Saturday, May 14, 2011

house/heart keeping.

I'm home!

The heart bubble has burst and I'm back to brush hair, do laundry, make food and turn off lights. They missed me terribly which is a great thing. Miss Pepper took a long, hard look at me and told me I still look gorgeous. Phew. Jazzy keeps asking me to spell icup (get it?!) and Indi wont stop cuddling me.

Life goes on here. There are so many stories and questions and jokes and fights and needs.

But its like there is a loooooooooong string tied between my heart and those of my parents. And while I am busy with life here, an enormous chunk of my heart is there. I never usually answer the phone but today I am. I am waiting anxiously for a scrap of news. Anything.

I am at home but I also feel far away.

Last weekend before I left for Melbourne I made Miss Pepper her caravan pillow case from a pile of fabrics she had chosen.

I wish I was brave enough to chose fabrics like she does. The brighter and more patterned the better.

She chose red for the crocheted trim.

At night while I was away I liked to think of two of my girlies fast asleep on their Mama made pillow cases. It was almost the next best thing to being able to kiss them goodnight.

Indi's is next but she's still undecided about what she wants.

I've got a yukky cold so this is probably the best place for me. I'm drinking coffee I brought back from Melbourne, knitting rows of Miss Ruby Rib, making toasties for lunch, cuddling my darlings and trying to be a patient, enthusiastic Mama.

It's such a shame blogger gobbled up the comments from my last post as I was looking forward to showing them to my Dad. As a blogger himself he totally gets it. But nevertheless I read them and appreciated them and thank you for them.

And finally, due to blogger's tantrum yesterday, I think I'll leave the Genki giveaway open for a little bit longer. Enter here and I'll choose a winner on Monday.

I hope you have the most wonderful weekend.



  1. i can see why you are happy to be home, but still feel far away totally understandable.

    i love miss pepper's pillow case & she did great picking her fabric. i agree she has brave colour choices & they work. just goes to show we don't have to be so 'safe' the red trim is just perfect.

  2. fingers crossed for your dad ~ can imagine the unbearable feeling of waiting, waiting.
    love the pillow case you made :)

  3. Welcome home Kate.

    I did read that blogger is working in restoring the lost comments, so fingers crossed. More get well wishes from over here for your Dad. xx

  4. Welcome Home, I had blogger gobble a whole post yesterday or over night LOL

  5. glad all has gone well for you there. look at that pillowcase. that sheet. i feel suddenly i ve been transplanted at home, in my mama's house, under a fan, taking a little nap. i'm 12 again! aahhh. xxx

  6. It doesn't matter how old you or they get -they are still your parents. Although some times, as they get older in particular, it may feel like you take the parenting role.

    I'm so glad your Dad is ok.

    Go hug a puppy.


  7. I am glad you are home with your girls and do hope your Dad is getting better. Those pillow cases are so pretty - I love your style! xo Rach

  8. I did make a post regarding your dad. I'm sorry you can't show them to him but will you tell him, from one old codger to another, all the best with the recovery. I'm thinking of you all.

  9. So glad that your dad is on the mend. I managed to read your last post in blogger but didn't get to leave a comment.
    Blogger are working on restoring the comments over the weekend so hopefully your dad will get to see all of those lovely messages after all! They'd be sure to put a smile on his dial.

  10. I hope you get great news very soon Kate. I am sure your family missed you heaps. I love the pillow case with the red edging too, just so pretty. Your ruby rib is going along nicely, I am knitting the bottom of mine and those last 4 cms dont seem to want to appear on the tape measure!

  11. Pepper's pillow is divine!!
    Much love and patience to you and your family.
    Feel better soon.
    Andi x

  12. I totally understand where you are in your headspace right now - Being away from family is the hardest.

    I am knitting - have a ikky head cold thing happening and have a little girl that is jumping out of her skin - she has a friend coming over and they are going to sit and watch Tangled (Mr B is currently dancing to a recorded Dancing with the stars.

  13. Oh and hope that you Dad continues to improve and is out soon.

  14. Kate I really hope your dad's recovery is speedy. It's so hard when a loved one is going through something so very big. The rest of the world continues whirling, while your part just stops a little...
    Beautiful pillowcases, I'll bet your girls were happy to have you home.

  15. hope your dad feels better soon. i love the pillowcases.. am going to steal the idea if that's ok!

  16. Loving it all

    Blessings to your family and to your father.

    xo jill

  17. Sending love and prayers to you all and hope your dad makes a speedy recovery.
    Jak x

  18. Glad to hear you're home and in the hugs! (but with ♥ still in the city too)

    I hope the comments are restored over the weekend and they help cheer your dad. And that theres some good news soon.xJ

  19. The pillowcase you made for you little one is gorgeous.
    Yes it is so hard being away from your parents. I'll be thinking of you all and hope your Dad's recovery speeds up and he is out of hospital soon.
    I do so understand the distance thing, my parents are in Western Australia and it's so hard when they are ill. But I have been fortunate enough to look them after Mum had her hip operations. My children are older now which makes it much easier.
    Take care,
    Anne xx

  20. Lots of love to you dear lady & a big hug too. I hope your Dad comes through with flying colours. I suspect he has alot of spunk & won't let this beat him.
    We're spending alot of time in hospital too at the moment. Lots of driving uptown, lots of waiting around & still no real answers. Just a big waiting game. It sucks. I'm too stressed & tired to blog, I'm impressed that you have the ability to write how you feel. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words.
    All the best to you all, especially your Dad.
    Kitty xxx
    & p.s. that pillow is fabulous!!!

