Friday, August 6, 2010

Addicted to knitting.

A few days ago I was playing this game with myself to make the mundane housework a bit funner; empty the dishwasher - knit a row, hang out the washing - knit a row, chop up some vegies - knit a row... You get the picture? It just made it all a bit more fun. Knitting was my reward for all the other bits.

Then all of a sudden it occurred to me that I wanted to knit more than I wanted to do anything else right then.

Was I addicted to knitting?

So I asked Mr Google and I found these symptoms of addiction.

  • Tolerance - the need to engage in the addictive behaviour more and more to get the desired effect. Yep! I probably don't need to but I definitely want to.
  • Withdrawal happens when the person does not...engage in the activity...Don't try to hide my knitting needles from me or you'll see withdrawal!
  • Difficulty cutting down or controlling addictive behaviour. Don't wanna - not gonna.
  • Social, occupational or recreational activities becoming more focused around the addiction...Yep! If I can knit, I'm there.
  • The person becoming preoccupied with the addiction, spending a lot of time on planning, engaging in...addictive behaviour. Hmmm Ravelry, I have you to blame for that one.
I could also add to that list: spending money on feeding your addiction (patterns, yarn, needles). And staying up at night planning for your addiction (if I knit that for her with that yarn in that colour...)

Please don't get me wrong. I am in no way belittling the seriousness of addiction and addictive behaviour and symptoms, I am just slightly amused and slightly scared of how easily our craft behaviour can slot into these definitions.

When Bren told me that he was going to be spending some time with a friend of his with a baby this weekend, I straight away started going through patterns and yarns to knit her up a beanie. Any excuse really.

Unfortunately, this Bear Beanie turned out enormous and so was claimed by Miss Pepper. It was quick and fun to make and was the first time I had used four double pointed needles. Details here.

You guessed it, I'm off to cast on a smaller size for the baby.

Have a fabulous weekend. X


  1. such a GORGEOUSLY cute beanie, I envy your addiction! and I want to give you many hugs for your lovely comment about my knitting dramas, I really appreciate it and it helped me lots xx

  2. Lucky Pepper. That's a cute beanie! I did think that about myself yesterday as I desperately tried to track down some Castle Peeps fabric in my budget..

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  4. My name is Kate and I'm addicted to knitting.
    "Hi Kate!"

    or, for me ...

    My name is Andi and I'm addicted to fabric.
    "Hi Andi"


  5. As someone who is qualified to diagnose addiction, you are meeting the diagnostic criteria.

    If you would like to make an appointment I have no spots for new clients until mid September however I think I can squeeze you in.

    and no, you cannot knit during our counselling session.

  6. You can come to my house and knit any time you like. We will feed each others' addictions :)

  7. I actually did a 'knit and quit' course, which used knitting to help you to quit smoking.
    It worked a treat ... although at the time it did cross my mind that I was really just trading one addiction for another!!
    Much happier with the new addition though :-)

  8. Hehe, love it Kate.
    It's exactly the way I feel about making bears, and especially right now, mohair bears.
    And speaking as one big addiction to far too many things, I think you've got it bad.
    PS Your bear beanie adorable

  9. hehehee, you made me laugh!
    I think everyone here is addicted to something..whether it's a 10 step program (or is that 12 step) candidate or just a minor case.
    seriously cute & seriously funny Ms Kate.

  10. That's a seriously cute beanie Kate, I can see Miss Pepper is NOT going to part with it :o)

  11. I love the bear beanie - so cute! If you are going to be addicted to something knitting doesn't seem half bad - I chose chocolate instead

  12. That beanie is adorable...I want one! Would look great in chocolate don't you think!! PS it is not hot up here but I am living in hot flush city so I am not feeling winter this year :-)

  13. It is not a bad addiction to have though - there are worse things out there:)

  14. The first step with addiction is admitting it - that done - we will all offer you our support. So feel very supported - love the beanie, just so cute.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Jak x

  15. I am slow to browse the my creative spaces this week and am now so glad. This post just cracks me up!! I think I have a similar addiction but to op shopping!!As my house is full to bursting with vintage aprons, tablecloths, crockery, retro clothes and fabric, etc, etc....yet somehow despite declaring I am not going to op shop anymore,I always justify another trip to them yes, my name is Kate and I am addicted to op shopping

  16. It is so wonderful to have something in your life that brings you happiness. Relish it.
    Loving that Beanie. Lucky Miss Pepper.

  17. Love that beanie!

    As I can have OCD tendencies, I have to knit a row then purl a row because I'm happier picking up my knitting to start on a knit - silly really!! But it means I have to do two rows every time.

  18. I'm soooo addicted too - it's my new favourite thing - thanks to yooooooo! Off to knit now!

  19. My partner once suggested there should be a support group for partners of women who craft, a fellow blogger I mentioned it to suggested I sew him up a banner!

    Cute, cute beanie,

  20. don't worry
    i am pretty sure that 99% of women (and men) that to house work (laundry, food, cleaning etc) DO prefer anything else

  21. agh..You know I am right there with you...I have suddenly found myself telling everyone I would make something for them...As if I have nothing better to do haha..Oh and I got up early today to clean since the big kids are in school. And the littles are still sleeping..Time to knit!

  22. I am too! Completely addicted. Its consuming all available space in my head, what am I gonna knit next, for who, what can I use this wool for, when can I get to the wool shop again. wool wool knit knit! Its out of control. Love your work. dee

  23. Not a bad addiction to have though...
    Enjoy it!

  24. I love the idea of a row of knitting as a reward for each piece of housework - I'm going to play a game like that tomorrow! Maybe then I'll actually get something knitted, or actually get some housework done, one or the other!

  25. But what a great addiction to have! Love the beanie.

  26. Lovely beanie!

    Addiction? Oh dear is that what it is? I do it all the time with crochet! Makes everything easier to tackle! :)

  27. Oh, I am also such an addict! You've been so busy lately with the darling sewing & knitting. I love the tiered ribbon skirt and this hat!

  28. Hmmm, maybe a revision of the DSM addiction criteria is in order (they're about to print the next edition, so we might make it just in time!). At least you FINISH things! Surely that's got to take a few points off the addiction criteria? And it sounds like you actually use the yarn you buy - once your stash gets to the point where it's taking over your house, maybe that might be a sign of a deepening problem?

    At this point, I think I might have a problem...!

  29. Amazing how quickly it sets in when the frustration is not there! Way to go!

  30. OHhhhhh so gorgeous, so cute, makes me smile a mile wide! You're so clever Kate. ♥

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