Saturday, July 25, 2009

Little Stitches.

How things have changed.

The other day I was in Ballarat to pick up supplies when I pulled up in front of this shop.  Only 6 months ago that sign would have made my heart beat a bit faster.  I would have raced inside and grabbed arm loads of those awkward, long bolts of fabric, dragged them through the aisles and to the counter where the checkout chicky would have gritted her teeth at my request for a meter of each. 

I would have chosen spots, stripes, plains and florals because I might need them one day.

Like I said, things have changed.

I now know I have plenty of fabric at home and unless I start making women's wear I am set for a long time to come. 

This time I was looking for yarn.
These delicious colours in cotton, wool and bamboo.
These small balls are what makes my pulse race now and they are so much more convenient to carry around the shop in a little basket while I make my decisions.

While hunting the internet for crochet washer patterns I have come across some cute teacup patterns which I haven't been able to resist. 

The pink one is from here and the purple from here.

As far as I can understand from my small amount of research amigurami is the Japanese art of crocheting little, cute objects. It uses cotton and fine crochet hooks.

After making 2 and a half cups and saucers I have learnt that amigurami single crochet (sc) stitches go through both loops of the previous stitch and that it is best to mark the start of each row, I used a safety pin.

There have been lots of form versus function debates raging through my head while I have been crocheting these mini stitches. After crocheting washers and dishcloths these don't seem so practical or useful but there are some very thirsty dollies about to wake up in their cradles who would love a tea party, I'm sure.

I hope you have a great weekend wherever you are.


  1. I'm so glad that I didn't see that 50%off sign - there could have been lots of trouble resisting!

  2. Gorgeous!! Are you going to invite Mirka Mora over to try them out with champagne?? xx

  3. My stash of fabric just gets bigger and bigger.
    I still can't resist.
    Your teacups are simply delicious.
    Andi :-)

  4. They look beautiful. Such great colours too

  5. Oh Kate, gorgeous if you are looking for function, to me they scream stuff me and make me into a pin cushion !!

  6. Love the cups & saucers! Specially the purple xo

  7. ohh how cute! your little ones would have loved them!!
    I would ♥ a cup of tea right now Kate :)
    went to the Abbotsford Convent market today, thought you may have been there. It was cold & windy but people still shopping!

  8. Kate ~ they are lovely! I have just discovered the delights of Amigurumi too, there are so many different patterns to choose from so I should be kept busy for a very long time :O)

  9. I love these, and it fascinates me to see where you're taking your crochet. If the pieces don't have a clear function, does that make them art then? They remind me of those beautiful fabric mugs you used to make.

  10. Oh Kate sooo cute! My four year old would salivate if she saw those!

    As for the fabric I am still most definitely stuck right in the middle of the 'building up the stash' phase which I ma enjoying immensely but yes, far out, lugging those bolts of fabric around can be a real drag!

  11. Love the little tea cups and yes you're right, there are loads of dolly's out there dying for a cup of tea at the moment, so very practical indeed... LOL!!!

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  12. Oh Kate, I had a giggle with your comment about the 50% sale....I think we are all going down that track at the moment.
    I went to a craft show recently and only came home with one fat days gone by I would have had to get help to carry my purchases to the car.

    At the moment its all about getting the stash down...only purchases now are gorgeous buttons for embellishment and my never ending love-ric rac.
    You have a nice blog.
    Kind Regards

  13. I'm so glad you left me a comment, because it's led me to your blog, which looks fabulous! Thank you! And what a great link to these teacups! Thank you for this too, I love them. I, like you, prefer things to be functional, but sometimes, something like these tea cups comes along, and I think, wow, something wonderful, just for the sake of it.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)


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