  21. Speedy recovery and much love still goes to you and yours.....I say be bold and make yourself and Farmer Boy a bright bold pillowcase will make you smile every time you put your head on it especially as you will be further away from you folks by then.

  22. Hi,
    I do think you are as brave with your fabric choices as your Pepper girl is.
    And love the idea Taylor Made suggested to make your holiday pillowcases. Theyll always be holding a memory or two then!
    Am sending as much love and heart wishes as I can tonight, x
    ps Okay... so im secretly dying to know if you, mum and your sisters laughed at djo and if you have a favourite line yet?

  23. Us girls sure do juggle a lot don't we? It must have been a long week, I've had you in my thoughts a lot.
    Hope the weekend isn't too crazy & that you get some down time. Have a bath, read a book, go for a walk? Have coffee with your lovely friend really soon, who will give you a big cuddle & distract you with tales of her mental life and make you laugh (hopefully). Lots of love to you xo

  24. Thinking of you and your dad. Couldn't comment on the last post due to bloggers tantrum but have been thinking of you and him.

    I LOVE Miss Pepper's pillowcase. SO cheery!

  25. thinking of you and your lot Kate x

  26. Best wishes to you and your dad
    Crafty Genki t-shirt for my teen, all set to get a machine for her 15th

  27. welcome home kate, I hope you get news very soon about your dad running around the ward! I can totally relate to your head having room for nothing else I have been through it a few times over the years with mum, only 3 weeks ago she a big surgery and twice they put her ICU and actually told my sister and I she was "delicately poised" and it could go either way, it's been a rollercoaster and hard to think of anything else and hard to sleep so I am feeling your anguish, truly, we all wait to hear news of your dad, please send him lots of hugs and tell him we have had the coldest May days in 22 years here in Tassie so he will be happy he missed those xxxxxxxx

  28. thinking of you and your family - I hope all your phone calls bring good news, and that your yucky cold leaves you quickly xxx
    (and Miss Pepper's fabric choices are fabulous! but as Wendy said, yours are too...)

  29. I hope your dad is doing well Kate, I completely relate to your last post. When our big boy Harvey was in hospital for 11days last christmas it was like time stood still, we were so consumed in our own little world trying to survive it, while life on the outside was still flowing. We could see it, people would talk to us but it was like we were a million miles away, so removed. I bet it's nice to be home with your gorgeous family who love & adore you so very much. Your pillow cases are just stunning & that knit is beautiful, what a great colour! Enjoy your cuddles, thinking of you..x

  30. As I write this I am hoping you have some more good news regarding your dad...and I hope you feel better yourself. I can imagine how much you missed your family, I always miss my kids when they arn't here, although sometimes its nice and peaceful. The two still at home are 22 and 20.
    x Sandi

  31. Welcome home, Kate! Hope you get lots of phone calls full of good news...

    Wendy xx

  32. Oh, Kate, the word 'heartstrings' is so evocative and powerful. I *get* where you're at, sweet girl. Sending you a Hobart ♥ tonight. J x

  33. Kate, just wanted to give you a little hoy and let you know I've been cheering your Dad on from here too. xx

  34. You'll love this...I saw the photo of the vintage and the crochet trim on icrochet and I knew straight away it was yours :-)

  35. hi hon. thinking of you lots. you articulate so well what it's like during those BIG life events. hope you guys all move through this one quickly and smoothly.


  36. Oh Kate, as tinged with sadness as this post is, it is also very beautiful. Those pics are gorgeous, the pillowslips just lovely and your words are so heartfelt. I really can feel your pain.
    Keep surrounding yourself with those wonderful things and take care of your cold, it has no doubt run you down somewhat.
    P.S. I was disappointed with blogger wiping all those comments too, big shame.

  37. Miss Pepper is one lucky girl to have such a sweet pillowcase. Hope things are going well with your dad xo

  38. thinking of you and hoping all is well with your dad. miss pepper melts me

  39. hi there! hope your dad get well really fast! wanted to know if you are pleased with big cartel. I see you manage your shop on it and I was thinking of starting an account. thanks. Grace

  40. I love the scrappy nature of the pillow case. Plus, the crochet edge is such an addition.

  41. The pillow case is divine! Love the colour and pattern combination. I can't wait for an opportunity to try the crochet edge.

    Hope your dad is getting better.

  42. That kid has spunk and style..Adorable pillow case and I hope you are better by now :)

  43. Wow those pillow cases are adorable!!

    That happened to me too - the comments disappeared.. I wonder what the heck happened with that blogger lot?

    Glad your Dad is coming through things well..

  44. Toasties are always good for lunch. Heart food for sure.

  45. hi Kate, I tried to comment on your last post, but blogger was in meltdown and wouldnt let me :( I hope your dad continues to gain strength and is out of hospital soon.
    thinking of you!

    LOVE that pillowcase, those colour choices are awesome!


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