Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So how's it going at yours this fine Wednesday morning?

So far this week, things here seem to be pretty good. While last week was an emotional roller coaster that had me in tears more than once, this week there is far less drama and while things are chaotic as always, they somehow seem more manageable.

This could be because we have had workmen in and out and up into the roof all week and so I have left a lot of the house work go. This means I've had more time to play. Yay!

It could also be because I got some awful, awful news a few days ago and now I am much more aware of what I have and how lucky I am. When I am patient and happy, it makes such a difference to their behaviour. Why can't I always remember this?

It also could be winter. Although this icy weather depresses me, it is also our quiet time here on the farm. Less farm jobs to do, means a hot chocolate in a cafe after school, or a game of Monopoly before bed. For all my whinging, I think winter's calmness is so important for our family life after the crazy vegie season.

It could also be that we were due for a few happy, relaxed days. It was our turn.

It also could be just because.

Yeah and about Pepper's scratched up nose.
Yesterday I took an exhausted child who had not had her nap, due to all the workmen in and out of our house, to the super market at peak hour. She was obviously tired but I thought she was coping really well until she answered the checkout girl in her loudest voice that her name was F***er!! I quickly ushered her out of there, only to have her trip over some man's feet and land on her nose. OUCH!

Hmmm maybe I wont be getting that Mother of the year award after all.

Today she is getting so sick of me wanting to kiss that little pussy cat nose all the time.

But I guess those ups and downs are what parenting is all about really isn't it. I guess it keeps it interesting.

And this morning I cast off and wove in the ends of my scarf.
Details here.

I guess that means I have to call up my friend and make a time to give it to her. The only problem is that after taking a pic of me wearing it, I don't want to take it off.

Have fun out there. XX


  1. Oh my, I would have wet myself laughing if one of mine had said that!! The things they say sometimes. And that poor little nose! What a shame. Cute little girls you have there with their pretty little smiles. Enjoy the rest of the week too Kate.

  2. I'll never forget the day Phillippa came over and Sunday sat under the bench in the kitchen chanting "f**@%ing mummy" over and over. Uhuh. I also copped one in Coles so I know the feeling. Hey, sorry to hear you had some bad/sad news. Hope everything is ok. Glad you are having a better week though, loving the photo's of the girls xo

  3. It looks lovely, I wouldn't want to take it off either! I'm glad you're having a better week, sometimes things just get the better of us don't they! It's funny how everyones behaviour reflects our moods, you'd think we'd be on to that wouldn't you, but we're only human! I have to say, the dragon lady has been residing over here of late, hormones, weather, who knows! My boys will be glad to see the back of her & hubby's gone interstate, I'll try to be rid of her before he gets back...
    I love Peppers expletive, too funny!

  4. I have this theory that in order to get to the good bits in life you have to go through the crappy bits first... it's the downs that make the ups seem so good! I hope this week brings some really good things to you Kate :) Beautiful scarf... I wouldn't wanna take it off either if I were you!

  5. LOVE THE SCARF!!!! I might try that next! As for the supermarket story - lots of laughing at this end ... kids are the best/worst/funny/embarassing/delightful/unpredictable little creatures - sometimes all at once!

  6. Oh dear the supermarket story makes me laugh!! Such a sweet little face, beautiful scarf too. Sorry to hear about the sad news ♥

  7. Oh Pepper, what a crack up!
    Charlie is being very polite at the moment, but when she says thank you it sounds a lot like f**k you... :)

  8. Oh how funny is Miss Pepper! We all have those embarrasing moments with our kids dont we, and her poor little nose! Glad to hear that your having a better week, and isnt it funny how the kids pick up on our moods so easily. I guess we pick up on theirs too. Your scarf looks great, maybe after a few projects you can knit yourself one too to keep you warm. It is so windy here today that I dont even want to step outside. I see the tooth fairy must have visited your house recently too, such cute pics of your girls!

  9. I know it's bad but I am cracking up over here...Foul language in our house is high due to the hubby bringing it home from work. Guess that's what happens when you work with a bunch of infantry men all day. Shay has thrown a few out there in odd situations too and Oh my it's hard not to laugh and make things worse but it makes you feel like the best parent ever doesn't it??? haha...
    Hoping things feel a bit more cheery in your house soon and that scarf makes it to the intended owner. I wouldn't want to part with it either. :)

  10. Still laughing! Love the plaits and your scarf - I wouln't want to let it go either. We are feeling the tail end of winter here, hope you receive some sunshine soon too.

  11. Oh yes... I remember those days well. I battle to try and get mine to spend time with me these days ;) Circle of life. Those missing teeth look fabulous and I love the scarf :) Kx

  12. Oh Kate I'm sorry but the interaction with the checkout operator has me laughing out loud! Hope all that work is finished up soon ( in your roof ) The scarf is lovely and I can see why you may would to keep it

  13. bahahaha! Would Miss Pepper like to come and yell that at my insurance lady for me?! lol!

