Saturday, May 19, 2012

Same dress-another season.

Thank goodness it still fits her.

I get so emotional about their clothes. Sometimes I get teary when they are too small and I have to fold them up and put them away, or hand them on. I think about where they came from. I reminisce about all the times they were worn. The stories they tell; the whens and wheres and whys.

The more girls that wore a piece of clothing, the harder it is to part with.

And if it was hand made, it is the hardest of all.

I knitted this little dress almost two years ago when Miss Pepper's plaits barely brushed her shoulders. She  wore it all through that winter and for the few cold months before we left last year.

I've looked at it hanging in her wardrobe most days for the past month. I've looked at it but left it hanging. I've been scared that I'd put it on her and it would be too small. That she's squeal as I'd try to get it over her head. That she'd be so big now that it would be a midriff top.

But thankfully today we tried and were rewarded. It is more of a tunic than a dress now, but I'm pretty happy with that.

And to make matters even better, I was rummaging around for a ball of yarn before and found a half a ball of the very same Noro colourway. So now when the dreaded day comes that it fits no longer, I can add some length to the bottom. Yay!

In the mean time I've made a promise to myself to let her wear it all the time and not save it for good. A well worn, loved, dirty dress is so much better than a clean, pristine dress I think.

The Ravelry details for Miss Pepper's Eve are here.

Do you do that?
Do you get attached to clothes?
Do you try to extend their wear by saving them?
What do you do with the clothes you made that no longer fit?
Are you having a lovely weekend?
What are you up to?
Ours has been pretty quiet so far, but pretty lovely...fires and knitting and movies and lots of playing with the new puppy. There's so much cooking to be done but we seem to be holding back, waiting for the new wood cooker. Possibly this week?

Have fun. xx

PS. Oh and I've still been going strong on my crocheted motif a day in May. Show and tell really soon, ok.


  1. HI Kate! This is a beautiful dress. I can't believe her chubby little preschooler face - only two years ago! she is so grown up now. I do get attached to clothes but not many… They are mostly target clothes after all, nothing special! But the few lovely things we've received as gifts, I'm guilty of stretching them so much that they haven't been fit to hand on!

  2. Its a beautiful dress!!! I love handmade clothes, especially knits and I really struggle to pass them on.
    Im knitting this weekend. A lovely soft drop stitch scarf in beautiful rainbow yarn.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. That is a stunning dress! I love the stripes. I love the pic where she has face to the sky and eyes shut - gorgeous. I get sooky about clothes. Esp the gifts or grandma hand made. Miss 7's teddy gets many of her grown out ofs- she can't bear to pass them on either.
    Blue skies and sunshine here. Been to Beechworth today - nice to get out of the small town every now and then (and replace with another small town)

  4. I know exactly what you mean. I get so sad when my little Ivy grows out of clothes, never will she be that little again! I'm still keeping all of ours for future family members though :)

  5. yes, yes, yes and I think yes again.
    Unfortunately I'm no so good on the sewing/crafting area of expertise, but know exactly how you feel. Lovely photos and love that dress! cheers Wendy

  6. Wow - that dress has lasted Miss P so long!
    It looks great as a shift dress - I love layering.

    That post you linked to is gorgeous - I love the way you write Kate.X

  7. What a lovely tunic-dress :-)
    I also get attached to their clothes...I'm saving some T-shirts of each of my boys, to be made up in a quilt for each of them one of these days.
    We're starting to get cooler weather - was looking forward to it after the hot hot summer - and could for the first time wear some of my new crocheted scarves in the morning yeay! Want to hook beanies for the boys still.
    Enjoy your weekend :-)

  8. I find it hard enough when they are sentimental purchased items, I can't imagine how hard it is to part with cherished clothes that you hand made with love! Wah!!! x

  9. I have made "party dresses" for Matilda over the years and I have them hanging in my own wardrobe - from tiny through to size 5 and don't know what to do with them. Although I do like looking at each dress and remembering the fun times we celebrated whilst whirling and twirling in those frocks! I need to find someone I know who'll appreciate handmade (since there's not much of that within the extended family unfortunately) so they can be passed on.

    And I love that Eve - perfect winter layering item for your ever-growing and always gorgeous Pepper!

  10. Noro is so beautiful, some sitting in my stash waiting for the perfect project. We give all our too small clothes to a single mum friend on a tight budget which makes me feel good about letting go of them , but the handmade ones are hard - especially when my 5 yr old says " you can't give that away - you made it for me with love" . Consequently there is a little pile of special handmade items in the top of her wardrobe.

