Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cider house bottling.

Yesterday, nine months after that March day we pressed our autumn-harvested apples, we gathered again for the next part of the process. For nine months those vats of apple juice with added champagne yeast have been bubbling away and becoming cider. Yesterday was bottling day.

First the collected bottles were soaked in a sterilising solution.

Then a teaspoon of brewers sugar was added to each.

The bottles were filled with cider.

And then capped.

Of course, as with all the best community working bees, the working bit was only a small part of the fun. There was lots of music, a feast, happy-wild children and a fair bit of taste-testing too.

One day I'll work out how to add sound and video to my blog. These words and photos seem a bit one dimensional without the background music track to really get you in the mood.

In March I ended my blog saying how much I love community and celebrations of season and fruit and time, I can't think of a better way to describe how I feel today too.

My farmer boy has himself a little hangover this morning.
I wonder how his Dad is holding up.

Happy days to you my friends.
I hope yours are filled with music and friends and a glass or two of something fruity.

Big love. xx


  1. Beautiful Kate, looks like a perfect day. Happy Sunday x

  2. such a beautiful atmosphere.....!!!
    xxx Ale

  3. There is no need for sound and video. You have captured such beauty with your words and pictures. Such loveliness. With cider as the end result. How can it get better than that?

  4. I have been following your blog for a little while now and I just want to say how much I enjoy your lovely photos and words. Thank-you for taking the time to share them with us.

  5. Sounds like heaven - a cider bottling day! I agree with perennial's comments above - your pictures and words capture the moment beautifully. x t.

  6. This is going to sound really soppy but I actually cried when I read this! The photos and the words just really encapsulate exactly what I want my life to be and someday so soon I will have happy-wild children in the bush and baked beans on an open fire and community-made cider and well, everything that is good and simple.

  7. You make me want to live in the country.

  8. Beautiful photographs. Now I feel thirsty! xK

  9. I enjoyed reading this post a lot. It is so nice of you taking time and sharing it with us. Thank you.

  10. Love the BBQ photo especially - ah, actually, love them all! What a lovely working bee/celebration.

  11. It all looks so perfect, what a wonderful post. Your weather looks a lot better than ours too!

  12. These cider days look like so much fun, I think your pics convey the sense of wonderfulness and fun perfectly. To me at least who always wants to be part of it after you post about it xo

  13. this looks like sooooo much fun! I love the trestle table with the door and the bbq is just a classic! We are moving onto acreage next year and i just can't wait to do these community days filled with love, fun and making your own! thanks for sharing x

  14. You have captured the magic of the day beautifully Kate :)
    Tammi x

  15. This has inspired me to have another go at cider. We had a ton of side-of-the-road appleas last year, and I did exactly what you said, but something went awry. But how come it's only the farmer boys going round collecting side-of-the-road apples in your neck of the woods? We ladies dig it too, round these parts...

  16. Oh Kate, that looks like such a fabulous day! Nothing like the bush, bbq and community, with the added bonus of cider! Mmmmm!
    You captured it beautifully with words and pictures, reminds me of times at our bush block with friends...there's something in the light of the eyes of everyone, a communal sense of joy.

    I wish my apple tree produced a bit more, I'd love to try making cider. I love cider, but alas don't do preservatives so a good cider is few and far between for me.

  17. Not one dimentional at all Kate! I can imagine the music playing, kids laughing, bottle tops clinking, the fire crackling & a little smoke swirling around....... I cried too, i think because of how beautiful a few photos can make a moment that must feel to all of them, as just a fun arvo bottling some cider! I wish we could all drop by to taste some now. thanks for sharing all of your moments xx

  18. Oh I wish we were there to help and join in the fun.

    Looks like a gorgeous day.


  19. So Aussie. Even has a panel van! Love this post, Kate. xx

  20. What a contrast! We bottled our cider in sub-zero temperatures here in freezing Somerset (UK) last month. I had to run round the barn every 1/2 hour to warm up. But, we had some lovely friends and hot toddies to help us along the way - 1200 bottles worth! Looks like you had a smashing day, take care, Helen.

  21. A hangover? Really? I didn't think fok were on the receiving end of hangovers with homebrews. Always thought it was the additives in wines and beers that made your head hurt. Nonetheless, looks like awesome fun. Deborah.

  22. I love this post. This is the life isn't it!

    Just letting you know I nominated you as a very inspiring blogger ( because I love your work.

    Keep it up.

    Cheers, Ginny


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