Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blog writing vs book writing.

I know there are people way more qualified to write this list than me. I know there are people who have been writing blogs for longer and who have so much more book experience too.

But, for what it's worth, here's where I'm at two months into this book writing caper. It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride, but something tells me it'll all be worth it when I hold my own book in my hot little hand.

  1. Whenever I publish a blog that I'm not completely thrilled with, I make myself feel better by reminding myself that in a few posts time that blog will be in my archives barely ever seen or heard from again. This kinda takes the stress out of blogging for me. I like it. In books though, the words and photos are stagnant. They are there for the reader to read and reread and refer back to. Yikes!
  2. Book writing is a job while blog writing is a hobby. There is no way I could ask farmer Bren to take the girls to the pool or to Ballarat for the afternoon so I could write a blog. But to write a chapter for my book? Of course!
  3. My blog writing is diverse. It's sporadic. I write whatever I feel like writing whenever I feel like writing it. Book writing on the other hand is time-tabled, and check listed, and word counted, and edited, and deadlined.
  4. When I tell people I write a blog often their eyes glaze over. That's nice they say. When I tell people I am writing a book, it's a completely different reaction. People are interested, they care, they ask questions.
  5. In my early days of blogging, my blog used to keep me up at night writing posts in my head. But over the years it's become quiet and let me go about my own business. My book on the other hand is bossy!! It wakes me up with chapter plans and ideas and words. So many words. My book would speak its words to me underwater and sell ice to an Eskimo, if it could.
  6. I am the boss of my blog. I am the only one who decides which photos I upload, what content I write and how I lay it out. I am the editor (with the occasional dad correction), I am the designer, I am the photographer and I am the publisher. It's a one woman band. Although my book will have my name on the cover, it's really a group effort. I write according to a plan I made with my publisher, my mum corrects my grammar, my editor asks for more information, changes the order around and makes it all work. And my designer makes it beautiful. Yay team!
  7. Blogs are quick. I reckon a post can go from start to publish in less than half an hour if I really concentrate. Books on the other hand take forever. The book I am writing now will not be published until next August. And I've been told that's a fast turn around in publishing.
  8. Whenever I spend time writing a blog instead of doing the housework or cooking, I feel guilty. Whenever I do anything else but write my book I feel guilty.
  9. When I write my blog I feel like I'm part of a community. There's always lots of visiting and commenting and socialising involved. When I write my book I sometimes feel like the whole world is going out and having fun and I am stuck here, alone behind my computer.
  10. A blog is a blog. But a book is a BOOK!!! I cannot even imagine the feeling of holding a book I made in my hands. A book filled with my photos and my words. I cannot imagine the feeling of seeing it on the shelves of a bookshop or in the hands of a stranger. Wow.

Have you ever bought a blogger's book?
Have you written a book, or thought about it?
Are you reading a good book?
Can someone please tell me to stop procrastinating and get back to writing mine? Thanks.

I hope the last two days of your 2012 are fabulous.



  1. I imagine the thought of writing a book would be exciting but a lot of hard work, but in the end Kate it will be so worth it. I have bought a book by a blogger the first one that comes to mind is Rhonda's book and I loved reading it and often refer to it. The odd time I've thought about writing a book, a children's book. My daughter would be the illustrator, me the writer and the other would give me the inspiration for the content, I would love to do something like that with my girls. At the moment I'm reading Pixel to Plate, a present for Christmas, it's all about food photography, I'm really enjoying it. As for telling you to stop procrastinating I'm another who is good at it, I working on changing that or at least trying. Keep up the great work with your writing I'll look forward to buying that book with your name written on it:) xx

  2. I am sure your book is going to be fantastic Kate, I have bought several bloggers books, I just really love books! Now off you go and write some more, quick smart! Really looking forward to seeing what you have to say in the 'forever' way of a book! :) Julie x

  3. I buy lots of books, all sorts of types. What kind of book are you writing? A craft book, a mum book, a farming book, a farmer book, a motivational book? Can't wait to see what you write!

