Friday, May 20, 2011

Heart shaped.

Wheat heart hottie.

Morning la'heart'tte.

My first born heart.

Milo heart for a brand new baby Otis.

My sewing scraps heart.

Shopping heart list.

Pierre's Chook love art.

I called my Dad this morning to ask him how he was going.
He told me he was doing well.
He also told me there have been ups and downs and that he has always told his patients that recovery is never a straight line.

May your weekend be heart shaped.



  1. Aaah, sweet. I love that little grey knitted thingy. Hearts to you this weekend Kate.

  2. Glad that your dad is doing OK Kate.

    I don't think the 3 suburban chooks that our property could support could make such heart love! Not even if we added the Staffy and the (nutty) cats.

    Enjoy your weekend x

  3. So happy to hear your Dad is doing well. Loving the heart. Love.

  4. Good news about your Dad. It must be difficult being a doctor on the other side of the knife.

    So many love hearts in your life must be a good sign!

  5. Nothing is ever a straight line. Which is fortunate if you want to make everything into a sweet heart.

    la'heart'tte is gold. x

  6. was there chicken hypnotising involved???? that is so cool!

    glad your Dad is good.


  7. ahhh just what i needed to hear...recovery is never a straight my sindri takes two steps back again on birthday eve. drats. lovin all your hearts....especially your beautiful knitting x x and your dad is in my prayers x x

  8. Wishing you lots and lots of hearts x

    Leah x

  9. Great news that your Dad is feeling better Kate. Staying positive is 9/10ths of recovery in my opinion! Love that chook heart. i wonder if I could do the same thing with the bread I throw on the lawn for the birds. We certainly get enough landing for it!

  10. Love the chook heart..glad all's well with your dad...have a 'hearty' weekend.

  11. oooh, you have a new baby friend called Otis. cool

  12. Yay farm doc!! I hope your heart is beating as strong as the love felt for you by those beautiful women in your life.

    Ps I love that chook picture.

  13. Your dad sounds like a very wise man!

  14. beautiful Kate.
    I love your dad and I've never even met him, he's very smart and wise I think . ( don't tell him some random rambling weirdo wants to hug him though)
    I'm so pleased to hear he's doing well too. and hope you are too xo

  15. 'Heart' warming post Kate. Love the pics, all so beautiful.
    So glad your Dad is doing well at the moment. One step at a time, it's all any of us can do. Have a lovely weekend Kate xo

  16. Your hearts and stories are making me tearie Kate. I'm so very glad to hear that your father is on the mend, although I can relate to his saying only too well. I hope his recovery line is straighter than most.


  17. I love this post Kate !
    So glad to hear about your Dad. Have a lovely weekend, Dee x

  18. Hearts to you too, gorgeous lady! That chook love art is inspired, awesome find. Fabulous to hear the Doc is walking the recovery trail, happy weekending to you all xxxx

  19. Look at all of those hearts:)

    Hope that the road starts to straighten up soon for you.

    I am heading away for a girly weekend (8 giggly school mum's) and all that I have packed is my knitting:)

  20. Your Dad is a wise man. So glad the op went well and he is back home. Hope you have a wonderful heart shaped weekend. x

  21. What a lovely post! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ to you all!
    Sally x

  22. Umm girl I am loving your photos!!! So so cute and yay for hearts!!

  23. Beautiful hearts Kate , most especially the kind, caring, nurturing, creative one in you! I most especially love the chook love art! naively when I first looked at it I was thinking how amazing that they spread in a heart shape to begin with and that someone had a camera to capture it! ... Then my brain kicked into gear ... lol Happy weekend to you. x

  24. many hearts sent your way sweet Kate ♥

  25. That news is so good to hear:) I love the hearts you found in your day, I hope your day is filled with lots of beautiful moments. xo

  26. OH! I HEART this post too. Well done kate :)


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