    Glad you are seeing a brighter side to things this week xox

  14. Waaaaaaaa ... pass the tissues ... your little Pepper is a gem ... I know, I know ... but you have to laugh, out loud, hearing the story then picturing the moment!
    Any chance you can keep that scarf and do another? It looks gorgeous!
    Sorry you're down Darling. You know my heart's with you, chin up gorgeous girl. XO

  15. Awful news?? I hope it's not too bad :) I know all about keeping your happy face on around the littlies, sometimes even then they still know that facade is not real and turn into demons. Still, that story did really crack me up. Way to vent Pepper :)

    Thinking of you,

  16. Out of the mouths of babes. Love it, but then the poor little thing had to go and hurt her nose. Big cuddles. I'm having one of those weeks. Hubby's been away for a few days and all hell has broken loose with Ava home from school yesterday, and now I have Sarah at home today and Dr says tomorrow as well. Heaps of towels and sheets trying to dry on clothes horses (no dryer). Just finished a pile of dishes left in the sink. Tonight I will be partaking of a glass or two of wine, for medicinal purposes of course. Ahhhh! Comfy scarf by the way.

  17. Really funny supermarket tale, Kate. That scarf is gorgeous! x

  18. While I am sure it was not funny at the time - you gave me a good laugh with the Coles story!
    A little girl I know once said to her mum "Mummy why does daddy say fu*k so much"
    and her mum replied - "I don't know honey, but we'll be asking Daddy when he gets home".
    Hope the week picks up Kate and you are out of the winter rut soon.

  19. Hehhehe- Pepper you crack me up!
    Busy went thru a phase of saying it every now and again and i would just piss myself laughing- i couldn't help it.
    The scarf looks so good and I think that blue fabric in the background is very familiar?

  20. A supermarket classic - just so funny! No doubt about it, it's hard work being a mum, maybe you need someone to kiss you better at the moment! That's why our interests hobbies are so important, something to look forward to and stops us going completely mad. The scarf looks great, very snuggly. Here's to a great day!
    Jak x

  21. Hope your terrible news is overshadowed by happy days.
    Andi x

  22. Lovely slice of life post. So much going on over your way! Scarf is really cute, as is Pepper's (poor little) nose. My daughter is about the same age and her nose is really cute too.

    Getting bad news is the worst. I hope everyone is OK.

  23. I can't blame you for not wanting to take it off it is fabulous and goes so well with your cardy....did you make that too??

    Hope the good days are outweighing the is true that those days help us to appreciate how lucky we truely are :-)

    Poor Peppers nose, she looks quite proud of it!

  24. ohhhh no Miss Pepper!!
    can't say it's happened to us yet..let's wait until school starts.
    hope you are coping ok, i know it's alot to deal with.
    cuddle those 3 little spunks & smile, even for a second.
    thanks again for your wonderful gift to Amelie, she has been wearing it since.
    love to you sweet one

  25. That poor littl' nose...they are so incredibly resilient though. Hope this week brings better news.

  26. Kate the scarf looks so spunky....great colours & funky style. I can see why it would be had to part with.

  27. oh Kate, so sorry to hear you've had awful news. It sounds like a real up and down week. I hope things on the improve and you enjoy this quiet time.
    Poor Miss Pepper ~ sounds like she had quite the day too!

  28. That is classic. Don't EVER give up on the mother of the year award. As a parent we need the downs so that we can appreciate the ups.
    My little Charlotte fell out the front door when she was tiny and ended up with a nose like that. At the time I felt like the worst mother ever. Wish I had a pic to remind me of how funny and cute she looked. Big hugs xx

  29. that poor little potty mouth girl. that is the best story ever kate.the pics of those sweet girls are great. love your scarf-i think you might need to pull a swifty and snaffle it for yourself! hope your week is on the up and i agree about winter-kind of a love hate thing, but i must say the promise of sceaming down the mountain on my skis has me a bit excited.
    and just on the topic of excitment, it's a date. we are planning aug,sept,oct 2011. so how bout we meet up say at the base of the big red rock for a chat, a cuppa and some hooking (of the crafty kind) M :-D

  30. Oh I laughed out loud as I read what Pepper said. That is priceless. So much easier to see the funny side when it happens to someone else.
    Great scarf. Beautiful beautiful girls. You're a wonderful mother - it is evident in so many ways.

  31. Pepper is so adorable :) Sorry to hear about the bad news, hope all is ok.

  32. Laughing at Pepper, but hope you are all okay x

  33. I should be doing market work but no i find myself here reading your blog. I read the part about Pepper and the check out girl to carlos and we are still coughing from laughing so much... Her scratchec up nose is karma mate lmao...

    Xo Steph

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