Saturday, August 14, 2010

White pants & stuff.

Yesterday I had a tiny window of sewing time and I made some white pants from a tablecloth I've had kicking around here for a while.

White pants for Miss Pepper!! What was I thinking?
What two and a half year old can stay clean enough to wear white pants? Certainly not mine.

Maybe it was a wish for that sort of trans seasonal weather when you can wear dresses with flimsy white pants underneath. Sew it and it will be?!

That tree that you can see in that pic lying down in the dam fell down last Thursday night. It was a dark, cold and still night and Pepper and I were home alone and I was putting her to bed. All of a sudden we heard an almighty crash and we literally felt the earth move.

We looked at each other in terror and then all the wild life in the area began to bark/squawk/crow/chirp. It took me a minute to work out what it had been, but she was onto it straight away...a dinosaur!! Of course! Why didn't I think of that?

We are just home from a farmers' market in Melbourne. We had a fantastic market selling record numbers of eggs, the girls were mostly gorgeous and helpful, we caught up with lots of friends, stocked up on some yummy produce and packed up before the wild weather came in.

I am cold and tired now though.

I think I'll run a bath and pop all our jammies near the fire to warm up.

We'll have fresh pasta with pesto and parmesan for dinner.

I don't think we'll make it to the surprise party tonight though.

A bit of knitting and bed more likely.

Oh and I finished the bunting dress yesterday and popped it in the post. I hope its new owner likes it.

I hope you are having a great weekend.
What's going on in your world?


  1. that dress looks just amazing not it's all finished... and I do like those pants, even though they may not stay that clean for long!
    I'm trying to combine painting and blogging at the same time but am overcome with fumes, so had better stop now!! Hope you have a warm, yummy, happy night!

  2. And I meant to say "now" instead of "not" - definitely too many paint fumes!

  3. I still absolutely freak out when a tree goes down. Chef always just says "its a tree darls" . it does soundf like a dinosaur- that is so funny.
    Dress is gorgeous!

    I love the pants but i hear you- we got a bag of handmedowns and they included a lot fo white tshirts and a pair of white jeans, straight to vinnies.

  4. Oh, that bunting dress is just perfect!! Yes, we got some white jeans hand-me-downs recently. Lovely embroidery all over them too. Such a shame they won't be lovely for long!

  5. Love the white pants Kate! Isabelle never manages to keep white clothes for long either, they always end up with a food stain or mud on the sleeve cuffs! I think I should invest in some red or dark blue to dye them later on. Your bunting dress looks gorgeous. I dont think I would like the tree falling either. It happened to our neighbour's house once across the road, thankfully not on top of their house. I hope you all keep snuggly warm tonight, it is windy and cold here!

  6. A delightful child's answer to a scary noise. Great pants, not a colour my girls wear, I'd never get the mud marks out. I wonder what they would look like dyed.

    Just a question to the market in Melbourne, was it the Collingwood farm? I missed it this month. Bummer!

  7. The pants are adorable, but I hear ya..Shay can't stay clean for a minute haha..

    Hope the rest of your weekend is nice and relaxing...

  8. I loooooove your bunting dress!! So so clever.

  9. bunting dress is great, adn I get the wish for trans seasonal clothing- the pants look great, nice and clean! We too just got home from a market (Violet Town) and it was our second last for the season, like you, our two were 'mostly good'!!!!

  10. I am crazy about this bunting dress. What an awesome concept! Pasta, pesto and Parmesan what a lovely end to the day...wish I could pop by for left overs ;)

  11. Those duds are totally gorgeous, totally 10/10, you're such a wizz;-) Ooooo the dinosaur would have scared the innards out of me but isn't she so sweet solving it so swifty!
    Hope by now you're rugged up, settled down for a couple of well deserved hours of peace and creating. Have a lovely Sunday Darling ;-)

  12. ohh white pants & white clothing, not a good colour around here either.
    now I don't even have to tell you that that is the bestest dress EVER!