  4. I am deliriously excited at the thought of your book! It will be all kinds of wonderful and all the more so knowing the honest and heartfelt journey it's been on. I would dearly love to write a book. I haven't the foggiest idea what it would be about but it's a dream I've held dear and tucked away for a rainy day (well...rainy year!). Blogs are gorgeous to read but to hold a book in your hands and read...and reread beautiful words is just magic. Wishing you flowing text and bountiful perfect sentences :) x

  5. Hi! :) new follower, I only found you yesterday via pintrest, a picture of your girls wearing beautiful patchwork style dresses, while searching for a tute to make one for my daughter, I didn't find a tute so I winged it! :) I am sure you book will be awesome, you write with a certain whimsy about you, like you are amidst an enchanted world, on the boarder of reality! I love it! I haven't written a book, or a blog, I have always wanted to write a book but haven't found my words yet! I am starting a blog on newyears; my resolution! :)

    1. Ps the blog that I referred to that pulled me in is entitled 'handmade dresses'

  6. hello! i'll definitely be buying your book! i've bought soulemama's books and pip from meet me at mike's books... if any blogger i read had a book out i'd read it!

  7. You'll do great. Stop those doubting voices in your head, you're already doing great. Looking forward to the book, even if it's craft cause I'm hopeless, but admire you heaps even with this big difference. Love to you and yours as we move towards another year. Xxx

  8. I bought one of Alicia Paulson's books and I just love it. That said, altho I grew up reading thousands of pages a month on paper, I read nearly all on screen now. Blogs and that on the Mac mini and books on Kindle on an early Ipad. I find a book cumbersome at the moment altho that could be attributed to the arthritis in my hands showing itself this past year. I look forward to your book, Kate. Go on now and put some more words together--it's what keeps this old world communicating :)

  9. I've written a blog for a long long time and contributed to just the one book. But it is exactly as you said it - totally nerve-wracking and extremely hard work. But I am so proud to have done it. Enjoy the ride!

  10. Hi kate
    I may have commented once a while ago but I am a regular reader. I love your blog, you are a beautiful writer and your photographs are amazing, truly. I have bought Rhondas book too and love it. I am very excited about your book and will definitely be buying it. It makes the book all the more real because we all read your blog. I have a circle of friends that read too but rarely comment but we all talk about you like an old friend. Can't wait for your book it will be fabulous I just know it. May you and your family have a wonderful 2014 and may all your dreams come true. Lors

  11. "When I tell people I write a blog often their eyes glaze over"
    Not this little black duck Kate! I would love to meet a favourite blogger - I'd kill them kindly with questions! :)
    I'd love to by Rhonda's book, but no spare $$$ yet but I do have all 3 of Soulemama's :) I love books, but unfortunately life can get too busy to sit down and appreciate it properly. I'd procure your future book by a simple birthday/present request :)
    Thanks for the lovely blog post today, NOW - back to work and stop procrastinating :)

  12. I have not yet bought a bloggers book but I will be at the top of the list for yours too. Must also add that if you think your archived posts are long forgotten, not exactly- I read nearly all your back posts one night up very late, no doubt avoiding house work or something myself. Now, back to writing that book girl! mel x

  13. Whoops I am a goose, did actually get "Granny Chic" for christmas after dropping a million hints, so technically have actually bought a bloggers book! mel x

  14. I own Amanda Blake Soule's books because I am such a fan of her blog. Can't wait to get my hands on yours too!

  15. "You are our Amanda Blake Soule" seems to be the consensus here, we can't wait keep cracking, I love your work!

  16. Kate how timely that you would write this post...I was just thinking the other day after reading another post of yours how different it must be pulling forth the words for a book compared to those needed to blog.
    You have such a womderful, relaxed way with words Kate and have this amazing ability to pull us in that I already feel like I 'know' you in real,life and I think your book will be an extension of that. I know as I leaf through your pages, I will hear your voice loud and clear.
    I have purchased a few bloggers book and dearly look forward to purchasing your too.

