Monday, August 24, 2009

I made some hats.

I made some reversible sun hats for the family.

The denim for mine came from an old pair of my jeans and the floral was from my favoutire maternity skirt.

Bren's front and back came from old, worn out work pants.

Indi's denim was from the same pair of old jeans as mine and the mushroom fabric came from Spotlight a few season's ago.

Both patterns for Jazzy's came from fabric I have had for ages in my stash.

I did make one for Pepper too, but living up to her nickname The Shifter, she has shifted it somewhere and I can't seem to find it anywhere. Her's is navy with dragonflies on one side and bubushkas on the other side.

Meanwhile, the grey band is slowly growing....

Even those skeptics who kept asking if it had changed have been quiet lately.


  1. Hey I love those hats, and that grey band "gorgeous", shall we ask what it is?

  2. The grey band is looking great Kate ... still destined to be a dress?

    Love the hats!

  3. Those hats look fantastic Kate. I love the butterfly one with the cupcakes. The grey band is looking very pretty indeed. You are wonderful at crocheting.

  4. Love the hats.
    Can you pass on a pattern? I'd love to make some too!
    Andi :-)

  5. It is POURING here. Hard to imagine it'll ever be sunny enough for such gorgeous sun hats.

  6. Love the very short grey skirt, another summer number?

  7. Loving the fabric choices, these look great.

  8. I am loving your hats. I would be interested in pattern details too!! or a tutorial if they are your own design?? Great Work.

  9. your family hats are gorgeous! lucky kids to have such a talented mum. good fabric recycling aswell, especially the maternity one, must bring back great memories. :)

  10. Great hats Kate ~ very summery! I love your grey band, it looks beautiful and if it is the bottom of a dress then the dress will be stunning! I wouldn't like to think how much yarn you are going to be using though and how much it will cost!.......... :O)

  11. Oooh, I LOVE these hats. So adorable. And are you REALLY crocheting a dress?? Wowie! Can't wait to see it in process!!


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