    I ran my first cupcake workshop today & the girls were soooo lovely, had a good time & 3 hrs just flew by!
    one of the girls lives in Daylesford!

    hope you are getting some rest now after a long day.
    keep warm sweet Kate

  13. the dress is soooo lovely really do love it xx

  14. Those pants are very cute. I'd love to wear more white too but I can't keep myself clean either so not much hope for my girls. And the bunting dress is just the coolest.

    We had a play date at the park, a bit of crochet happened while the girls played and made dessert.

    I hope you're warm and cosy now. I'll be heading along to get a bit of crochet done tonight too.

    Enjoy your Sunday. xo

  15. Sounds like a succesful day in Melbourne. We went to the indoor play centre thismorning, then we all slept in the afternoon (I slept for 3 hours!)Peter cooked a lovely dinner, then Nathan and I went out for to a cafe tonight for a one on one chat and some choc brownie.
    Have a great Sunday

  16. Those pants are if only you could get some sort of stain protection spray...just spray it on before the pants get worn and then all stains just wipe off...nice thought at least! Must be an early start to get those Melbourne markets.

  17. Super gorgeous pants! And that bunting dress is divine - awesome work! Had a good chuckle a the 'dinosaur' quip too hehhe - awesome!!

  18. Pesto is my all time favourite meal. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! We have a friend flying in from Melb. next weekend and so we were just talking today of getting the pasta machine out to make a special dinner. Making fresh pasta is always so much fun.
    Love the pants - despite how impractical they are - and the bunting dress. So beautiful.

  19. This dress is fabulous... how can I get one!?!

  20. Silly me, I thought the bunting dress WAS finished, last time... shows how much attention I pay to "things". God I love it though. When IS this shop of yours happening....?! Hmmmm?! Or have I missed that too?!

    White pants - maybe dye them yellow or orange, so the flowers stay along the same lines, but the white is.... gone? Elsewise, you never know, Pepper may suprise you & be all clean & muddy-knee-less. Ha.

  21. I just absolutely love that bunting dress, I say this everytime but i think it's my favourite. You are so clever.
    the white pants are gorgeous too, but perhaps not the best colour for a 2 and 1/2 year old. Or a 29 almost 30 yr old either. But perhaps I'm just a messy eater.

  22. gorgeous dress - i'm inspired.

    two year old in white? - just crazy! x

  23. Ha kids say funny things don't they! The pants are gorgeous, but what were you thinking with the white??? Maybe they're the "outing" pants where possibly she will stay a little bit cleaner??? Love the idea of using the embroidery on the tablecloth for the pants though - I'm off to see what I have in the cupboard. Oh and the bunting dress - gorgeous! You are so inspiring!

  24. that bunting dress is great! I am really loving all the bunting quilts and stuff I am seeing around the blogworld lately. Very inspiring!

  25. 'Dinosaur' sounds completely valid to me.

    Now, so glad to hear it's not just me, but is it age, or is it knitting? I was forced kicking and screaming to a surprise 'do' last night. The sticks were calling...

  26. White and boys....not in this lifetime!!!

    How close is the dam to the house? I bet it scared the pants off you, it always sounds so loud at night doesn't it :-)

    Did you hear about that family in Queensland that heard a loud noise (like a jumbo jet the lady said) and went out to see what it was....couldn't see anything in the dark and then it stopped so they went back to bed. In the morning they found out that a HUGE boulder (and I mean a huge one!) from on top of the big hill near them had topples off the ledge and rolled down the had stopped 50mtr from the house....PHEW!!!

  27. oh kate, how do you do it? sew,market,chef,mummy and dinosaur keeper. i love those pepper pants, they are gorgeous. and the dress turned out so well. and i happen to know via a curlypops link that it was very much adored by the lucky recipient. you are ace

  28. Your beautiful dress does look awesome on sweet Amelie. Great work! xx

  29. I only have eyes for that dress. Wonderful! Go the red team!


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