Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Softies.

It began as a rainy Saturday lesson in finger knitting for the five year old and hand knitting for the eight year old. 

They mastered the techniques pretty quickly and soon there was ropes of the stuff.

It took me back to being a kid and finger knitting for hours but not having anything to do with the product.

So I suggested making some dolls and each of them knew exactly what they wanted.

Jazzy drew me a picture of hers.
I then made the doll which she stuffed and drew the face on.
I made the dress to her specifications and sewed on the hair.

It makes me giggle that my obsession with all things crochet has spilled over onto my girls and now even their dolls have to have flower hair accessories.

This was Jazzy's first ever attempt at sewing on a button.
I am so proud.

Then of course the doll needed it's own handbag with a pocket.
I was only too happy to oblige.

Indi, my owl lover, was also very decisive.
She cut out all the pieces, turned it inside out, stuffed it and was very specific about where I sew each bit.

It was only at the very end that we realised that spotty owl didn't have anywhere but his ear to tie his scarf.


  1. 2 little chips off the old lock, hey?
    That's naches!!

  2. You're proud of your little girls, Foxs Lane, but nowhere near as proud as I am of my big ones!

  3. Foxs Lane will soon need to be Foxs Highway because of all the hoards beating down your door to get their hands on some of these. Divine!

  4. Wonderful blog post, FL. It's the next best thing to being there. xx

  5. Oh, you are a sweet mom!! An attentive, creative, resourceful great mom!! These are wonderful!

  6. How cool and adorable! Oh I love the face on Jazzy's doll! And the owl has a lot of personality too. Billy is also into finger knitting, we are making his into a coaster/mat. Good things to do on rainy Daylesford days xoxo


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