Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Suzanne (the cardi).

We walked through the forest, she and I.
She didn't want to go at first but I needed to.
I had to.
So I bribed her with a piece of fairy bread and she came skipping.

I told her that the rules were that we were going to listen instead of speak.
That we would try to hear all the forest's noises.
That we would try to see all the treasures.
And maybe even some creatures too.

And she loved it.
She found handfuls of moss, mushrooms and interesting sticks and leaves.

She listened and heard birds and crackling branches and the faraway dogs.
She heard the wind through the trees.

And of course she heard the camera shutter.
Funny that.

I loved it.
I loved watching her.
I loved the silence.
I loved the stillness.
I felt like I could breathe. Like I could think. Like I was slowing down. Like I was listening.

And the day went on.

Miss Pepper is wearing my latest hand knit Suzanne the cardi.
Suzanne is the most wonderfully, clever pattern designed by the fabulously clever Georgie Hallam aka Tikki.
Suzanne is still in the testing phase but I'll be sure to let you know when it's released.
My Ravelry details are here.

Next I'm knitting a stripey hottie cover and crocheting the last of my motifs.
I like to follow long term projects with quick.
Do you?
What are you making at the moment?

I hope you are having a wonderful week.



  1. Love that cardigan, I love knits where the sleeves are knitted into the back like one big shrug, and the lacy detail on the back and sleeves looks lovely. A really lovely knit and great colour too.

    Hope you are having a happy week.
    Fleur xx

  2. That cardigan is absolutely gorgeous ~ I love all the details especially the lacy bits. What a beautiful model you have to show off the cardi too :O)xx

  3. I saw an old crochet book, an on its cover, a "Square Sampler Blanket" - much like the squares you're doing, all in different colours etc, and it works lovely as a whole :-)

  4. It's beautiful Kate. Lovely photos and description of your day too :)
    I tend to get bogged down in huge Ben Hur / Cecil B de Mille projects a lot, but then I guess screenprinting for me is the 'quick relief' part of working... I think you're right, we do need to break things up as part of our momentum or something.
    Loving the colour of this wool too. Kx

  5. LOVE this cardy Kate!
    The colour and the style.
    Miss P is so good, listening in the forest.
    What a cool way to spend part of the day.

    I am about to start on a little something for a blogger friends
    birthday pressie. I hope she likes it. I've been feeling a little over
    the 'makes' the last few days, I think I over did it with the making for
    a market. aargh! Much love,XXJ

  6. So important to listen. She'll always talk if she knows you'll listen. Beautiful cardi xx

  7. Was only just saying to hubby how I NEED to get out and walk...and breathe...and listen! Such a beautiful space for you to be in with your little one. She looks so lovely in her new knit. Can't wait til that ones out in knitting land. Wishing you a restful and fulfilling rest of your week :) x

  8. As always beautiful photos of your beautiful girl and that is a fantastic cardi. I'm on the lookout for a pattern for my 5 year old and this looks the one I want - I'll be watching for it to come out.

  9. Hey sexy legs,
    You're inspiring my knitting. I am going to have to sit with you soon and tap you for your wisdoms. I'll trade you for some Harvey hugs. He even slip the tongue when he kisses which is an added bonus :o)
    Love the cardy and moss gatherer is even more gorgeous!
    Ab xx

  10. Such a cute cardi. I love the pattern along the back.
    I've just finished knitting my first cardi, which was a Tea Leaves cardi. I'm yet to post about it but I love it. I'm just starting a wrap now.
    I'm having a wonderful week, can't believe it's Thursday already tomorrow. Looking forward to the weekend.

  11. what a glorious little cardi, and i love the colour, and you know i love that little spunk.
    sound like a wonderful day xo

  12. perfect cardi.on lovely grl. like it a lot

  13. Oh that cardi is so gorgeous!!! And so is Miss Pepper! xxx

  14. Suzanne makes me want to try and learn how to knit again. It's gorgeous.

    And what a lovely walk through the forest. Your lucky it's so near.

