Monday, August 23, 2010

@ my house.

At my house today I am weighing yarn,

I am going through my clothes and making an op shop mountain,

and I am hearing my Dad's voice in mine when I ask my girls what 'this so called music they are listening to is.'

At my house today, I slammed a block of wood on my finger and saw stars.

At my house today I am crocheting 3d floral squares,

I am feeling cold in my bones but planning for warmth,

I am holding my little one as she is sick in the laundry basket,

and I am looking at gorgeous photos of vintage sheet quilts.

At my house today I am rewarding myself for jobs ticked off my list, with rows of the Olearia and although I am not a pink person, Pepper's bright choice is making me happy.

After a year of having an iphone at my house, today I have become obsessed with the ipod in it. I am listening to it on random but am most excited when a Joshua Radin song comes on.

Do you have any crafty podcasts you can recommend for me and my ipod at my house?

I hope your week at your house has gotten off to a great start.

See ya at Lou's house. XX


  1. Inspired to try the three-dimensional flowers. thanks for the photo.

  2. Ooh I love Joshua Radin he's on my pod aswell.
    My eldest child has just started to listen to her own style of music,she's 10 and I can hear my mum when I say to her " I can remember the original ", starting to feel old.

  3. Hey Kate, love the crocheted flower, gorgeous colours.

    Very Spring like here today, I managed to tear myself away from the sewing machine and head outside to the garden. Got a mountain of weeding done, transplanted some seedlings, pruned some shrubs. No 1 son mowed the grass/weeds, nearly got high on the aroma of fresh cut grass.......

    It's been a good day, hope your finger is better and your little one.

  4. Hope little one is feeling better soon.

    Crappy start to the week here, can only get better, right??!! xox

  5. Hope Ur finger is okay and that u can still crocheting. The pink is rather sweet. Omg u knit fast.

  6. the crocheted flower and Olearia are looking soo nice !
    sending get well soon vibes for your little one and you

  7. Oh I hope your little one is better very soon..your 3D square looks brilliant & I'm loving Pepper's bright choice too...have a great week, not long now & we'll feel that spring sunshine to warm our bones more often...

  8. Ha! I just found The Boy's neglected ipod & am looooooooving it, I think it's helping get my sewjo back for a start, woot!

    Now... why does one weigh yarn, exactly?

  9. Hope your little one gets better soon and it does not spread through the household.

    For some crafty tunes, try Lilith Lane, if you haven't heard of her yet. You can check out snippets of her songs on itunes.

  10. Your knitting looks gorgeous Kate, I love Peppers choice in colour. Very cheery , cant wait to see it finished!

  11. I am not a pink person either but I must say the vibrant raspberry is just devine!

  12. poor little Pep, hope she is better.
    hope your fingers aren't too bruised.
    gorgeous things at your place today Ms Kate.
    keep warm, thankfully winter is nearlly over

  13. I hope the small one is better soon and your finger is okay. The Olearia is looking fabulous, as is your 3d flower.

  14. I hope Pepper feels better soon Kate! Your 3d flowers look fantastic and I love your Olearia. I am not a pink person either but that color looks beautiful in the pattern.

  15. at my house today i received a cool pair of pants in the mail from a super sweet girl :-D , i then wore them for the rest of the day thinking of the sweetness of the girl. hope the rest of the week is sunshiney and sickness- free for you all x

  16. I don't know of any good craft podcasts but I listen to 'The Archers' everday except saturday, its a UK based farming soap opera and is available as a podcast everyday from here
    if you fancy listening to what life is like for a UK farming community with a good bit of drama thrown in too!!
    Your crochet is gorgeous and Peppers pink choice is a lovely cheery colour!
    Em xx

  17. oh Im loving your 3d flower.... IM in the proces of making cute girl headbands and this would be so perfect :) great work

  18. I hope you and your little one are all better soon, not fun at all:( Your crochet flower is just beautiful. Take care I hope your week goes well. xo

  19. I love a good clear out. I have got a huge bag at the front door but unfortunately it has been there for a while now. It's almost becoming part of the furniture so I don't notice it anymore. Thanks for the reminder. I will put it's removal a bit higher on the list.

    I also love your idea of rewarding yourself for jobs ticked of the list. Really love it. I will be doing that for sure. Such a good way to get balance in a day.

    Thanks for joining in again this week Kate. Once again, lovely to visit your house. Lou.

  20. Thanks for the link, Kate. I'm metaphorically kissing your finger better.
    With much love.

  21. Ow your poor poor fingers, and poor old Miss Pepper I do hope she is feeling better soon.
    Loving the crochet flowers and the look of the cardi.
    Hope you've managed warm those bones too xo

  22. beautiful post..... except for the vomiting in the laundry basket and the squished finger of course!

    I find myself saying things my parents said to me so often - a little scary isn't it?!

  23. Ooooo poor finger and Pepper too. Hearing yourself repeat history is scarey isn't it ;-)
    Gorgeous post Kate! That yan is a divine colour to work with.
    Hope your week is as super duper as it is here as per usual. XO

  24. Vintage sheet quilts! Someday I will make one, I swear I will, swoon.
    Hope your little one is better soon.

  25. Hope your baby is better soon...I love the flower square, a blanket???
    And your knocking out that Olearia, it's beautiful.

  26. Ouch to the hand, the stars and vomits - hope that everything improves before your trip up north (how far north are you going?)

    On the yarn - I took 200grams camping on the weekend and knitted about 11 of it LOL! Oh well.

    The Olearia is looking great - I have a yellow one to get on the needles soon.

  27. Yay for vintage sheets! Hope Pepper is on the mend (and your poor fingers are, too!) Love the look of that raspberry yarn...

  28. Sorry to hear that Pepper isn't feeing well. I'm home from work today with my daughter sick (but not spewing) with a cough and I've been a bit fevery myself. Bring on the springtime!

  29. I love your pink crochets, may i know where you got your pattern for that from? :) TA

  30. I've said it before and I'll say it again...Cripety you are one talented chickadee!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that 3D clever.
    Guess what? We will soon be almost neighbours! I'll be popping by for some fresh watch out! Check out my blog for details...X

  31. Oh I just love your flowery crochet florals! And I have been looking at gorgoeus photos of vintage sheet quilts lately too. Arn't vintage fabrics just the best?

  32. Lots going on at your house.
    Hope the laundry basket gets back to being used for only laundry!
    Andi x

  33. I bought some lovely new electronic kitchen sales... which I would often have to go to my mum's room and steal them back off her as she'd been using them to weigh her yarn!!!

  34. eeek - the up chuck bug has jumped the strait !
    Hope your laundrey basket survived (some poor nurse had to clean ours up - small mercy for us).
    Hope that nasty bit of wood got split and in the fire to get you that warmth :)

  35. I second the Craftsanity recommendation and for non craft-related podcasts This American Life is a favourite in our house!

  36. hey lovely, just thinking of you

  37. I'm not really a pink person either - but I'm loving Pepper's choice too.

  38. It's probably wrong that I am amused by the idea of you holding Pep as she pukes into the basket and you grove to the Ipod.
    I like being @ your house.
    Abs x

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