Thursday, September 27, 2012

The other Kate. x

I have this gorgeous friend called Kate.
She is the mama of two cute girls and guess what?
One of her girls is called Pepper.
Fancy that!! Two Kates and two Peppers.

Anyway, Kate has this business where she goes into people's houses and hangs out with them and takes photos and captures them in their real life. You might have seen the pics of when she visited Pip's house recently. Her photos are really amazing. Really clear and very, very inspiring.

So Kate came to our house to shoot us today. And her two girls and Ro and his two girls came too. And in the end including our girls there were seven girls and it was fun and it was wild. And we baked fancy four stranded challah, we made and ate a big meal with the farmer boys, we took the alpacas for a walk and played with the baby chicks. And the girlies took their clothes off and put them back on again  several times, swung on the inside swing, did nail polish and ate lots of eggs.

We adore those guys and loved spending the day with them.

And in the end we had a bit too much fun and had to make a plan for Kate to come over again soon to take more photos with less little girl distractions. We'll wait til after the school holidays I think. I'm just happy to have an excuse to have her over again soon. Yay!

Pic 1 - The kitchen pile of stuff.
Pic 2 - Me and Jazzy.
Pic 3 - Our bedroom wall.
Pic 4 - The Esse stripey pipes.
Pics 5 and 6 -  Braiding the challah.

More of Kate's gorgeous pics and her business details are here on her blog, go and say hello.

I hope you are having a wonderful week.
I hope you've had a chance to spend time with gorgeous friends.
And I hope you know how much your encouraging comments on my last post meant to us.
Thank you! I'll keep you posted.

I'm off to knit a few rows of my poncho.
What are you doing right now?



  1. Photos of seven girls having a wonderful time would be pretty fabulous to have, I bet they all had a great time together.

  2. I love your bedroom wall. Especially that beautiful little patchwork.

  3. Fantastic shot of the green legs with the red boots! Glad you enjoyed your day of photography so much.

  4. Hey Kate!
    Love these pics - that other Kate is super clever!
    So nice to have lovely friends like this.XXX

  5. So many Kates, so many Peppers, so many girls! So much goodness going on x

  6. I really love the way you've decorated the bedroom looks so cute and cosy!

  7. Its lunchtime for me, and I am sat reading your blog crocheting the cuff to a shrug ... only 38 more rows to go ...!!

    Kates photos are wonderful ... what a brilliant idea!


  8. I saw the photos at Pip's place and loved them. I love your own version here too, Kate (and Kate!). And the two Peppers is just amazing. Fancy that! x

  9. i love the idea of pinning granny squares on the wall! and it sounds like you had a blast with your friend- i'm having a friend filled weekend and can't wait :)

  10. Parallel Lives. How many Peppers are out there? It's a gorgeous name.

  11. glimpses into real you will treasure those photos...FOREVER!! beautiful.

  12. oh, these images are just beautiful, they really capture the quiet gorgeousness in your home. i need to do this, i just rush past it all :)sarah

  13. I had that same holly hobbie stictchery when i was a girl :)

  14. Gorgeous photos and love the other Kate's work:) Have just added her blog to my roll. Thanks so much for sharing her.


  15. We have that same rose tray in the first pic! Loved all the photos, (I'm off to check out Kate's blog now) thanks for the peek! x

  16. i had holly hobby on everything growing up....ah seventies love!.....just wish i`d kept it all. that bread looks too good to eat.
    Allison x

  17. I love the other Kate. Can't wait to see the poncho either, 'cos I love them too!
    Did you see my relic of a poncho that I found?

  18. A bit of yarn bombing at home, looks great, as does the braided dough.

  19. that challah looks amazing! well done!

  20. dear Kate
    Hi! I have nominated your blog for "the One Lovely Blog Award". Please visit for more info .
    g'day Idit

  21. so neat to sneak a peek into your gorgeous home, thanks for sharing x
    (a lovely surprise to see 'Pepper Doll' again, too :) )

  22. I can't believe the Holly Hobbit on your wall - Ella has the same hanging in her room, which was stitched by mum when I was small - it has a friend, that matches it. I'll take a photo and send it to you!

  23. - As mentioned!


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