Saturday, July 18, 2009

No Show.

I was planning to go to The Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show yesterday but my baby had an awful cold. Instead she flopped on my lap and I crocheted behind her back for most of the day.

I made the flowers above for Indi as part of her costume for a Christmas in July party.

I made the flower below to experiment with the effects of painted wool.

And of course I made some washers.
Made and pulled apart many a time.
Hooking new patterns with a sick child on your lap is not ideal.

I loved making this Spring Fling washer.
I got the pattern from here.

And I had another go at the Scalloped Washcloth.
This time I used a smaller hook (3mm) and doubled the size.
The scallops look neater than last time but the edges are still a bit dodgy.

I am finding crochet patterns that start in the center and work outwards easier than those that work from side to side. I think I must have difficulty working out where the last stitch in the row is because the sides never end up straight.

This morning I made The Flower For Spring Dishcloth.
I'd like to make this one again at some stage with some matt cotton.
And although I hooked them and pulled them apart many times, the edges didn't turn out evenly.

So although I didn't get to the show to research my new passion for yarn, and have a bit of retail therapy of course, I did get quite a bit done. Luckily you can't see the state of my house though.


  1. Your washers are so fancy! They certainly make a Chux or a sponge look pretty shabby. The spring flower one is so sweet & decorative, I'd like to wear it! Or hang it on a wall, very pretty. xo ps hope you get to still go to the show!

  2. we don't need to see the state of your house because we can see the state of your heart. What a true artist you are and how generous and honest. I wish the baby better. How lovely for her to spend the day cocooned on her mother's lap, enclosed in her mother's arms, feeling the movement of those busy creative hands behind her back.

  3. I love your chocheted flowers, they are very pretty. The dishcloths are coming out really well too. I have the same problem with my edges when I am working from side to side ~ we probably just have to practise more ~ that's a good excuse for doing yet more crochet! I hope that your little girl is feeling better soon and makes a very speedy recovery :O)

  4. I love them! They are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pattern links too. I would love to give one a try!

  5. Yumm the Yo-Yo's look delicious!! Mum still cooks them for me every christmas!!! Maybe it will be my turn this year!


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