Monday, August 16, 2010

@ my house.

At my house today there is a hive of activity, but this pile of gorgeous yarns I bought yesterday is sitting on the kitchen table taunting me. Come and play with us, they are teasing, we'd look great knitted up as a cardi, imagine how gorgeous it would feel to knit with us, stop what you're doing and come and play...

At my house today there are some guys with a heavy duty vacuum cleaner sucking the 20 year old insulation out of our roof. Once that's done the electrician will come and check the wiring and then the exterminator will come and lay mouse bait and then these guys will come back and put in the new insulation.

At my house today I am baking an apple cake from this recipe, a favourite in this house.

At my house today my farmer boy is trying to make some sense of the new egg producers standards coming in this October. So far it looks like we are going to have to stamp every egg we sell as well as who knows what egg cleaning regimen. He has been reading stuff online and talking on the phone all morning. Today my farmer boy has clean hands.

At my house today it has rained, sleeted, snowed and the wind has howled her arctic, icy breath through the forest and under my skin. Brrrr.

At my house today there are the usual laundry, shopping, cooking, organising chores being done but today I have resigned myself that it is a losing battle and I am only doing what has to be done. The rest can and will wait until tomorrow when there might be less going on at my house.

At my house today I am soooooooo looking forward to craft night tonight when I can slow down and knit a few more rows of this scarf that is to be gifted, a bit late, to a gorgeous friend of mine. I think it might be the first and last scarf I knit though as the same, same, sameness of the pattern is getting a bit tedious.

What going on at your house today?
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  1. Kate, I'm so happy to hear that I am not the only one only doing what NEEDS to be done today. I've run my errands and dinner is in a casserole pot ready to put in the oven before we head out to baseball this evening, ready to serve up upon re-entry at 7pm tonight. Now it is time to crochet a few more rows, as I will be plonking into be along with the kids tonight. Have a lovely week!

  2. Kate another busy day at your house! I wish the weather would make up its mind today. We have had icy rain, sun, rain, sun - well your know how it is. I braved the cold to go to the gym but I think after dinner I will be sitting on the couch knitting away. I do hope your insulation makes your house a lot warmer for the rest of winter. The scarf is looking very pretty and I like the new yarns you bought too. Cant wait to see what you make with it all.

  3. What a crazy day it is out there, did you see the snow? I was in the op shop and there was a bit of shrieking (me) when we saw it out the window. Love the look of your new wool, gorgeous colours. Off to Ballarat this arvo and then home for a quick dinner and out to Craft night, can't wait!! xo ps if you think of it could you please bring me some eggs?

  4. I really love the scarf, though keeping things simple is my thing, I'm too scared to try much more than that. It sure has been icy cold, but snow - WOW!! The sun is shining here but it is VERY deceiving, perfect baking weather, your apple cake sounds delicious. Have fun tonight...

  5. That scarf is one of those projects that will be so worth it in the end. Hope you are keeping warm :)

  6. Hand knitted scarves are so special and I love your design!

    Be sure to enter my latest Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  7. The scarf looks beautiful! A friend gifted me with one a few years back when I was leaving Australia, and I absolutely treasured it - it was so warm in winter, and I loved knowing she'd handmade it for me!

  8. busy day indeed! Its always nice to have something to look forward to like catching up with friends at craft night, especially after a busy day! enjoy your night out, hope its not too cold

  9. my place today my partner has had to stay home from work to help me care for two sick children - one sleeps next to me as I type - and the other is off having their legs x-rayed. The washing, cleaning,... blah blah ... can wait for another time.

  10. Oh the joy of something to look forward to at the end of a hard day. I hope you have lots of fun at your craft night and those egg laws are not too crippling.xx

  11. Hold up - you're finding that scarf 'tedious' ... doesn't it have a great big bloody CABLE through the middle of it??

    And Kate, only you could make a pile of roof insulation look great ;)

  12. It's a fact, household chores never go away and can always wait another day (well in my case 'as and when'). Sounds like the weather is going mad all over the world - cold, raining and windy here in the UK which is supposed to be a lovely summer's day. Looking forward to see what you make with the lovely pink stuff.
    Jak x

  13. I love this post, I feel like we're all scrambled up in every day life. I've been cleaning, organizing, cooking and doing laundry all day...unfortunately no time to craft today but that just means I'll craft first thing tomorrow then continue with the everyday chores!

