Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blah blah blah...blahg

This morning a fashion label shot a commercial on our farm. It was very cool. There were hay bales and apples, an old truck and tractor, and a cast of soooo many. I took lots of photos. I'll show you them when I'm allowed to.

Miss Pepper is sick. This afternoon she told me she could feel my heart was breaking for her. She could be right. I hate to see her so miserable.

Miss Indi had transition day at high school today and is a little bit less intimidated. I'm not telling her this, but I'm still hugely intimidated by those big, scary high schoolers. I cannot believe I'll have one of my very own soon.

And I'm writing a book. Oh my goodness!!!! It's exciting and terrifying and crazy-scary, all at the same time. I'll let you know some more when I feel a bit more confident about it all.

I've been making lots of crafty stuff lately but I can't show you any of it just yet. It's a little bit frustrating but hopefully it'll all be worth it soon.

Miss Jazzy is really thrilled with her teacher and class for grade four next year. I'm really happy too.

Today I met someone who was in a blockbuster film recently and took 80 international flights last year. 80!!!!! Can you imagine?!

My head is fuzzy. It's been like that for a few days. I don't know what it is but it kinda feels like steel-wool. Ugh!

I'm overwhelmed. And out of control. All the time lately. What's with that?

The props people from this morning's shoot  left us a couple of apple pies, boxes of fruit, a bunch of cute jars, the flowers above and some glasses. I think we'll have the pies for dinner. I'm not capable of much more tonight.

My house is a MESS!!

There is no diesel fuel in the whole district. I've still got a bit but I have no idea what happens when I run out. Farmer Bren can't even spray seaweed on the orchard until we get some.

The kitchen garden needs work but I can't seem to get out there. I suspect out there is where I really need to be though. Maybe when the girls go to bed.

My Mum finally shared the crumpet recipe I've been waiting for over here. I've had my fair share of disaster crumpets and am very excited to give these ones a go.

Bren is reading a book about terrible Australian food facts. He's highlighting the bits he needs to remember. I like that he reads text books and I read novels.

Our internet is still not working all the time. The third technician this month just left and it's still not right.

Ugh what a mess!

How are things with you?
I hope you're making more sense than I am.

Big love.


  1. I just left a comment on GG's blog about teaching Year 7's next year as she wrote about the start of HS too. I am so excited to spend my 2 days as a teacher with Year 7 kids. Don't be too intimidated by the high school kidlets - there are lovely, lovely people there disguised as teen brats in all their guises.

    Good luck with diesel, we are on our last quarter of a tank and watching.

  2. Darlin'.... I KNOW how it all feels. All sorts of chaos and steel-wool head here, too... and a book to write. But hey - a BOOK - it's a good thing, even when it's scary and overwhelming, right? But yeah... I know.

    We must talk fruit preserving kit pick-up at some point... but also maybe sit and chew the fat about it all. Big hugs to you, gorgeous lady. xx

  3. Mmm my house is a MESS too, so this afternoon I sat and cut out paper snowflakes and ballerinas with my girl - house now much more messy with little bits paper everywhere but we are both happy after a little making . Now off to fold my washing mountain instead of procrastinating by reading your lovely blog. I'm not sure if I am envious or sorry for the person who makes 80 international flights a year - bet they feel pretty blah sometime too!

  4. Oh yes out of control and a little bit scared here too! Way the other end - a house full of 19 year olds and I am trying so hard not to freak with the music and alcohol! And then I remind myself its all a part of growing up, there's no drugs or even cigarettes, and they will turn the music off at 11! Seriously just wish it was over! So nice to visit your world of plaits and little girls!

  5. I cant think of anyone more deserving of their own book!! Yay yay...a huge big congratulations kate x

  6. Wow, your own book! Congratulations :) Miss Pepper saying she can feel your heart breaking made my eye sting with an unshed tear. Apple pie for dinner sounds wonderful. The little man and I are staying with my parents till baby arrives, we've only been here a week and honestly I just wish I was at home.

  7. Yay, you are writing a book, I knew you would/should/could!!
    Put me down for a signed copy :-)
    Sounds like you need a day in bed, too much happening. I get a bit shaky and vague when its like that xx
    p.s. High school kids are big and scary, but nice and sweet and funny too.

  8. that sounds incredibly busy!! Apple pie for dinner?! YUM!!!

  9. Love your writing! Is it a crafty book? Or fiction? xK

  10. I hope you start feeling better in the near future! I am very excited for your book, can't wait to hear more about it!


  11. I am not making more sense than you - and it's not as pretty either. .... (just to make you feel a bit better that someone else is "there" with you too). dinner making and planning and thinking. ugh!
    Today I dropped my embroidery scissors on the footpath when I got out of the car (they'd been on my lap for some in car crochet work). A woman at the shop brought them to me. And later I left a pouch (zip purse) at the corner store when I went to see my niece and nephew in their school play. The shop lady walked all the way up the street and into the hall and found me to give it back. It had my car keys and crochet. I didn't even realise until my 5 yr old reminded me that was two things in one day that I'd lost and people had brought back to me. No-one has found my mind and brought it back to me yet..... (or my motivation or energy either).

