Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday six. (edited)

1) I made a bag late yesterday afternoon. I made it using fabric I bought at a garage sale not so long ago. My farmer boy doesn't like it. He says it looks like a skirt gone wrong. Maybe it does. I based the pattern on the handbag I use everyday. I think it'll make a good craft bag. The bag you grab when you leave the house in the hope that you'll get a chance for some craft on the go. It does have a very narrow opening though and I'm thinking of adding a zipper to make more room for rummaging around.

2) This week I have started adding a dollop of eucalyptus oil to my laundry. I love it! Instead of wearing musty, wintry, dried inside smelling clothes, we are walking around smelling fresh and clean like a forest. Its good for the sinuses too. I highly recommend it.

3) The farmer boy has had a skip delivered so I am going to spend the rest of the day sorting through house crap, trying to fill it before he does with farm stuff.

4) This stunning cloud necklace arrived in the post today. Christina made it. I won it over at her blog and she has a shop too. I wish I could describe to you how much I adore it and how perfect it is. Thank you so much Christina.

5) I love licorice and every Friday after we do our deliveries in town, we buy a block of this hard as a rock stuff to celebrate the end of the week and a job well done. Its break your teeth stuff and its delicious. Its Friday today! Yay! Gobble, gobble...

6) If you want number 6 you'll have to click on over to Susie's. I'm hanging out over there today doing show and tell.

Have a great weekend wont you. XX


  1. Your bag is fantastic, I really LOVE it! That was a great show & tell, thanks Kate! Enjoy your clean out, it's always a nice feeling once it's done...

  2. that cute bag somehow becomes more fun to look at with its "skirt gone bad" description. :) i have a few bags which i grab on the way out; i'm always hoping for a moment or two to stitch!

    seeing your red clogs reminds me that on my "hoping to find" list for fall is definitely some red shoes! so cheery.

    i enjoyed the show&tell interview. it is fun to hear you describe yourself. i am messy too. :)

    happy weekend to you!

  3. Enjoy your clear out - always therapuetic. I think the bag will be an excellent craft bag, looks like it will hold all the essentials. Lovely show and tell too.

  4. 1. The fabric is fantastic and I'm thinking you should call it the "apron bag".

    2. Lovely, I also enjoy lavender or cedar in the laundry.

    3. Sorting is on the list once the girl is in school, a whole lot of sorting.

    4. I'm on my way to check it!

    Have a grand weekend!

  5. Great read on show and tell. how nice that farmer boy described you so well.... if Chef is asked question like " what are my good points?" he freaks out and says "is this a trick question/ am I being tested?" to which I reply "stop stalling and answer me" - to which he replies- "you are so patient!'
    I always think the best way to describe myself if impatient- but in a way that makes me get on with things- if I have an idea I have to get it out of my head and into the real world ... sorry I am babbling I forgot this is your blgo I will go over to mine and babble.

  6. Great craft bag, although if you are anything like me it would soon be a huge bulging affair in my over optimistic craft-on-the-go packing!

    We use eucalyptus oil to mop the floors but washing clothes is a lot more of a regular job (ahem) so I like the idea of adding it to our regular wash.

  7. I love the bag...It looks like an added layer to your clothes if you look quickly..Which means it fits right in with whatever you are wearing IMO.....

    Great interview, the always fantastic Kate.

  8. Great bag but if you are anything like me it won't be big enough! I try to have one project per bag but that never seems to happen and they end up bulging with wool :-)

    Great interview as well, enjoyed reading it!

    Have a great weekend :-)

  9. Well don't about farmer boy, there are plenty of us who love it. That fabric is so sweet.

  10. I love these pix of you and the bag is cute...boys dont really understand bags ;) When/where do you put the eucalyp oil in the wash I have a front loader would I put it int he softener dispenser??

  11. At least FB has an opinion! I coloured my hair red (from blonde) 2 weeks ago and mine hasn't even noticed! Great interview. Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Jak x

  12. I like the bag - for some reason it reminds me of Hollie Hobby pictures... do you remember them? So cute and lovely childhood nostalgia all in one :)
    Big thanks for the eucalyptus oil tip. I will definitely be trying that one.
    Loved your Flowerpress interview too - sighing over your skills as a fab photographer.

  13. OOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooohhh that necklace is so pretty!!!

  14. I love that necklace - just perfect.

  15. I was thinking the same thing as Kylie, holly hobby! I am sure if I had a bag that big I would fill it up quite quickly and then never be able to find anything I want. I loved your interview Kate, as always true and honest. Hope you have fun clearing stuff into the skip, I did that nearly 18 months ago now and couldnt believe how much stuff we had accumulated but then I had lots more space and it is very theraputic too. Hope you have a lovely warm weekend!

  16. loved your show and tell q and a. ( very happy to see toast was fav recipe) Love the fabric of the bag, and I think it's cute.
    Also loved Bren's despription of you. Finally something we don't have in common- I hate licorice.ha!It's funny I love these cupcakes that have cute faces on them, and the eyebrows are licorice, whenever I eat them, I give my mum the eyebrows, but I could save them for you too.
    Just finished FNL sob.
    Off to find season 3.
    sorry about weird random comment.

  17. fantastic interview Kate!!
    loving the eucalyptus oil addition...mmmm.
    hope you get to fill your bag with lots of craft treasures.
    necklace and licorice, wonderful!! (i prefer the uncle johns style, semi hard, traditional)
    last thing..happy weekend, keep warm ♥

  18. Loved your interview. You're ace!

  19. Cute bag, love the print!! Make the opening bigger by not sewing up the side seams to the top. I personally know this, cause I made a bag similar and followed my own instructions and came out with a bag that barely opened!! My way sounded better at the time of course! Here is a link to what I had attempted and in the end it turned out really well, the bamboo handles are pretty cute too:

  20. Great interview, great bag for the craft stash on the go. How's the smile after the licorice? Black I'm sure.

  21. Oh that looks and sounds like delicious licorice - I also looooove licorice! Maybe Bren would like the bag more if it was filled to the brim with licorice.

    Wishing you happy skip-filling weekend ahead!

  22. Kate I've been hanging out at your blog for about a fortnight now & just wanted to tell you how much I love it. And the bag. Skirt smirt. I think it works! xxx

  23. love that cloud necklace. lucky you! Irene X

  24. Love the bag Kate - just the perfect fabric for it! I've never come across hard licorice- I think I would love it though! (excellent interview.x)

  25. So glad you like it Kate! Off to check out your interview now.


  26. Oh my that bag is gorgeous!!! And the material is just as gorgeous! I love the shape of the bag by the way 'skirt gone bad' description and all ;)

  27. i want your bag and the cloud around your neck too.

  28. love the bag, the fabric, the cloud necklace and i love liquorice, mind the fillings

  29. Oh I love eucalyptus oil! I use it for so many things... including washing the floor after the kids have been sick. I don't know if it does anything but it makes me feel like I have de-germ-ified the house. The psychology of its use is important me thinks.
    I LOVE your bag. Adore the printed denim and the style. Your farmer boy has lost his rocks on this one for sure.

  30. thanks again, just what i needed kate. you always manage to provide that little bit of an oomph of inspiration when i need some motivation to blog. i'm always happy to craft, but just can't be arsed to blog:) i passed through daylesford briefly the other day and hoped to run into you. you live in a beautiful part of australia.

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