Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fire Blossom.

Not a huge amount of crafting going on at Foxs Lane this week.
The youngest member of the family has barely been sleeping which has led to us wandering around in the same type of fog as when she was first born.

I have finally slowed down on the washer making although I still haven't figured out which one to use for the swap

The one above surprised me though as usually I can't stand the colour orange. It runs so deep that I barely even eat orange food.

I made my first internet purchase this week.

To be honest, I'm not entirely thrilled with how the labels turned out.
When I had ordered and paid for them, a woman called to let me know that the font I had chosen didn't come in double lines.
I might be paranoid, but once they had my bank details I felt like I couldn't cancel the order.

So I have 50 of these schoolish looking labels that are far less contemporary looking than I had in mind, but they do make my work look a bit more professional.

The pattern for this Fire Blossom Dishcloth comes from here. I added more stitches to make it a bit three dimentional.


  1. I didnt realise you had a crafty blog too. How wonderful! I am in the same dishcloth swap too which is a lot of fun. I have knitted up 2 different ones but cant decide which one I like best to give as a pressie yet. I really like your orange one, nice and bright.

  2. I for one like the labels. Very much.

  3. I like the labels too.
    I even like the orange. Very much.

  4. wow Kate!! Another great blog, you are a very busy girl.
    I wish I knew what to do with a crochet hook.
    I think the labels look great.
    I ♥ both your blogs :)

  5. Love the name Fire Blossom! It could also be a book, or a song... or a Daylesford baby's name! I am also a non lover of orange but I like the shade you have used, it reminds me of canteloupe. And also think the labels look snazzy! Had a lovely time this morning, thanks xoxo

  6. I like the labels too. I have been looking for label ideas and someone posted some links to hand made ones only a couple of days ago and do you think I can find it now? I will keep looking and will let you know

  7. I found it! This is the post at a little red ribbon

    Scroll down to the picture, there's 2 links to a couple of labelling ideas.

  8. Hmmm Cant eat orange food........don't you grow carrots! Oooh yeah the purple variety!!! ;) LOL x

  9. I think that your Fire Blossom dish cloth is lovely and that the orange colour is very appropriate ~ the label looks good attached to the cloth too :O)

  10. I luuurve that orange Kate! Beautiful!


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