Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jo Jo.

Jo Jo.

The sixth member of our family.

A one year old miniature poodle

So much like a little sheep.

Delivered to us yesterday outside the school gates at quarter to nine.
Much to the delight of the twenty school girls waiting to squeal at and cuddle him.

Ohmygoodness, that fur, those eyes, that tail, that beautiful placid adoring nature.

One and a half years after we lost our Pixie dog.
(I still cry when I reread that post).

Is already loved by the farmer who wondered if he could ever love a little cute dog.

One of seven dogs on our farm but the only dog in our home.

We are already in love.

Welcome Jo Jo.

(I promise to try my hardest not to become a dog blog).

Will you think less of me if I knit him a bonnet?
Did you know there are 57 pages of doggie patterns on Ravelry?




  1. Kate your poodle is just adorable and those eyes just make you melt. I surely wont mind one little bit if you post about Jo Jo!

  2. dog blogs can be cool!

    jo jo sure knows how to choose a fantastic family!



  3. He's is just adorable Kate:) Those big brown eyes get you every time. He and Molly would make great friends. xx

  4. We have Ruby who is very similar although a bit darker and with a bit of terrier thrown in and she is now 5 1/2 and still as playful as a puppy. My daughter has mentioned making her an outfit she saw on ravelry. I don't know what Ruby will think of that she's never had clothes before. Given that you live in Victoria I think you could make Jo Jo lots of clothes!

  5. Please please knit him a bonnet ... can't wait to see!!

    Perhaps a little coat too for the winter months ahead?

    Happy knitting
    Fleur xx

  6. Is that a remote control tail or a real one?? Too cuute!! Welcome Jo Jo. xx

  7. My mum always wanted me to knit something out of homespun dog fur. (ahem!) With Jo Jo's wooly locks I think you could knit him a bonnet out of his own coat. Hope you are having fun getting to know each other.

  8. Too cute... looking forward to seeing the cute knits you make for him.
    Congratulations to you all on welcoming this new family member. So wonderful. Best wishes for you all.

  9. oh that sunlit tail, too sweet, can't wait to see the doggy outfits.

  10. Welcome gorgeous JoJo. We have 7 dogs too Kate, and they all live in the house!

  11. he is very cute indeed, but could certainly be improved with the addition of a knitted cowl scarf or pixie bonnet.

  12. He is so beautiful. Isn't he?

  13. He is gorgeous! Absolutely fine about the bonnet, perhaps a vest could be a goer as well.melx

  14. Lovely little fellow. How could you resist knitting for him.

  15. I just read your Pixie post and cried too. She looks so much like my dear Shandy now departed.

  16. Aw, welcome, Jo Jo.

    Hmmm, I am from the "please don't dress your dog up in costumes camp" but given the bitter winter chill that I am sure you have in Daylesford, I might forgive you for a practical knit or long as they aren't in footy colours.

  17. OMG! He is so gorgeous!!! That face..! Don't you think his beautiful face looks like one of Jess' bears..? :)

  18. Lucky JoJo joining the foxy family! Pixie looks so much like Zac, I forgot how much. xx

  19. damn that cath chooky, she said exactly what I would say. I think Jo Jo is one lucky dog
    it's funny my dad went through a similar thing, wondering if he could ever love another dog after Mo. But then we/they ( i like to pretend she's mine) got Dusty, and well love bloomed.
    I still remember Pixie so clearly, and loved her so even though we only met once.
    She was actually the wake up call for me that i really needed a dog in my life/our life again xo

  20. He's really sweet. Whenever we see a dog like Jo Jo, we always say "oh, here comes a little lamb".

    Although my blog is mainly about craft, my cat features regularly : )

  21. Hi Kate, Jo Jo is really lovely. When I was little we had a dog like this. She had her own knitted coats which she wore at night time, in the winter I think. She looked very comfortable in them, it was like wearing a little blanket!

  22. You crack me up Kate. Of course Jo Jo needs a bonnet! And even though I am not a real doggie kinda gal, I would still love your blog if it went canine. Can't wait to see the inevitable gorgeous Jo Jo cosy. xx Fi

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