  15. What beautiful images. At the moment I am having trouble husband and I are at a turning point in our lives and trying to decide whether to leave the suburbs and move to a remote but beautiful area. My mind keeps swimming this way and that and I cannot make sense which direction we should take. Thanks for the reminder.......I think I need some quiet time, time to still all the voices so that I can listen and hear the answer when it comes.

  16. A cardi called Suzanne is a very fine thing indeed.

    You have captured Pepper's (uncharacteristic, I'll bet) stillness so beautifully, Kate. I feel like I can even smell the forest through your pictures. x

  17. Beautiful walk! Thanks for sharing:)


  18. I'm heading home to NZ for a visit in August and on my to-do list is a walk through the bush where I grew up.
    That cardi is delightful Kate and shares a name with my mum. At the moment I have some more slipper on the needles and have a few baby knits lined up for my sister.

  19. Gorgeous card Kate, love the colour too. I am all for a quiet walk in nature, my munchkin is endless chatter which I mostly love but occasionally need a break from because well, I'm human haha. Your walk sounds perfect :)

  20. It seems so funny seeing a project using my name with the correct spelling. It looks gorgeous on Pepper. Her plaits are getting so long too. Love the treasures that she found and the sounds out in the forest are relaxing arent they. I agree Kate that quick projects in between long ones are a must. I have to cast on some fingerless gloves for myself and finish them by Monday so my hands wont freeze. What knitting project is next up for you?

  21. Hey - my name too!
    Looks beautiful - and with a family all down with the flu would have loved to have come on your quiet walkjust for a little while, sigh.

  22. What a super cardigan - in fact I love Miss P's complete outfit! And she is learning to 'listen' just like her mum - a great gift. So that's two of you learnin' to chill - can only be good for the whole family!

  23. ohhh love that cardi !! and thankyou for reminding me to spend quality time with my girl, who is also off to big school next year ! scary ! :)
    (although mine would not be able to keep quiet for more than 1 min !)

  24. love the knit, love the photos, she is such a cutie, great style.
    i think i am in need of a walk and to just listen.

  25. Just delightful photos, and a bit of reading between the lines too. Great mothering!

  26. Really lovely Kate. Your littlest really is a spunko - almost as spunky as my littlest :)
    Just. Adorable.
    Lovely knit too. Your work is aways inspiring.

  27. Knitting my girl a head scarf in the colours of hundreds and thousands. Something fun after finishing her school cardi which was a bit like a chore and a bit sad because it means that she is heading off.

  28. I love this cardi! It is so easy for me to find cute things for kids, not so much for my size!! WIP include a Christmas stocking, A sweater I'm afraid to really start, and a headband...oh, wait, i changed my mind and unravelled that one!! A ball waiting to be something!!

  29. Beautiful cardi and it looks adorable on your sweet little girl.

  30. Wowzer-y wowzers! That is an awesome cardigan, the hue just perfect. As are those plaits, I am in awe. If I went anywhere near my daughter with a brush at that age she'd run screaming down the hallway, as if I was about to sink fangs into her neck or something similar.

    Stunning work - I want one for me! Drats, should have stuck with the knitting thing.

  31. Beautiful post Kate, so peaceful. Such lovely photos and your little cardi is gorgeous, thanks for sharing :-)

  32. the cardigan is beautiful and your daughter is a gorgeous model for it. Great photos

  33. The cardi is fantastic - I don't suppose there is an adult version?

    I definitely follow up long term projects with 'instant gratification' ones, or sometimes slot them in the middle to break up the monotony. For example, at the moment I'm knitting socks on tiny needles (it will take me months) but last night I made a quick 'button flower' framed picture for a friend for her birthday.

  34. It's gorgeous on her Kate. I love the colour, the simplicity and the little details. I could very well see one on Julia (need to finish her tealeaves cardi first though).

  35. Oh Kate your images and words make me feel like I am right there in the forest with you! I suddenly feel a need to get outdoors...not right now...but soon.

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