  17. everything we do is important . Blog words do not disappear because when I find a blog I like I go back to the very beginning and read it all . I have bought a bloggers book and certainly look forward to yours but I look forward to your new blog posts too . You may write the blog and procrastinate but I read your blog and put off what I should do :) So whether you are knitting or blogging or daydreaming it is all important . Thank you for this years words .

  18. There are people who turn down books because of what you say the process is like. I think it can be a very exploitative thing, with all the deadlines and the control taken out of your hands. I guess most of us on balance would do it if asked but as I understand that the rewards are few and the price can be very high for the author, I am not sure I would undertake it. I saw a self published book the other day from a published author and I can see why she did this new one herself. Everything in it was done by her, the styling the making the photos, layout etc. It is a very beautiful book. Editors and publishers are often bossy and demanding and defuse what it is about the writer that makes them different and interesting. They homogenize people so there is a sameness about all the books they publish. I wouldn't do their deadlines, rather I would write the book and then see if anyone wanted it. It would be my book if I did one at all. I am all for the freedom of the blog and it's un- curtailed enthusiasm. I am so glad that we the reader get to choose who we want to read now, rather than just the voices 'chosen' for us. That is rather liberating for all of us I would think.

    I totally understand what you say about words, I talk a lot and the words blow away in the wind. So I prefer to talk and don't write much at all. When I write, the words make me cringe as they are so finite. I think your book voice should listen to your blogging voice. I wish more authors did. The result of not listening and not being true to yourself is a book that has more to do with others than yourself. I like blogs more than the books many bloggers write because they are more authentic. Books are often a huge disappointment. It is a shame that apparently what you say as a blogger has less validation than a book for some people. I can only assume that is because most people put a price on everything and a blog is free and a book earns you money. Well I don't judge things that way. A decent blog is a really good achievement and not easy at all. One book from a blogger that I loved, is one that has all her own photos, which is like having a piece of the blog in your hand and the words were in the same style as her blog.It was not like a book from a strange and different person.

    Just have confidence in your own self and ability and you will write a lovely book. Don't be flattered into being pushed around. It is your book. The publishers need you just as much (if not more these days) than you need them. The terms and conditions should work for you as well as for them.

  19. Yep, yep, yep.... I know what you mean. We must sit and talk books and crochet and kids and life and stuff soon.

    (Oh, and there's that fruit bottling kit at my brother's to pick up....).

  20. This is all terribly, wonderfully intriguing. When can you tell us more about the book? If I love a blog, the writing is beautiful, and there's a chance to read more in another medium, you betcha!

    One day I'm gonna write a book...I've been telling myself that for, ooh, 15 years. In the meantime I shall vicariously enjoy the whole process via you. Hooray for that!

    Now, stop procrastinating and get back to it...

  21. So exciting, Kate! I can't wait to buy your book!!! I most definitely would buy a blogger's book and can't wait until August when i can buy yours:) I often dream of writing a day, perhaps. Happy writing! x

  22. Wow, I have considered writing a book, but it seemed it was near impossible to get in to a publisher unless one had contacts or was 'known'.... I have some great ideas to write about... but how do you get 'in' with a publisher? Would love some advice! xx I have flicked through Rhonda's book and of course Pip's... Anne Voskamp from the US. I really enjoy something with depth. xx Any hints on how to 'get in' with a publisher? xx

  23. This is all very interesting to me Kate. I'm not sure if this is what you meant but I've been asking myself a lot of questions about my need for "outside" validation lately. I wonder if this is what a book is? And maybe what 2013 might be for me?

    Lots of love. xx

  24. Your photos and words and blog would flow perfectly into a book Kate. So exciting for you - well done! I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job of it! Go for it!

