Friday, May 4, 2012


On the fourth day of May, today, I...

...officially turned 40 and a half.
...woke up late for school and rushed.
...dealt with stories and rashes and so many tears before 8am.
...drank my second coffee out and alone because my farmer boy forgot his appointment.
...eavesdropped on a conversation and learnt a lot about blogging and SEO.
...asked the twitter and learnt that SEO means search engine optimisation, but preferred Jodie's Seasonal Eating Only or Sexual Eye Opener. So much better non?
...met a lovely friend of a friend who we'll meet again next week.
...tried out a whole new look, but the girls and Bren think I look Amish.
...dreaded coming home to the housework.
...marvelled at how much the broccoli thrives in the cold.
...danced in the kitchen with my darling.
...photographed yesterday's motif (pic 1) Patriotic Sunburst  from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks.
...noticed that some trees are loosing their last leaves, while some are just beginning to turn.
...hooked up and photographed today's motif (pic 2) Big Round also from Jan's book.
...thought about how much I love no tv during the week, but how much I am looking forward to movie night tonight.
...made plans to give away one of our Maremma dogs.
...enjoyed some silence.
...squealed with excitement and then freaked out over and over about the wood cooker we have ordered and will arrive in the next few weeks. about what other bloggers are doing every day in May.
...was thrilled that we had the forethought and the time to plant so much leafy green stuff this year. What could be better for you than eating that all winter?!
...wrote a post for another blogger.
...tidied a bit.
...thought about dealing with the laundry.
...preferred to sit by the fire and write this.
...was just served lunch...

How about you?
What have you been up to today?
Are you doing something everyday in May?
Have a fabulous weekend, wont you.



  1. I love these posts Kate, I feel like I'm there! I've been baking pears for the first time, drooling over the smell filling our very cold house, I really should get the heater on, trying tirelessly to get a picture of myself, gosh it feels ridiculous doing that, and now I'm having terribly fattening but delicious pastizzis for lunch (still doing my squats, perhaps a few extra tonight) while I catch up on blogs. Have a great weekend..x

  2. Wow....and it's not even 12pm!! Hope the rest of your day is just as lovely :)

  3. I too love these posts, Kate. Such mindfulness and beautiful snapshots into your day. Why are you giving up one of the Maremmas? xo

  4. do you have room? cos I'm totally coming to move in.

  5. I'm so excited you are getting a wood cooker!!!!
    Can't wait to see it!
    I'm making some legs with fur boots and signing
    off on upgrades for our new place. And hoping the big
    girl has had a good day at school!XX

  6. I've been unpacking... just moved into your neighbourhood - we are in the Daylesford township...trying to adjust, as the cold is alien to us having left 30+C days behind..

  7. I have already failed with my pelvic floor every day in may exercises. Bugger.

    and I have a rash too, on my neck.

    I am enjoying no TV until 615pm (which translates to one 15 minute show for Busy) on school nights and am crying daily over silly little things like watching Busy master this weeks sight words and Busy whispering to the baby this morning "I already love you". Crying just thinking about it.

  8. You've packed a lot into your day already! At the moment I'm cooking risotto and sorting out the middle kid's clothes before taking the kds to the school disco. After that it will be the usual bath & bed routine (hopefully smoothly!), then watching Mss Fisher on TV while tracing an Ottobre pattern and thinking about what to take on my girls night away tomorrow night - woo hoo! Have a lovely weekend.

  9. waiting waiting waiting for baby no 2 to arrive !!!!!
    other than that, trying to look after a 3 year old without actually moving off the couch!

  10. May the fourth be with you.....always

  11. Today I will be dealing with yesterday's sad news that my mum has cancer, trying to find a new school for my daughter because she is being bullied at her current school, packing stuff I have sold on eBay and take them to the post office, laundry, grocery shopping, walking the dogs in the pouring rain and prepare for 3 friends of my daughters who will stay for a sleepover. But looking forward to enjoying the beautiful countryside I live in whilst doing all this. Even in the rain.

  12. Happy forty and a half, Kate. I am headed for my 43.5th birthday. Not sure that you get to have a party for that one.
    I am not doing anything specific every day for May but I am finding my groove for the year for the very first time. I am sewing again and I am not overwhelming myself with what "needs" doing. Just trying to enjoy creating and life in general.
    But I will live vicariously through your daily granny squares for the month as well :)

  13. Today I enjoyed a coffee with a friend- she keeps me on the cusp of sanity
    Picked up my kids from their last day at school ( homeschooling the older 3 again ....)
    Watched my 14 month old sit and watch the rain through the window- he was squealing with delight
    Cursed when i drove down the street to only find it blocked off ready for a large even here this weekend
    Enjoyed an Easter egg with (another ) cuppa today
    Spoke to my hubby and told him I love and miss him

  14. Mmmm green leafy eating!
    I caught up with two close friends that I hadnt seen in months, in one day no less (no mean feat), while everyone else tried to get hold of me too, weird.
    Very, very nice girl filled day and now im going to go out with the couch potato for noodles and then ill come home to return the phonecalls I fended off earlier!
    Thanks for asking, x

  15. What a lot to fit into a day! I'm finally cutting out some pj's for Maya. She needs them x

  16. Happy Birthday and a half, to you,
    Happy Birthday and a half to you,
    Happy Birthday and a half dear Kate
    Happy Birthday and a half to you..............
    (you have to sing the 'and a half' very quickley!)

    Hope your fortieth year is living up to expectations, at this halfway point.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend and the sun shines down on all of you.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments on my knitting...the brown and cream bag is now part of a giveaway you might fancy, so pop over again soon.
    Fleur xx

  17. Loving the patriotic sunburst. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, and keep up the squeals of excitement when you're getting that wood burner installed. Despite the upheaval it'll be worth it! x

  18. Seasonal Eating Only or Sexual Eye Opener. LOVE! New wood burner....awesomeness! Eeekkk

  19. Dude. I am feeling worn out just reading that!
    You have so many things to be excited about. Um wood burner stove - jealous!!
    I want an old one just to heat up the cold end of my house. How ace.

    Happy half birthday!

    Rach x

  20. Jan Eaton is the best, and your blocks are beautiful :)

  21. Sexual Eye Opener is mucho better.

    We've got a maremma we want to give away too - want to try a swap!?

    I can see a lovely dignified cup of Melbourne coffee with you and I snickering about the same realities of farm life, and then heading out to the cars to bear wrestle 2 stinky white fluffy dogs into each other's cars - sounds so glamourous, eh!?

    Happy Sunday. Love the planters in the greenhouse BTW!

  22. Squealing at your new woodstove and waiting for you to pass the herb salad dressing ....

  23. i love the images of the drums full of green... what a wonderful winter you will enjoy and you have inspired me for the next winter. we are missing this one

  24. Yes i'm doing something everyday in May - Crochet! But must confess it's not new or special because I always crochet... everyday... anyway... May or not! Does it still count?

    Love your blog and reading about 'today I....' Tis amazing how much gets jammed into one day sometimes. (yep - Jam pun intended)

    Would also love to know how you deal with codling moth organically in your orchard. I have a couple of Apple trees but am getting tired of sharing so much of their delightful juicy fruits with the moths... Any suggestions?

    Oh and keep dancing in the kitchen with your darling - it's cute beyond words :-)

  25. Oh, your day sounded lovely. Just lovely.


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