Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What we do.

We've been farming like crazy, us three.
Farmers Pierre and Liam are away for two weeks at tree felling school.
So its just us three and Jo-Jo the champion chook catcher.

We've been collecting and moving and feeding out and sorting and packing.

Yesterday my farmer boy took me on a tractor ride to get some bales of hay.

We rolled out those big, round hay bales, fenced them off and brought some chooks in.
Those chooks are working super hard preparing our garden beds for planting. They're kicking the hay about, fertilising it and scratching it all up and turning it into compost.

It's been fun having a tiny flock of house chooks again. Miss Pepper has been naming them and cuddling them at every opportunity. Farmer Bren has been calling me a permy (permaculture). I just like having them here.

This morning we used baskets to collect the eggs as an experiment and it felt old fashioned and fun.

Miss Pepper has been wearing her Griffin vest and Bren's Farmer boy beanie a lot and I've been wearing my old Lee overalls.

We've been singing and laughing and telling stories and silly jokes like;
Q. What do you call a cross between a kangaroo and an alpaca?
A. A woolly jumper!!

I'm so tired.

I'm glad I froze big tubs of soup a few weeks back for dinners.

And I'm happy.

I love what we do.

What do you do?
Where are you?
What's going on this week?

Ciao chookens. xx


  1. Kate, I have thought more than once that this adorable beanie Pepper is wearing reminds me of a pumpkin...and I mean that in the nicest, warmest, possible pumpkin way :) I love your work, love frozen soup and love farm kids!

    1. Ha! I'll never be able to look at her in that beanie without thinking about pumpkins again. Thanks Jane. x

  2. She looks so cool! Love the vesty jumper. No wonder you want to keep her home forever. Scrumptious.

  3. I love that first picture. The colour is beautiful. And I love reading about what you do. P.S. I'm off on a chook workshop soon and am hoping we might get a few ourselves before the end of the year.

  4. Today I wore my Yakka bib-and-brace overalls. So the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree,eh. ❤

  5. the colours in the photos are just divine and i love that vest so much (have pinned the last photo).

  6. Oh Kate! Your overalls comment made me so "homesick" for the 5 years we spent in Victoria. I was a young twenty-something kindy teacher then and I LIVED in denim overalls. When I moved to SA and tried to buy more everyone looked at me wierdly and directed me to the maternity department. I still miss my overalls and now that I am back teaching I am missing them even more!!!! They are just so comfy and practical!

    Loving the photos of your sweet Miss Pepper. Do you find that the occasional egg gets broken going into baskets like that?

  7. Completely love these images and the way you describe your life right now. Sounds pretty close to perfect to me!

  8. I'm in love with these photos. Happiness and joy at every turn. The small things matter.

  9. You're doing what I would like to be doing.

    What am I actually doing? Procrastinating. Reading blogs when I have a writing deadline to meet ... oops!

    Keeping living the life for those of us who can't Kate :D

  10. I never tire of seeing your pictures, they're aways just beautiful and capture your life so well. We're in transition mode here, winding up, preparing to start our new business venture, gearing up for school concert and the nothingness of school holidays..x

  11. I love that top photo so much, it is very special.
    We are getting ready for the school concert, have the Grandparents here to visit and getting ready for a relaxing break away from the routine of school.

  12. That's my just 7 year olds favorite joke (although we say sheep not alpaca) love it.
    It all sounds idyllic to me, hard work but still idyllic.
    I am stuck in boring suburbia dreaming of chickens

  13. That girl of yours is scrumptious. Sounds like you are having a lovely time getting your hands dirty again. Better hop off the computer and go and do a bit of farmwork myself, it doesn't go anywhere does it?

  14. What do you do with all those eggs?..that doesn't look like a tiny flock to me! I bet they do a great job turning over all that straw though, they're good hard workers like the three of you. I love your farm pics.

  15. Egg collecting in a wire basket sounds wonderful! And Miss Pepper in that new wooly number...divine. Here...well there's alot of bottom wiping, washing, cooking...same old, same old. Oh, and playing with my new camera...now that's exciting. Hope you hav a magic day :) x

  16. love the photos- esp. the one of Peppers back on the straw bale.
    what have I been doing?

    trying to work out how Busy can have pet bunnies without waking one morning to find a big snake in the cage with 2 lumps in its belly.

    drinking iced coffees

    moaning and whining about how uncomfortable I am

    watching the studio progress at a pretty good pace.

  17. I was describing your life to Sam, and realised that I was envious for your productive togetherness! Is it truly as lovely as you write?

  18. Don't you love those secret "eyes for you only" smiles..... 2nd front top. My little poppet wants to come and play with Pepper, you have chooks, she loves chooks! My brother has chooks (and alpacas) we are off to visit them in the holidays, get our "chook fix". Enjoy that soup, which I had been that organised at some stage, I'm off to scrounge dinner out of the pantry (fingers crossed staples are still in plentiful supply, boys have not eaten them at some stage)

  19. I just got a dozen eggs from my lovely friend & her backyard chooks. I love the different colour shells & the glorious yellow of the yolk & the delicious taste....I want chooks so bad!!! All your pics make me want them even more xx

  20. Oh how these photos are beautiful ... I come here often to recharge my batteries ... your blog is a great source of inspiration for me and my family.

  21. Isn't it amazing how efficiently chooks can move through sooo much straw in such a small amount of time? Mine have been preparing our summer garden bed area for us, now I just have to put in the beds! Planted some seeds in the warm spring air today, hoping that the weather continues to hold good this year.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us :)

  22. how much did the pirate pay for his earrings??.........a bucaneer!

    couldnt help myself.....gotta love a lame joke.....i just love the pics of your little chook whisperer.

  23. Oh Kate, your gate took me back to my childhood, back to my Aunty and Uncles farm in Marysville, with the chooks and ducks, and pigs, and bullocks and the horse that I used to ride in the big paddock below the house. We would go through 'that' gate along the wooden walkway above a little stream to the house. I can still smell the tree ferns, gum trees and chooks all mixed up with the water. I loved that farm so much (and the big jam tarts that my aunty made)
    xx Sandi

  24. I love what you do too.
    And I love what I do, so i know it's a great feeling.
    THis week's not been the best for me, my grandma died and the funeral is on Friday. A sad time, and I have conjunctivitis.

  25. lovely photos, love to read about what you are doing - your life is so different from mine
    Caz UK

  26. love those dirty hands, feels good to have your fingers in the earth. That flock is so beautiful, just as your rainbow carrots will be.

  27. I love the amazing colours in these photos! And your pictures just seem to be getting better and better as I read through your posts.


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