  14. Well there certainly is a lot happening at your house today Kate - good day to join in. I can completely understand the pull to the new wool...

    I'm a bit scared to get too complicated with my knitting because I hate to undo things - I have to wait until there is someone who can help me. Obviously we are at completely different skill levels but scarves and same same are my friend at the moment.

    Hope you got the basics done today so you could enjoy craft tonight. Sounds like a great night out.

    Thanks so much for joining in today. It was lovely to have you at my house and lovely to visit yours. Lou.

  15. Is all that insulation business happening on the same day? If it's not, I hope you guys don't get too cold tonight!!! It will be brilliant once it's done though (speaking from experience).

    Your scarf is gorgeous, even if it's boring to knit. I'm impressed that you're persisting - boredom usually leads to UFOs for me :-)

  16. I hope at your house today a nice time was had by all- although that egg business sounds a bit tedious...

  17. Hi Kate, images look beautiful. The image of the rain is very similar out my window! Have left a cheeky message for you at the bottom of my recent post! Thought it would make you smile! Tracey :)

  18. What a lot going on at your place kate. That cake sounds delicious, and quite easy perhaps I could even make it, thank you. I've barely been home today, it's Radiothon at RRR, so I was there on the phone a lot of the day. My poor cat and house and rather neglected and cold.
    I'm a big on for only getting the things done the need to.
    Like bears and knitting of course!
    Cant wait to see what you do with those yarns.

  19. At my place we are getting ready to rip out our horrible 1970s bright blue laminex bathroom and put in some nice clean white tiles and a new bath, so I was rather busy buying taps and pondering the merits of mixers over spouts, etc.

    I also filled up my witchy cauldron to dye some yarn, ran out of time and had to store it somewhere where the dog won't drink it and the children won't spill it, and rush off to a lecture.

    Then the mister offered to make dinner which freed me up to make a cake which is far more fun.

    Goodnight! Enjoy your new insulation.

    ps. funny to comment immediately after someone who spent the day at 3RRR - my eldest has just finished a week of work experience there and LOVED it.

  20. I would love to see some snow! We are expecting a frost and -2 in the morning. Have printed out that recipe, will make it for an after school snack tomorrow, thanks for the linky dink.
    Keep warm - you will have to knit the family some thermals :)

  21. today i felt the wind had got icy again and my farmer boy said its snowing somewhere...and it ur place!
    today i tried to embrace the mud as it threatens to take over my life hehee.. and i smiled at our full dam which has been empty for at least 10 years. we watched the
    2nd nanny mcphee movie and i cried (and liked the idea to build mud snowmen) now its 2am and i definitely should not be awake. the cake sounds yum and the egg laws sound like a pain. love manda

  22. are you like the most awesome person EVER!!!!
    you know why, you are just amazing. I wish I could just give you the biggest hug.
    lots of love to you sweet Kate

  23. Bus in your neck of the woods - looks like you are having a great day and staying warm. Love the yarn rom yesterdays fair - you liv in such an interesting town - I love it and want to go back there for a holiday SOON!

  24. Your house sounds like fun.
    I can only knit scarves, as I cant go around corners. One day, maybe! The scarf you are knitting is lush.

  25. i had to catch up a bit on our blog. loved that bunting dress. xo.

  26. Busy, busy you! Thanks for the apple cake recipe... I loooooove apple cake! And I really love the colours in the scarf you're knitting. It's going to look fab.

    I popped over from Lou's and I'm so glad I did. It's nice to meet you.

  27. I'm hoping to fit in some rows of crochet tonight ... after dinner ...after the dishes.... after the homework check ... after the bedtime story ....
    Might evn have a cuppa and call for some chocolate. Sometimes you just need crochet, a cuppa and chocolate.

  28. Even with rain sleet ans snow I bet your house still feels warm and cozy, I would love to visit it anytime. Yeah for craft night!

  29. Looks busy at your house, I am onto my 4th load of washing...somehow it all ended up under the boys beds???

    check this one out, have you seen it?

    Should be able to cut/paste link?? if not it is Pickles blog....too cute :-)

  30. And today I made your apple cake (with apricot and coconut as no apples in the offering) Boy, how can such as easy cake be so darn good? (lol probably the butter) Thanks for sharing- that recipe is a keeper!


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