Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The book blanket

A few days ago, just after I had finished writing a chunk of my book (!), my editor (oh my goodness I have an editor!!) wrote me an email telling me she thought I should celebrate with a glass or two of bubbly on Christmas day.

For the next little while I thought about that email a lot.

I thought about how despite my lack of confidence in myself as a writer, I had actually somehow put words together and written sentences and paragraphs and chapters.

I thought about how someone who was paid to edit books, someone who had possibly edited hundreds of books before mine, wasn't running away screaming from this project, but actually congratulating me instead.

And I thought about the celebration she suggested. Chances are, given the family we were spending Christmas day with, there would be lots of bubbly already. I wanted to grab the opportunity my editor was offering and make the most of it. I wanted something fun, something not at all book related and possibly something ongoing I could continue to use as a reward for the next few weeks of book writing.

So I decided to crochet a blanket.

A blanket that has nothing to do with my book. A blanket that is made by my hands, away from the computer and is meditative for my sore, word filled brain. A blanket made from cotton in fun gelati colours. And a blanket made up of small squares so it isn't a hassle to carry around in my basket.

When I pulled down my crochet book to choose a pattern for the squares I couldn't commit to one and decided to work through all the different stitch patterns instead. Rib stitch, lace trestles, simple crossed stitch, close shells stitch, simple bobble stitch, boxes and bars... What fun!

Just like the last blanket I crocheted holds the stories of the final month of our road trip last year, so this blanket will hold the stories of writing this book.

Hopefully I'll stick with this project long enough to make a lovely big fun blanket, but if not I guess I can cut it up and have a bunch of new face washers. Win-win.

Have you started a new project lately?
What will hold the stories of your summer/winter?

I hope the last week of your 2012 is fabulous!!

Big love. xx


  1. Ooooh that's lovely. What book are the patterns from?? Great idea. X

    1. Oh yes, I forgot that bit of info.
      The book is called 'The complete photo guide to crochet' by Margaret Hubert.
      And while I'm at it, most of the cotton is Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply. x

  2. Lovely idea! Positive reinforcement. I started a string bag today from the Granny Chic book. Great book that is too by the way.

  3. You're writing a book, fantastic! What a lovely idea. I've found myself very restless today as today is the first day ofmy holidays that I don't have plans/too many ideas running around in my head. This sounds like it could be the perfect summer holiday project that could come on road trips with me. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. Ooh, a patchwork crochet blanket...fabulous Kate!
    So when can we expect your book to be released? Can't wait :)
    Tammi x

  5. Well done you writer you. You do realise that every blog post you are a writer as well don't you? So you are an old hand at it really when you think about it that way. Can you give us any more hints about the book? Love this current blanket idea, the colours are joyful. mel x

  6. YOUR BOOK?!?!?! WHEN? WHERE? HOW? Promise me it includes gorgeous photos of your vintage sheet dresses! Congrats!

  7. How funny. I've been crocheting cotton face-cloths between writing chapters here....

    Love ya work!

  8. Your last blanket brought me, via Ravelry, to your blog. And I've been a follower ever since. It took me a while to get started on mine and it's STILL a WIP because I've been distracted by many other projects along the way. Might finish it while it's still my winter...

  9. Seguro que tejes un manta hermosa, igual que tu libro Kate !!!!!!

    Saludos !!!!!

  10. Seguro que tejes un manta hermosa, igual que tu libro Kate !!!!!!

    Saludos !!!!!

  11. Great stuff Kate. Hope that you enjoyed that glass or two of bubbles. Writing a book (especially one that someone other than yourself thinks is good) is a huge achievement. make sure that you enjoy the writing part as you go. Can't wait to see the finished product. Projects for 2013? Current project is to chill out at the beach. Second project is to have a project......... Xxxxxx

  12. Congratulations Kate - it sounds like it is going VERY WELL and so it should. You are a hugely talented person and you deserve the recognition of being so.
    Enjoy the hols... Merrilyn

  13. A celebratory crochet sampler blanket sounds like the perfect reward!

  14. Perfect reward! Relaxation and a new blanket all in one! Such vibrant and lovely colors too :) xoxo, Jess

  15. I like that you mention you don't always commit to projects because I'm a bit the same....but I hope you keep going because I think it'll be so lovely!

    Can you say what your book is about?

  16. Congratulations Kate, it's so wonderful and inspiring to be able to watch your career evolve and see it from the inside. Usually we just see the end product and can only imagine the effort and self-doubt that accompanied the making of it. It's so great to see that blogging and writing and taking the time to do our own special thing can develop into a real craft and life of work. I hope that many others are inspired to act out their own creative life and let it build bit by bit as you are until it becomes a real body of work and experience - that's what I hope I am doing too!!

  17. Congrats., Kate, what a fabulous achievement the book is. Wonderful to have such a project to mark the passage of the book's creation, Neat analogy going on there, I just cannot quite make the words come... And love the chosen colors.

    (above deleted for typos, sorry)

  18. I love this blanket, the colours the textures everything, even that it is a distraction. What's the book about? Is it like an extension of your blog? I am too toying with the idea of a book and an letting the idea sit and stew for a while before doing anything about it. Sometimes there are too many ideas. Good luck with your venture.

  19. I guess I'm really behind and have to read backwards for a while! Last I read was the new wood stove interview. Sounds like you've have quite a year! A Book! How cool! Can't wit to read all about it. Congratulations

  20. It's so sweet!
    I love how handmade things (especially ones that take a while) hold so much. Every quilt I've made holds a story. Whenever I look at one, I'm brought back to a specific time in my life.

  21. Congratulations on the book! I'm very curious...
    the blanket is gorgeous.
    we also have had some blanket making over here of late...


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