Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pineapple Question.

Here's my question of the day;
If you are at a market stall or in a shop and see something that you love but know you have the skills to make, do you buy it?

This morning I went to check out this lovely cushion.
My girlfriend had told me about it and I wasn't disappointed.
I love the look of it, I respect the skill involved and I think it is hilarious that it has pineapples all around it.

But I have the skills to make it.

The guy in the shop, a friend of a friend, let me take photos of it.
Neither he or the shop owner knows anything about who made it or where it originally came from.

So I left it there with the intention of one day making something very much like it, probably without the pineapples though.

But over coffee, ten minutes later I changed my mind.
I really love it and it would suit my lounge room.
As a crocheter I know how long it would take to make and I would much rather have a hand made piece like this in my home than some generic chain store cushion.

So I went back and bought it.
Would you?
Have you?

The back.

Yesterday's opening of wolf at the door was a lovely event. Most of Daylesford was there, as well as many of the Melbourne artists.

I love the way Magali displayed my flowers and was thrilled to find many of them missing. I'm hoping they've been sold and not put away in the back room.

My little flower girls looked lovely too and thankfully didn't bump any artworks over. I think they did eat most of the chips though. Oh yeah, and there was the incident at the end when the middle one sat on the floor and refused to leave....


  1. Oh the necklace looks lovely Kate!
    Hmmm... not sure if I would buy or not .. I really couldn't say but some hand crafter somewhere would be happy to know that their cushion is in a home where it is appreciated and loved and that all of the time they put in to creating it is appreciated. : )

  2. I'm the sort of person who would always say 'but I could just make it myself', but over the last year or so, I've finally realised that there are not enough hours in the day to make everything that I want, and I actually appreciate the beautiful craftswomanship of others, and I'm quite willing to now part with my dollars to bring some of those lovely pieces home.
    PS - I don't crochet, so I always buy crocheted bits and pieces (and I love the pineapples)!

  3. Oh yes, I just don't have enough time to make everything I definately buy handmade even if it is something I could do.

  4. Kate, isn't it remarkable how crochet can raise such profound issues - like the 'Pineapple Question'. I wish you many more empty display hooks. And the patience and forbearance you need when one of your beautiful daughters, full of chips, sits and refuses to budge. xx

  5. oh, yes, yes, I would have bought it, just because, I think its fantastic. Its great that its gone to a good home that will understand the work involved. Absolutely!! My money would be out of my purse as quick as a flash! Great Buy! Congrats on the flower sales, you could now say you are a wool florist!!

  6. Yes Kate ~ I would have done the same and gone back and bought it too ~ it is a very unusual cushion and would have taken ages to make. I'm so glad your Wolf at the Door opening was a success and your little flowers looked lovely displayed on the wall. I also love that crocheted necklace it is very pretty :O)

  7. I tend not to buy things I think I could make myself.
    That's why I think so many people have trouble selling their wares on Etsy!!
    Too many other crafty people as potential customers.
    But I do love to buy handmade stuff ... when its a craft I haven't yet mastered.
    Love your flower necklaces.
    Andi xx

  8. I think it's a tricky one to answer as it really depends on so much. How you are feeling at the time, how much the item is, whether you want to coppy it and use it as a pattern...blah blah blah. What I'm trying to say is sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. Also you might be able to make it but it would be flavoured by you and not them. Does that make sense? Phew. Love the look of your gorgeous flowers on the wall, excellent display!! Hope you had a nice glass of something cold and had lots of fun! xox

  9. I can't make anything, so unfortunately, I never have such problems. xx

  10. Hi Kate,
    I got your swap parcel today, it's just beautiful thank you! When I saw them on your blog last week I was secretly hoping they were mine, so I'm very happy, thank you! And the soap is just divine! Hope you have a great day!



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