  11. That dress is scrumptious! I know that feeling. Clothes and shoes from our little ones are a constant reminder that they're growing up. Growing really quickly! There are some items that are a little too special to pass on. I do like the idea of adding to the length of the dress... I have added a few inches of lace or ruffle of fabric to a handful of our girl's dresses at times so as to squeeze a little bit more wear out of the dress ;-)

  12. Oh kate, those photos are beautiful and although I know you don't want to become a dog blog, I'd love to know more about those delicious big white babies (maremma's?)
    I still have a sweet tiny knitted dress made for Jemma (now 21yrs) by her great grandmother. I kind of want to have it seems like a zillion yrs ago.

  13. Miss Pepper is growing up isnt she. I dont like it when they outgrow clothes and tend to pass them onto friends. Isabelle doesnt really wear any knitted clothes now, just the occassional scarf or hat. Fortunately for me my 13 yr old niece likes wearing them so I can knit for her, although they will be longer than Isabelle's clothes! Hope your keeping warm in Daylesford Kate!

  14. When my kids were little, my Mum, who lives interstate, would post pj's in the mail just leaving me to do the elastic at this end. It was always so special to get those parcels. I still have most of those pjs in the cupboard. Funny really as we just celebrating my sons 21st this weekend! A little tiny bit of me wishes he was tucked up in bed in those jammies instead of being at the pub with his mates.....but you cant think like that. But I CAN keep the jammies! I totally understand what you are saying Kate. Is a quilt the thing? I dont want to undo those seams and stitches and buttonholes my Mum gave us though. Sue

  15. I remember when you made it & pepper riding the scooter! So pleased it still fits, she's beautiful in it. I do get very emotional about sentimental pieces & they are always the ones that each of my boys wore and always the handmade knits most of all. A quiet weekend here too, just right..x

  16. Gorgeous top. Mine hand knits and clothes get passed down and then to nieces. Some I can't bear to part with and I have kept them, but I love to give them away and love to see other kids in town happily wearing them.

  17. It still looks fabulous - what a treasure... and yes a relief too ;) I feel the same way. In fact, I have been known to add panels on the sides so that homemade dresses still fit. Often dresses become tunics and then tops here! :) Glad your dress is having a long life Kate. Kx

  18. Just read thru your last 5 posts. And just want to tell you how much you inspire me. You Rock.

    xx Amy

  19. sheesh, i would be sad not to fit that dress myself, i LOVE it. i like to see clothes i made walking the neighbourhood and facebook on friends kidlets and family...but i do have a wee stash of clothes (made by me and vintage) that i haven't been able to part with. Yet!
    i can't tell you how much better this weekend is from the last one. Sooooo very much better...phew!

  20. What a gorgeous dress!

    I do do that with clothes too, especially the ones the have been through two or three children. On the other hand, I am trying desperately to declutter my house, so it feels good to be able to finally pass on whole bags of clothes as my you heat outgrows them, and as my ten year outgrows his, knowing that by that age, thegirls probably won't want their brother's hand medowns.

    It makes me sad too though, passing on Elli's, knowing she's my last baby. Some things I've just had to keep, for the moment.

  21. Oh, those photos are gorgeous. Miss Pepper obviously hasn't given herself a haircut like Miss Mae did last year, judging by the length of her plaits.

    I am trying not to save every sewn and knitted thing that the kids have outgrown and am getting better at it. But like you- those worn most, those most familiar- I find those favourites hard to let go.

  22. I am going to be like that when Busy doesn't fit all the dresses you have made her. The zippers are getting tight and I am scared. I know that feeling.

    I am excited to dig out all thoses baby clothes and remember all the loveliness. even putting on this years winter pjs that were long last year and are now above the ankles makes me ache that she is growing so quickly.

  23. I love the way the girls hair is always in wee plated piggy tails!, as for wood oven...jealous much! xx

  24. I really love this dress Kate :) x

  25. I really love this dress Kate :) x

  26. There are so many cute fabrics in kids clothes now. Im saving the ones i like and am going to frame swatches in embroidery hoops and hang them in her room.

  27. What a beautiful dress, it is wonderful it still fits her. It is good to hear I am not the only one who is so sentimental over kids clothes. I struggle with what to do with the clothes my 2 year old is growing out of. I have lots of lovely peeps I can pass them onto, but I want to hold onto her being a toddler for a little longer, I am not ready for her to be a "big girl" just yet, like her older sister. So I avoid sorting her clothes, until the wardrobe will be at bursting capacity soon...........

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