Friday, July 31, 2009

Wolf at the Door.

From today Foxs Lane goodies are available for sale at Daylesford's newest and most gorgeous shop Wolf at the Door.

Thank you so much to my beautiful sister Meg for sitting in the car with me outside the shop for ten minutes debating the pros and cons of selling my craft.

It has been more than six months since I have had my work in a shop and although I have been doing the odd market here and there I'm still a bit unsure about the sale thing.

Making, sewing and crocheting is something I do to relax and to express myself. It is never going to support my family or probably even pay me for the hours I put into it.

But there is something about that feeling you get when somebody else loves what you make enough to pay for it and take it home. Meg, a writer, compared it to getting your book published by a publisher rather than publishing it yourself.

I am a prolific crafter and there are only so many brooches, hair clips, granny square pencil cases and bowls that my family and friends will ever use or want.

It would also be great for my craft supplies addiction to be able to pay for itself.

Magali (below) and her partner Jason, have put together the most beautiful shop. It is filled with amazing handmade objects and art and feels more like a gallery than a shop.

If you are ever in Daylesford, take the ten minute drive to Hepburn Springs. It is situated between the Palais and Red Star Cafe.

And there you will find my flowers, but hopefully not for long.


  1. Oh wow! What a yummy post. Just beautiful work Kate!

  2. they are gorgeous Kate. goodluck with it all!
    you definitely need to make something to at least pay for your craft so don't feel bad about it, just think of it as a craft fund to keep going on with it. you definitely enjoy what you are doing, it comes out in your gorgeous work.
    good on you x

  3. Hey Congratulations!!!!!!! This is fantastic. I'm thinking of putting my pants in some local stores here!! Its exciting/scary/exciting all at once! I bet they sell super fast

  4. Love your work!!!

  5. How exciting to have your gorgeous creations in a shop! I can't wait to go and have a look. Hope you sell lots and lots, I'm sure you will xo

  6. Normally I think the photos you blog are just beautiful. But today I must say that they just don't cut it. Your handmade treasures look so much better in the flesh. Because how can you pick up and admire something that's on your screen? xx

  7. beautiful pieces Kate, you will make lots of money to support your habit!

  8. It is meaningful to have someone else purchase your work!!! Hope those cute little flowers just FLY out the door!!

  9. They all look wonderful. Love those granny square pencil cases and I am sure they will sell out in no time at all. I dont think I would ever make enough money from my knitting either. You were so worried about your washcloths too and I am sure your partner will love whatever one you send.

  10. Im jumping on the train, getting a bus, riding my bike and walking the distance to purchase a bowl..
    are you going to sell them, are they for sale, I love them..

    Oh and a little side note:
    a woman knitted a scarf for each of us at the Elwood general store and now we sell her beautiful scarves,
    and we are a food store!!!!!


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