Saturday, May 26, 2012



Took the girls' stuff personally.

Was amazed by Miss Jazzy's slide show.

Marvelled at latest Autumn's beauty, but was not thrilled by her iciness.

Was paid for a lesson in coloured water.

Was shocked by a friend's news and overwhelmed by her generosity.

Was pricked by teeny pins.

Tried to add colour to my outfits for fun.

Received a parcel of wool, a Miss Pepper dolly, a hottie kit and books in the mail. Thank you, thank you, thank you. xxxx

Changed the olive solution.

Was ultra-sounded and relieved.

Had lunch out with R and J. x

Cast off the bottom of Suzanne and started to answer the what's next.

Crocheted a square a day.

Wore a hottie in my hoodie.

Fashioned a masking tape ninja.

Only cooked old fave's.

Scored some great Johnson's, a tizzy dress and a quilt at the oppy.

Drove to the Rat twice.

Asked about the new stove often.

Thought a bit about stuff and foxslane.

Wore Hunters and Campers every day.

Remembered what 11 felt like.

Walked Jo Jo early and dreamed of a doggy door.

Discovered the joy that is vodka and organic ginger beer and mint.

Felt lost in some unexpected time.

Dreamed of the colourful legs that soon appeared in my inbox.

Left a vintage sheet at Vinnies.

Thought often of alpaca names.

Bought bread (come on new stove).

That's about you?
What have you been up to?


  1. Your week's been awesome! And your girls are beautiful..x

  2. I love these posts! And loving your square a day. My week hasn't been too bad, I conquered three things off the 'I'll do it later' list...organised our filing, started my new meal plan idea (sat down, wrote out four weeks of meals on squares and laminated them with clear Contact, to then mix and match on the whiteboard for at least three months), and went to the dentist, which I did NOT love, but wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. And started two more crochet blankets, to add to the 5 I have not yet finished... chronic project-starter huh!

  3. love reading your posts. always!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  4. Ive been up to everything and nothing at the same time, funny.
    I mean to say ive been slowing down and speeding up this week.
    I think I need to write a post to explain myself now...
    Lovely Autumnal imagery you have going on. If I do post, mine will be shots of inside, not out!

  5. Looks like its quite cold there by you!
    I hopefully bought thermal underwear for the kids yesterday. But as soon as the clock goes past 09h00, it's summer again.
    I would love 4 season, you know, not just 1 and a quarter.
    (Met an new Aussie friend, from Albany, but now living in my howmetown of Pretoria - see she also can't get over the absence of winter here on the highveld. )

  6. Absolutely love that photo taken a millisecond before gumboots jumped in the puddle!!

  7. Never half as much as you, Kate. I love reading your 'recently' posts. It's a good life! x

  8. I feel cold here in melbourne, you guys look freaken cold!
    I am staring at my new Yellow pepper kitchenaid mixer.
    Loving just loving my dream tan leather Brazilian boots, i picked up at the oppy for $24.00!!!!!!
    I have requests for chocolate biscotti from the little boy.
    I don't know how anyone gets any big house jobs done, we are struggling
    to paint the kids room, it's taking forever.
    and lastly I managed to vacumn the car for the first time since Summer, so many gross bits of stiff mandarine many scraps of petrified toast leftover from the many breakfasts on the run.
    There have been many moments of looking out at all that rain.
    Not sure what the hottie in the hoodie is? I think you don't mean a water bottle, surely.

  9. I do!
    You should try it.
    SO GOOD.

  10. Oh gosh! Indis hair looks awesome! And I just want to gobble Pepper up... Nom nom nom.
    X Love you all

  11. love reading your post, allways!!!!!!!
    greetings from germany,

  12. I especially love the first photo of Jazzy. She sounds fairly tech-savvy knocking out slide shows! Clever as well as gorgeous, as they all are! I really love this post Kate, you are such an inspiration. I like that you appreciate all those moments whether they be big or small. sue

