Thursday, September 20, 2012


I think I might almost be too tired for words tonight. Almost.

Farming seems to suit me like that.

In my farmer's wife life, I am filled with words. They chat and call out and sing and worry me all day long. And then they noisily keep me up at night. Round and round in my head they go; organising and stressing and wondering and replaying.

But as farmer Kate, life is more practical, physical. The words seem fewer, calmer, more direct. Farming words are for planning and problem solving and organising. Farming words make sense. And farming nights are for sleeping soundly.

We are almost a month into springtime now. Our days are spent preparing for when the warmer, drier weather arrives. We are slowly bringing the chooks down from the forest onto the grassy creek flats where the market gardens will be. We are organising the where to plant and what to plant and how much to plant. And after what seems like forever, we are discussing where to sell.

Missing last growing season while we were on the caravan adventure we are more excited than ever to get growing and harvesting again. I get butterflies in my tummy when I think about the baskets of rainbow carrots and braids of garlic and fields of sunflowers.

Farming in springtime is nice.

And little babies are nice. These two freshly knit Milos are off interstate to some spring babies. I wish I could snuggle both those babies in person, I really do. But for now I'll be waiting and checking the instagram for details and photos. And I'll be cluck, cluck, clucking a bit. It is springtime after all.

That's tired ol' me.
How are you?
Have you had more of a wordy or do-ey kind of day today?
When was the last time you washed your hair?

Ok, better go and get my smalls to bed.
Last day of term tomorrow. Yippeeeeeee
Have a wonderful Friday friends.



  1. It's amazing that you've had the time and strength to knit those sweet little vests!

    1. Thank goodness for quick, tiny new born knits.

  2. Those vests are just beautiful Kate. So too are your words. I really need to wash my hair, thank goodness for last day of term :)

    1. I love how farmer-you always makes me feel a bit normal Jane.
      Thank you. x

  3. Your Milo's are beautiful.
    I love looking at your fabulous garden pics. They make me smile when I compare them to our little patch.
    We plant and hope here because, quite frankly, we're not very good at it. But we try!
    When we open a seed packet you can hear the little fellas sigh with disappointment as they get a quick look around the backyard. I think I can hear them saying "bugger I wish we were at Foxes Lane!".
    Enjoy the good nights sleep.

  4. When was the last time I washed my hair? It was this morning, just before the tiler arrived to demolish the bathroom!

  5. A doing day today for me, with a few words too. I haven't washed my hair since Monday morning ~ it needs to be washed tonight, but it will have to wait until the morning ~ I'm too tired! I love those soundly sleeping nights after hard work. I like hard work, it makes me feel good and sturdy and part of things. Hooray for the last day of term! Enjoy!

  6. Last washed my hair on Monday I think... hard to keep track. I'm off to work tomorrow... at a computer in an office away from windows and sunshine and light for eleven hours or so... I'll get there at 6am and leave around 5:30pm. Will wash my hair in the morning... wanna swap working lives?

  7. Oooh! I love rainbow carrots. Hooray for spring plantings.
    We're all good over here.
    Today has been a very wordy day. As in lot's of toddler questions to answer and lot's of toddler chatter.
    You know what? I haven't washed my since it was cut last! That was mid june, I think. Well it's been wet, but no shampooping. I like to say it "self cleanses". You can tell me I'm gross. That's ok. But really, it is quite short and I don't go frolicking about in the mud very often. It feels and looks clean...
    I bet you're sorry you asked that question. Ha ha ha ha.
    I love your Milo's. I have the pattern, but still haven't gotten over my irrational fear of circular needles. I should just bite the bullet, shouldn't I.
    Sorry for the ramble.
    Sleep well farmer Kate. x

  8. Yay for holidays! Ours are sadly coming to an end and its back to school on Monday. Can't remember when I washed my hair last. I love your vests! I so want to knit a Milo for the baby but I'm a bit frightened of the "knit in the round" concept after an epic failure trying to knit a toy in the round. Please tell me it's not as scary as it sounds. Enjoy your break Kate! Mel xx

  9. Oh I cannot wait for my baby to fill up that Milo vest, thank you so much for making it for us. today is the last day of school here and Busy is excited as its another step closer to baby time. I want to drink her up before then and spend every single moment with her and I cannot wait for the holidays to start. Maybe Farmer kate needs a couple of hours every day to still the brain chatter.

    need to wash my hair NOW- hairdresser at 9am today!

    you wont have to wait for IG love, I will text you as soon as the baby is out! xx

  10. I've been working my farmgirl self to the bone as well, farming in springtime IS nice! I find washing your hair is over-rated (especially as our tank has just run dry, sigh. Could be a long dry summer). Enjoy...

  11. Farmer Kate.

    I like your style.

    Dave and I are planning a little south cost sojourn in the next few months. I hope we cross your farms path.

    xo em

  12. Hmmm,the last time I washed my hair...I can't remember. Maybe Monday or Tuesday?

    I can see you have a little bit of a Milo addiction - it is a lovely pattern to knit. I'm glad it's just the knit version and not the drink version ;) I seem to have lost my knitjo...My 10 year old desperately wants a Milo (his brother has a couple) and resizing the pattern has seen me pulling it apart numerous times in frustration (I'm not very good at keeping notes).
    And I have to admit, I do have garden envy. The thing I can't stand about not being settled is the lack of a decent garden. Trying to keep potted herbs and salad greens alive in the heat of the Fraser Coast (QLD sun) is quite challenging for a girl who learnt to garden in a proper garden in NSW's South Coast...

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