  25. I think I would struggle writing a book, essays and word count always killed me. I told myself being brief was my skill. But gosh, writing a book is pretty awesome. I have bought heaps of bloggers books! I've got two in my Amazon basket right now I'm about to checkout with. I like it, I know if I already like their blog I will more than likely like their book and I feel I already have some sort of connection, feels like supporting a friend. Plus, I really don't need my arm twisted to buy a book :)
    Good luck with your word count!

  26. I would like to write a book - but I just don't think I have it in me - this is why I blog!

  27. I actually bought a bloggers book before I had even read her blog. That would be

  28. Oh but both books and blogs can be amazing to read. :) Since your blog is so lovely, I would have to imagine your book will be too. Xoxo, Jess

  29. Blogs, I love, because I want to and I need to live in the now. Not longing for tomorrow or dreading the past. Living in the now is hard, but so joyous.
    I need to remind myself of that...daily!
    And that is what you give us, true, gritty, earthy "nowness".

    I buy blogger books and I will buy yours, because I feel I connected with you... now! Go you good thing and continue to live in the now with your gorgeous fam!

  30. Salam Pax, the blogger of Baghdad, Amanda Blake Soule and Belle de Jour. And yours when it comes out!

  31. I have bought my sister's books and she is a blogger.... but not quite a blogger book. I have What Katie Ate on order and CAN'T WAIT for delivery. You can bet I will feel exactly the same when I have your book on delivery, Kate. Keep going!! x

  32. It sounds terribly exciting! What a massive thing you are doing writing a book! Brilliant! :)

  33. What a thoughtful and timely post. I was just contemplating the differences myself as I too have embarked on a bxxx if I don't say it to loudly I won't scare myself. all the best with yours.

  34. You make some great points Kate... I especially like point 1 which I shall take note of...thank you!
    Sometimes we just have to have faith in the faith others have in us... go with the flow as much as you can... am sure it will be ace :-)
    Now get back to it... am busting to reading your very own book!
    Little White Dove

  35. I'm excited for your book Kate. I've bought lots of bloggers books- all to do with cooking or craft- & I'm yet to be disappointed.
    It sounds like book writing is very disciplined compared to blogging but you'll get there xx

  36. Last year I wrote 5 little snippets for a foodie publication...all of a sudden written about food became a chore, and not fun like blogging - deadlines, pressure to write well *head explodes*! Keep at it though - you'll feel so proud when you're done. Cannot wait to read your book.

  37. Will be looking out for your book!
    Kate, would you know, while on holiday know in Europe, I chanced upon the Frankie with the artile on farmers in which Daylesford Organics were profiled :-) Lovely magazine and a very nice article.

  38. I have bought down to earth book by Rhonda in Queensland

  39. Stop reading your blog comments and get back to your book!!!!!!!!!!! ; -)

  40. I can't wait to read your book, Kate! Get on with it, lady-pants! Go go go!!! xxx

  41. I would buy your book because you have something interesting to say, I hope they include many of your beautiful photographs. You can do it!

  42. Eagerly waiting for your book Kate!! It will definitely be special to read your book because thru your blog I feel I am part of your writing journey :) !!

    Best wishes and a Very Happy and prosperous new year to you and your lovely Family!!

  43. Well I will be buying and reading your book next August and I don't even know what it's about . Congratulations and happy 2013 to you !

  44. keep on writing Kate, look forwardto seeing your book when it comes out - Im sure it will be beautiful!

    I started writing my Late Nan's story and while Im not on a deadline and have no idea if her story will ever see the light of day, Im glad I started putting word after word down on paper. it is a difficult task to keep on writing, but I have found myself swept up in my characters lives and enjoying the ride!

  45. I'll be buying your book for sure! I might even stock it in my shop, how exciting!! I think I would be a rubbish book writer, but you have such a beautiful way of stringing words together. I can't wait.

    Happy writing!
    Rach x

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