Sunday, August 16, 2009

Basket of Craft.

This is the basket that contains all the current knitting and crochet projects I am working on. There are bundles of wool piled in different places around the house, but these are the right now, can't live without, must have with me all the time items.

This basket travels with me from room to room at home and then out of the house to school assemblies, waiting rooms, friends' houses, cafes and car trips.

It contains my knitting project which is sadly at a standstill as I have run out of that beautiful wool and the shop was closed when I went to try and buy more yesterday.

Lots of crochet hooks, needles for darning in ends and scissors. I will one day soon sew up some type of lovely bag for these items to be carried in..

My granny square thing that possibly could become a laptop cover.

A partly completed beanie.

A bowl.

Some gorgeous wool that I had to buy because the shop is next to my hairdresser. I used most of another ball of this over the past 2 nights to make the skirt of a dress but unraveled it this morning when the tension was funny on one side.

And some random balls of cotton and wool that might inspire me because of the beauty of their colour or the loveliness of their texture to create something wonderful.

I am loving how portable these wool crafts are.
When I was in my twenties I drove up to Byron on holiday with my sewing machine in the boot of my car. I could not be without my craft for any period of time. Not much has changed since then but let me tell you this basket is slightly more convenient than my Bernina.


  1. wow!!! You are a busy lady!! Those colors kinda match your carrots!!! Well looking at it again, They do match your carrots!! lol Hope you had a great weekend.

  2. There's nothing better than a portable basket of magic crafty goodies. I have a little basket next to the couch where I store the couch crafts like hand stitching.

  3. Oh what a great post, cute basket, inspiring projects ... Gorgeous kate.
    Is that some dusty blue bamboo I spy there ?

  4. Aww very nice! I love all your projects. I have project envy.

  5. That's why I do hand quilting as well as machine.
    I need to have a portable option too.
    Your half projects are all looking lovely so far.
    Andi :-)

  6. At least your projects all fit in that basket, I dont think I would have enough room for all mine. Great idea for portability (is that a word) though! I love the beanie and the cream colored flowers look very pretty too. I am so jealous that you can crochet!

  7. Great idea ! We don't have a lot of seating in my house but the chair beside mine in the lounge is reserved for my stuff .

  8. Lots on the go Kate! I'm wondering if wool/crochet/knitting will be a seasonal thing for you? For me it's hard to do such things when it's hot. I like the little projects idea, lots of variety. I have a couple of baskets lurking too but I'm afraid they are not getting much attention, it's all about bunnies at the moment xo

  9. Thanks for the ad Kate! I've done likewise - it seems that my chaotic basket of wool goodness - is just not a me thing, perhaps it is universal?

  10. Thanks for your nice comment on my blanket. Lots of inspiration overhere too! When you click on my pictures, you can have a closer look of the blanket. Have a nice day.

  11. That basket should have a name, like 'basket of sanity'! What a gorgeous stash of things you've got, and that Debbie Bliss yarn is beautiful to crochet or knit with isn't it? Your knitting looks good, great tension, you've just learnt haven't you? Well, I'd say you're a born knitter then.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)


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