Monday, August 3, 2009

Flowers & Bowls.

Yesterday I caught the train ALONE to Melbourne.
One hour and eight minutes each way with nothing to do but listen to the music of my own choice and of course crochet.

I took masses of wool and cotton with me and lots of different sized hooks because I had no idea what I would feel like making.

On the way there I made the flower brooch in the above photo and the grey one below.

I also finished the sides of this bowl that I had started the night before.

In Melbourne we had a family ceremony for my Grandmother Lucy who died last January.
As part of the ceremony we placed these tiles on her grave.
5 tiles, one from each of her Great Grandchildren.

After an incredibly emotional day in Melbourne at the cemetery and then at my Grandfather's for lunch I was exhausted on the way home.

I put my headphones on, selected a Suzanne Vega album and then crocheted myself into a trance.
I went round and round the bowl.
The hook went into the space, the yarn went around and through.
Over and over, all the way home.


  1. such sweet Bowls Kate, there is something amazing and absorbing about crochet IMO, different to knitting, With one little hook you can turn a single piece of thread/yarn into something stunningly beautiful ... Perfect therapy.

  2. Love the bowls Kate. The shape, the colours, just lovely. I want to reach into the photo's and touch them. Sounds like an intense day in Melbourne but good that you could lose yourself in your craft on the way home. Glad you had the time to deal with the experience without distractions. Sometimes we need that space xox

  3. These bowls remind me a bit of the bowls you made at uni.
    Whatever happened to those?
    Long life.
    Andi :-)

  4. This post is a tribute to the soothing nature of hooks and yarn!! Such a blessing. I knitted my way through 2 hours of my husband's back surgery and wondered what I would have done without that calming distraction!!

    Beautiful tiles too. And so meaningful!

  5. I think those tiles are one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. What a way to say I love you!!!! I'm not sure who came up with the idea but they deserve the biggest hug. Its so simple and stunning. What a privilege it would be to have some tiles like that on your grave stone, to me it means that your grandmother Lucys love was huge! What a perfect person to have in your family.

  6. You'll have to name them grandma's memory keepers now since they bought so much calm and peace to you after an emotional day. I can totally understand those feelings at the moment. Hope you feel happier soon. The tiles are very sweet and what a wonderful idea.

  7. I have just found your blog and think that was a really lovely post . Hope all the family are ok .PS I loooove your crochet apple too !

  8. Those are really cute.

    I love crocheting bowls too. :)



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