    I'm super excited about you writing a book. Not at all surprised. I'm hoping it's crafty, and cookery, and home-y, and mama-y and organic-y. I know it'll be so beautiful I won't be able to bear it. I can't wait to have a piece of your fabulousness out of my computer and in my hands. I want it now. ughhh - why do books take so long from start to publish time!

    Breathe deeply.I hope you are stopping to enjoy those prop flowers - I sure looked at your beautiful photo of them for moments of stillness.

    Thanks Kate. xxxx

  12. I totally missed the news about the diesel shortage until I read this blogpost. It's a really bad time of year for this to happen in farming. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon x. Amazingly great news about the book. I can't wait to hear more about it and your commercial.

  13. wow you had a crew at yours, you met someone uber famous and you're writing a book! what a day! love the purple flowers and hope that steel wool feeling leaves you quick sticks! xx

  14. That's ACE that you are writing a book! looking forward to it!
    P.s get better miss Pepper possum.

  15. How exciting to be writing a book - I can't wait to see it. Sounds like there's been a lot of drama at yours... this time of year is just mad, isn't it? and then you've had all this excitement as well. Good luck with everything Kate. Kx

  16. It really is that time of year when everything gets a bit crazy, hazy, behind, messy, overwhelming.... but like everything... it passes... the only constant in life is change.

    Might be a good time to share a favourite quote, I can't remember the name of the women who said it but know she's a busy mum juggling work, kids, life etc...

    "Sometimes you just have to give the kids weet-bix for dinner and get on with it!"

    Found it refreshing to hear that others do that too.
    Hope today is less fuzzy.
    We are tripping over the tumbleweeds at ours.
    Can't do everything.
    Must nurture self though.

    Love Little White Dove x

  17. my experience of high school peeps- through my eldest's friends has been a lovely experience.
    he has chosen the loveliest of friends as I *know* your Indi will too. and i have watched them do & think in the most ace of ways- i am happy for the future.
    as :perennial says- I wrote about this yesterday- i know exactly what is going on for you my lovely friend, having been there once before and now again- it is the conflict of independence....knowing that you have to loosen the reins a little to keep your baby yet all the while not really wanting to let them go at all.
    it is consuming & overwhelming.
    what i do know is that in a family such as yours- your babes will always love their family and always, always come back to it.
    hang tight Foxy mumma- it will be ok.
    i promise.
    love you.
    PS. get better soon Pepps.

  18. Wow, what a lot on your plate! Our internet is spotty all the time, apparently though we live in the city, our neighborhood is a black hole and there are always problems, frustrating. How fun to watch a commercial being shot on your own farm, must've felt a little odd too.

    I don't know what kind of book you are writing, but congratulations! So exciting! I can tell this now, writing a book will change your life, change you...in very unexpected ways. Some times it will be really hard, and sometimes it will be utterly amazingly awesome! I wish you all the best and I know it will be fantastic! You can do this and it's gonna be great!


  19. Wow, that is a lot you've got going on there!! I can totally sympathise with the scary high-school kids thing, my DS1 has just finished his second year, and my baby DS2 is starting next year. I'm not ready to be a high-school mum, honest I'm not!! They are big and loud and just so vibrant. I was never like that, was I? They make me feel just so small and insignificant. But, when you get to know them, they are pretty awesome people underneath all the brash exteriors.

    Can't wait to hear more about the shoot, and the book. Exciting news!!

  20. A book a book a book a book! Sorry, that's all I can remember from your post. The rest will pass, the book is A BOOK! x

  21. Super excited about the book Kate.
    Hope the blah's are less evident today.
    Tammi x

  22. It's the end of the year dude... steel wool brains and out-of-controlness are icky but mostly normal! I hope it sorts itself out soon.
    And omg a book. A BOOK! I LOVE BOOKS! Can't wait to hear more. Hope Pepper Pot is feeling better today x

  23. Crazy good, big, massive, giant stuff.

    You are ace Fox. xx

  24. Congratulations on the book!! Will be first in line to get a copy when it is done!

  25. Organic BioDiesel as an earner?! :)


  26. Yipee and yay!!!
    Where can I pre-order my copy of your book?! So, so excited to read this news, Kate! Congratulations - I always knew you would do this, and you will do it so very beautifully.

    re: highschool, she'll be okay. She has sane (and beautifully zany!!) parents who love her to bits and have taught her well.

    This time of year is a bit ridiculous, no? Even without film crews, it's ridiculous here!

  27. Now yours is a book I will buy. Congratulations Kate!

  28. Woweeee! A book! I am not surprised though. You are one talented missy ;) Congrats.

    Hectic here but about to slow down significantly. Thankfully. I want a pyjama day with the kids and a pile of DVDs and my knitting.

  29. so many things going on for you Kate! I hope that Pepper is already feeling better, and congratulations on the book!! xo

  30. Was so excited to read your news about writing a book. That is so very awesome and I can't wait to have my own signed copy.

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