Saturday, August 8, 2009


It's Saturday afternoon and there's a bit of crafty action going on on the kitchen table.

I am crocheting necklaces for the girls to wear to the launch of wolf at the door this afternoon.

And a headband.
I was hunting for the pattern for ages but ended up improvising only to remember where I had put it just now.

Indi and Jazzy are making a paper mosaic onto a drawing of Indi's.
It is a picture of a hammock strung between 2 trees in the sun.

Pepper is asleep and Bren is reading the paper and hopefully just about to make me a coffee.

I hope you are having a crafty, colourful weekend.


  1. Nice improv work. Respect!!
    So wonderful to see the girls taking after you with your craftiness.
    Jake has shown some interest but is easily frustrated with his below average fine motor skills and gives up pretty quickly.
    Ella on the other hand just finished embroidering her name for the first time (with lots of help from me). She's 3. I'm puffy with pride.
    You should be too.

  2. I love the mosaic Kate! nice crochet work too ; )

  3. What a wonderful day you've had. Those flowers are fantastic and the mosaic is nothing short of a masterpiece!

  4. After all that wonderful work you deserve a coffee, Kate. I hope BaristaBren made one for you. xx

  5. Kate ~ I love those little crochet necklaces they are so pretty and the mosaic pictures is wonderful :O)

  6. How did the launch of Wolf at the Door go? I'll bet your girls were the belles of the ball!


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