  13. Hi Kate,
    Loving reading your blog, the down to earth approach you have to life, the simplicity.
    My week included marveling at the colours of the houses in the Cinque Terre region of Italy. Wondering why we don't have double glazed windows in Australia...they are awesome for keeping out the cold, keeping in the warm and blocking out the noise. Wondering why we don't have shutters on our windows in Australia. They are awesome. No need for heavy curtains that take up room, just a sheer inside if you want. Shutters open out fully or you can have them part open or you can have just the bottom half raised out. How wonderful is that?!
    I've appreciated having my first piece of wholemeal bread for two weeks this morning at breakfast in our hotel.
    I've enjoyed listening to Italians and French speaking. I've enjoyed watching joyousness the Italians seem to take in everyday life, loving their work and their play.
    I've realised that it is very easy to feel frumpy when every French women is slim and well dressed whether they are in casual clothes or dressed up.
    I've enjoyed eating profiteroles, YUM!!!!
    I've been enjoying warm whether of 26 to 29C, sorry I know it is so cold where you live at the moment.
    I'm loving talking to my young adult children on the phone even though they are half way around the world holding the fort for us.
    I've been marveling at buildings that have been around for thousands of years.
    And I'm SO glad that even though Europe is wonderful, I can call Australia home.
    Take care Kate and stay warm. May your new stove arrive SOON!!
    Anne xx

  14. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Kate..... It can be comforting to see in words those things that we often feel but aren't able to articulate. Kylee xoxo

  15. Loved these photos and your thoughts, and really really love that 'dip' of aubergine hair :))
    Hope that stove arrives! Just the thought of home baked bread makes me feel warm :) Kx

  16. Your thoughts and family photos are reminding me... of Autumn, of a really good stretch of my childhood - Fall mornings spent walking in my brown corduroy coat, the satisfying sound of tall rural grass, brittle with frost, crunching under my boots. It is a happy, long ago memory - thank you.

    I have started looking forward to the end of the school year - it has been a challenging one.
    I have been packing and sorting and purging in preparation for our next adventure.
    I having been watching the garden grow.
    I have been grateful that I chose the path that led me to here and now.


  17. I thought about you and your family when eldest daughter and I did a day trip to Daylesford on Saturday......which we loved by the way. I did wonder if you were all snuggled up in front of the heater as it was freezing but now I see you were enjoying the out doors, jumping in puddles and communing with the alpacas. Sounds like a perfect weekend. One thing off my list was looking a wood stoves and I think I have found the perfect model. Hope yours arrives soon I'm looking forward to seeing what you have chosen.

  18. I love the just about to jump in a puddle shot! Awesome photos! :)

  19. So many of these make me stop and want to comment and ask questions and send you wishes but I am stuck on the vodka, ginger beer and mint. Good Lord, I am going to try that!

    Love your posts Kate, every single one.

  20. Ah, life is good.
    I cracked my first jar of home cured olives the other day..heaven!!

  21. *sigh* I love vodka and ginger beer but vodka and ginger ale is also yumbo.

  22. All lovely photos everyone looks so warm and cosy. Glad your ultrasound was okay - but do they know what's wrong with your shoulder? Crochet strain?

    I love me a moscow mule mmmm

    Are you feeding your alpacas tagasaste? Do you grow it?


  23. tell Indi that her Mum is the coolest ever <3 ace hair!

  24. Kate they are absolutely gorgeous!!, as is this post. Good stuff and some mixed stuff.
    I vote Roger and Steve or maybe Norm?, but will not be offended at all if you want to call them something else.

  25. Hi
    this is the first time I have posted but I have been reading your blog for afew years and followed your travels religiously!
    Vodka with mint sounds amazing! I normally have vodka lime and soda, but I think a spring of mint may ramp it up a bit!
    your photos make me want to snuggle up in my wool jumper in front of a fire with a large slab of homecooked cake and a cup of steaming tea.

  26. Thank you for sharing life through your eyes. I too just enjoyed the serenity of the bush as mine took themselves off with the small pony through the Sedgwick bush leaving me to appreciate the bird song and the bush through filtered light.

  27. I hope whatever it is you thought about foxslane was positive... because I'd cry if it went away xx


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