good idea. I might suggest atleast a monthly date night. Thanks for the inspiration.

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