Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On Bowls & Swaps.

I am having one of those days where it feels like the pressure is building and I'm being wound tighter and tighter so I'm going to try to get this out in a way that it makes sense in words the way it does in my head.

I feel like I've had a bit of a thing with bowls for most of my life.
I've been on a mission to find that perfect soup, salad and cereal bowl since I've had my own kitchen. I've even been known to accidentally drop one or two that aren't to my liking.

When I was at uni I made a dinner set out of cut-up old blankets that I zig zagged over and over on the machine until they held their own shape. Of the 3 bowls in the set, this is the only one I have left.

One of our dear friends Petrus Spronk has perfected the bowl during his life as a ceramic artist. He has travelled the world for inspiration and is in himself an inspiration to us and our community.

This bowl was a gift from Petrus for Pepper's birth. It came with a broken shard of ceramic inside it to represent the place of Pepper in our family and our place as a family in the community.

I could hold and admire this bowl for ages. It has the perfect shape. The sides have the perfect curve. The base is small but sturdy, the sides are long and smooth. Its surface is cool to touch and it is heavy enough to feel safe and sturdy in your hands.

My own work with bowls is truly a work in progress. I am experimenting with materials, shapes and patterns. I love the meditative round and round of creating the sides, but also how many new ideas come to me during the process.

I am excited to see where this journey will take me and to watch the materials, shapes and techniques that I discover along the way.

In other, non bowl related news, my washer swap package arrived today.

One of the best parts of Jodie's washer swap adventure for me has been the discovery of new blogs and like minded people. When my package arrived today I was thrilled to find that it was from the lovely Tammy. Inside the hot pink box were two gorgeous knitted butterfly washers in the softest bamboo yarn, a bar of hand made soap and one of Tammy's fabulous hand made cards.

Thank you soooo much Tammy I love it all.
Thank you too Jodie for organising the swap.

In breaking news; it seems my package has arrived at it's destination today too.
Check out Selina's lovely blog and her post about it here.


  1. That is a lovely bowl you were gifted with Kate and I do like your crochet versions too.
    Glad you swap goodies arrived.
    T. x

  2. Do you know where the other uni-made bowls ended up?
    I love a good bowl too. I once had an idea to (have jodie) start a restaurant serving all items in bowls: drinks, soups, mash, etc, All the comfort foods. Feel free to steal the idea as it is a restaurant I'd love to visit.
    Andi :-)

  3. You must have been thrilled that the washers you received in the swap were knitted not crocheted, and butterflies too, how perfect!
    There is something inherently satisfying in the shape of a bowl, but I still treasure the mugs you made when you were at uni.

  4. love your washcloths, well done Tammy, very pretty! I absolutely love the ones you sent me!

  5. oooo what a lucky day.... I love getting pressies in the post, you feel so special!

  6. Oh - thanks for coming to visit and your crochet bowls are great! Make my witches hat and nose warmer look, well, like they were made by me! It is still coming along but I feel you are in a different catagory! Love the wash cloths too - what a great idea - did you get a pattern?

  7. Hey Mrs Kate... did you know my party trick is to 'throw' a pot with my feet? (Thats throwing as in making a pot not legging it across the room!)plus have a potters wheel at home...???!!! perhaps we can talk Cath into some firing and away we go!

  8. I really like that bowl you made when you were at uni. Don't get how it was made but it looks amazing!

  9. OMG Kate that bowl that you made when you where at uni is amazing!!! I love all of the little bowls that you have been creating of late too... Your swap parcel from Tammy is just gorgeous!!! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this swap...

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  10. Oh, I completely get your bowl fixation. This time last year I was up to my eyeballs in making sets of felted balls. I got a little carried away - the smallest one can almost hold a marble!

  11. Thanks for your kind remarks re: my bowl. welcome to the bowl journey which has, and is continuing to be, an inspiration for me as well. May see you on that path somewhere. In any case, happy traveling.

  12. Love the bowl post, the shapes and colours, all beautiful. You did well in the swap too! How is the knitting going? Hope you are enjoying the sunshine, talk soon xo


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