Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bibs and Boots

My computer died yesterday.
It was a week old and has to go back to the shop tomorrow.

I have had to wait in line all morning to use the family computer.

Friends of ours had twins a week ago.
A girl and a boy, Sasha and Zac.

I've made them a bib and a pair of boots each.

It's been so nice to be back on the sewing machine again.
Crochet has taken up all my creative energy for a while now.

While on the machine last night I had a few ideas about combining the two (crochet and sewing). We'll see where that goes.

It felt comfortable making these two very familiar patterns.

I loved the opportunity to make the masculine and feminine versions.

It'll probably be a few weeks until I get to meet these two tiny bundles of joy but I can hardly wait. I can also hardly wait to see their parents who I have known for years and years but never as a Mum and a Dad.

These will go in the post in the morning and hopefully my computer will be back before too long and I'll be able to see what this post looks like on a proper screen without lining up for the pleasure.


  1. The post looks beautiful - you don't have to wait to find that out. The bibs and boots you've made are beautiful too. It makes me think of fairy godmothers lining up to bestow handmade gifts on the newborn.

  2. Look at you Miss "Blogger". 2 posts in 3 days and a computer repair in the meantime.

    Love the baby gifts. I'm sure V&B will love them once they emerge from their sleep deprived stupor.

    Also, the crochet in the background looks wonderful.

    Andi :-)

  3. Kate those bibs are beautiful! I just love them, and the booties as well. I'm sure your friends will be so pleased to have such sweet gifts. Hope your computer gets back to you asap x

  4. I love the babies' names too. How cute - Sasha and Zac. Too adorable!

  5. Gorgeous bibs and boots!!! I really must get back to my machine again soon too, yarn has way of taking over your crafting life at times... LOL!!!

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  6. Love the bright colors and how nice that they got one boy one girl. Perfect.

  7. Your bibs are gorgeous. The patchwork looks fantastic. And the shoes are very cute. How lucky your friends are to have twins.

  8. Oh, these are sweet, sweet, sweet! Any child would be so lucky to have them!

  9. Yikes! Have you got your computer back yet?


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