Monday, May 28, 2012


My word of the week is LISTEN.

I've never had a word of the week before but I do like the idea. And to be honest, lately I don't think I've been very good at listening. Hearing the noise, yes. Feeling and reacting for sure. But taking the time to stop and listen to what is really going on is something else entirely.

This morning in the midst of the morning chaos I took a few moments alone to listen. I heard the early morning birds calling out to each other, I heard the girls calling Jo Jo, Jo Jo, Jo Jo, I felt that Miss Indi might need a little extra loving and I felt stuffy and claustrophobic and a yearning for space and time.

Then I really listened. And I heard that I needed to break the routine, to get outta here. To clear my head and get some space.

I suggested a bush walk to my farmer boy and to my surprise he agreed.

So after dropping the girls and sorting a few things out, we walked up the back of our property, climbed over the barbed wire fence and into the bush.

And it was exactly what I needed and just so wonderful to see the reflection of the trees in the lake-like puddles. To breathe in the icy mountain air and have it burn my nostrils and fill my lungs. To spend time with two of my favourite boys. To explore with no plans. To walk behind and watch my farmer boy's cute bum. To start off freezing, but slowly become hot and tingly. To visualise the blood pumping around and healing my sore shoulder. To listen to the birds calling and the water rushing by. To remember how much we loved walking in the bush when we first moved here. To realise that I still do love bush walking. To watch Jo Jo run and jump and leap and climb and to watch as he ran off hunting for minutes at a time but always coming back. To discuss which animal made which poo. To wish so hard to see a wombat. To make a mental note to bring the girls along next time. To find a hundred year old drain under the train line. To marvel at the amazing effort of the men that built that tunnel by hand and imagine what their lives would have been like. To day dream. To chat. To be in silence. In the moment.

And then to return a few hours later refreshed and ready to take on my week. Everything looked different, even our house from the top of the hill.

It's going to be a wonderful week I think.

I wonder what adventures it will hold. I'm listening.

Are you?



  1. I really love what you wrote Kate, to take the time to really listen to what is said but what isn't said too. The sound of your walk sounds like you too a big deep breath, and now your ready for what comes your way. Enjoy the rest of your day. xx

  2. Oh wow, I dream of an area like that to walk our dogs in the morning. What a fantastic way to start your week! :)

  3. What a start to the week - to clear your head and start fresh.
    I hope your shoulder starts to feel a bit better soon.
    Have a brilliant week Kate!XX

  4. so insightful (as always) :)
    i love that your default choice is hanging out with your guy.
    and still no answers about your shoulder? nagging pain is so draining....
    Have a fabulous week!

  5. Walks cure so many ills. I just ordered a book by robert macfarlane on that very topic, you would probably enjoy it too x

  6. Oh I feel refreshed just reading this Kate. I think I could do with being a more intent listener. Hope your week is absolutely wonderful :)

  7. what a fantastic way to start the week. i love where you live, the bush and all.. so beautiful :)


  8. what a beautiful post Kate. walking and walking and walking in the bush is often the best medicine. I'm not a morning person at all, i wake up groggy and out of it, sometimes sad and low, but i always make myself go out for walk after breakfast, and it always does wonders for me, and clears my head and makes me ready for the day.
    Um without tooting my own horn, i'm a big listener, and been told a good listener, not much a talker.
    I do love to walk without the ipod and just listen to the day and the sounds around me too rather than always get lost in my own little muscial world ( which can also be wonderful ) xo

  9. Wow - Lovely post.
    I always think of those things - those that lived and built things in a time and in situations that my mind cant understand in today's context.

    I love your honesty about need time and space. Not too many are willing to admit to an "un-perfect life"....which makes your blog perfect.

    I did have a little lol moment about walking behind your farmer man - hee hee

  10. I am a crap listener - I really do try but my mind is always so full of stuff that I don't switch off to really listen.
    Best I give this a go I think, might even surprise myself.

  11. Just you & the boys...I like it.

    Here's to a week of good sounds.


  12. Great post Kate :) It's good looking at things from a different perspective and listening to what your heart tells you. I'm sure it will be a wonderful week. Kx

  13. I am now! Enjoy your wonderful week.

  14. beautifully written and lovely pictures too.
    I wish you a week of wonderful discoveries from your listening.

    cheers Kate

  15. I don't listen enough either. Yes to the noise, the fighting, the hustle & bustle of my family but I need some space & peace to listen too..,,great stuff xx

  16. I crave a bushwalk now. Beautiful post.

  17. Kate, you articulate feelings so beautifully; it is always such a joy to read your postings. I always feel able to sort out what's in my head after the gentle nudge I receive from what your wrote. (I hope that makes sense...) Honestly, I am so caught up in "reacting" to my life situation right now that I don't really listen well. Serious health problems, serious financial problems, all weighing so heavily on my heart - but each and every time I read your postings I feel like my soul has been a bit recharged. The health problems and the money problems won't go away, but how I handle them change somewhat when I absorb what you have so wisely written. You write with the wisdom of someone much older than you really are. I am 56 and am in awe of your insight about life. I am now wheelchair-bound due to 3 spine surgeries that did not go well, and I do so miss taking walks, but I suddenly realized how very lucky I truly am, thanks to you, that I have a loving husband who enjoys taking me for a "walk" - but he calls it "pushing me around"! We have to stick to concrete pathways, and may not have the beautiful nature setting to walk in that you so aptly describe, but to be able to go out at all is truly a blessing that I shouldn't take for granted. So, in my not-so-clear words, I am trying to say "thank you Kate" for what your writing gives me and so very many other readers. Thank you, Lisa in Lake O., Oregon.

  18. It's not always easy to really listen, I sure could improve! Your bushwalk looks wonderful. My mans home sick today, but I wonder if he'll be up for some fresh air, might do him good..x

  19. Hi Kate,
    Quiet is nice.This morning I was driving a country road with my two year old grandson, usually I put on kiddles music to amuse him along the way . I heard a tiny little noise in the back and turned down the music to listen.I heard the sweet sound of a tiny voice singing an entirely different song!I felt so lucky and so privileged, my heart just swelled up with love.
    ... why must we always fill silences with noise? craziness!Beautiful post:)

  20. Looks like a wonderful start to the week indeed. Thanks for sharing. We had an unexpected trip to the vet with our dear old dog yesterday. We're keeping him under observation and on his medication, but I can't stop this sinking feeling.

    In lighter news, I managed to get to the post office! Hope you or the girls like the contents of the parcel. :)

  21. Hi Kate, lovely post. Truly. And that listening thing - it's 'mindfulness' really, isn't it? And we just don't do it enough. Even thoughI'm now retired and have lots of time to myself, I often fill it either listening to music, or playing - fiddle or melodeon - and it's good to just have that silence. Which of course isn't silent. Thanks for the thought provoking post. Lx.

  22. I need a moment to stop and listen. Thanks for the lovely post.


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