Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Heart My Apple.

When was the last time you made something you really, really loved?

When was the last time you squealed when you completed a project and saw it finished for the first time?

When was the last time you had to sleep with your new finished thing on your bedside table so you would be able to see it as soon as you opened your eyes in the morning?

When was the last time you had to carry your new baby around with you all day so you could see what it looked like in different places and different situations?

I don't know about you but I usually see faults in everything I make.
There's always something not quite right about the size, the shape, the pattern, the tension or the colour.

But for some reason this little apple really got me excited. I love the cartoonish shape, the red and the green, the teeny weeny size and the fact that it ended up almost exactly how I had planned it.

This feeling is extremely rare for me, I have a box full of not quite right creations under my desk to prove it.

But his time I'm happy and I love it.


  1. It is very sweet and rather perfectly round.
    How does it compare to your 'real' apples from your orchard?

  2. Nice one Kate! It is very cute indeed! Any more fruits on their way to keep it company?

  3. To answer your question...quite a while! I do remember that feeling though and have found myself propping bunnies in trees too. It is a delicious feeling and should be savoured! I love your little apple, will it be getting some friends? a bowl? xo

  4. Oh Kate it too cute!
    Nice to hear you got such absolute joy from this sweet little fruit!

  5. Kate that is one delicious looking apple! no wonder you put in near your bed at nite, it's gorgeous!
    fantastic crocheting!! :)

  6. isn't that the best feeling ???
    That is one gorgeous apple !

  7. Well its almost good enough to eat!!! Love It!! I must take lucys leap of faith and pick up a crochet hook, it just seems so foreign to me.

  8. It is very cute. I have to learn to crochet one of these days too but for the moment the knitting is keeping me very busy. Enjoy your little apple, are you planning on making any more fruits.

  9. My answer to your first question is: mid April 1979. xx

  10. What a very cute apple! I can't believe you needed surgery for your finger!! Ouch!

  11. Oh Kate.....so cute !! I love it
    Hugs Jennie

  12. LOVE it! Especially glad that you put it on your bedside table. I do that with my dressing table so i see it(latest creation) first thing when i wake in the morning! Glad to hear I'm not the only strange one LOL!

  13. This is a sweet little apple!! I love how you had to photograph it in all different kinds of places . . . admiring it from all different angles : )! This made me smile!

  14. It's a beautiful apple and a wonderful post. I identified with everything you said. Well done. There's nothing better than making something that gives you 100% satisfaction.

  15. It's enough to make any biblical Eve want to take a bite. Delish!


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