Sunday, September 9, 2012

Spring-time surprise.

And you know what? In the end I don't think we did anything on my yesterday's weekend list.

In the end we had an unexpected guest.

Spring came.

Instead we spent the day picking daffodils, weeding and making space in the garden beds.

Collecting eggs and wood. Making a bonfire and jacket potatoes and witches stew.

 LOVING the warmth of the sun on our backs.

And making plans for new garden beds. Our poly tunnels were washed down the creek in the flood last year but we still have some hoops so we're thinking about domes.

And you know what the best thing about early springtime is? It gets cool and dark early, so there's still time for baking and a bit of making.

We're having rocket pesto pasta and lemon tart for dinner. YUM!

PLEASE stay spring. We ❤ you!

How about you?
What are you having for dinner?
Have you had a lovely weekend?
Did you have any surprise guests?
Have you got any fun plans for the week to come?
I hope yours is wonderful and maybe a little surprising too.

Bye! x


  1. What a happy post Kate - such glorious photos too!!
    We had another blogger and her two girls over for the day/lunch.
    We are having the left overs for tea.
    Have a great week to come.XXXOOOJ

  2. I love Spring! My kids all went on a nature walk in the local bush and our gardens are full of daffodils

  3. Spring has sprung here too! A glorious slow-paced weekend at home, gardening, knitting and baking - just what the doctor ordered.

  4. It sound like even though you left the list behind you had a great weekend. It looks warmer in your spring photos than in most of my summer ones (that's the UK weather!!) Hope that spring is there to stay. Sarah

  5. Hi Kate! I always look forward to your posts. You are inspiring! I am from concrete jungle Singapore and our kids hardly have time to play, and we have very little natural landscape that they could explore. We always look forward to going back to the bush in NSW to visit our family. One day, I hope to be living like you do! You did awesome at that!

  6. I love the shots of your girls piled on top of each other, reminds me of myself and my two sisters as we were growing up.

    Those daffodils, gorgeous. Rocket pesto, yum.

    Over the next week, I'll be packing and organising, as hopefully, we'll be moving into a house. (:

  7. This is beautiful! I think I'm in an emotional - just had baby... tired and exhausted mumma kind of moment. However it could also be that this was the perfect way to spend your day and it sorta kinda got me a little teary! xx

  8. What a great posts...we are heading into fall here...and after a week of hot and humid temperatures, it is blissfully cool and nippy favorite time of the year..

  9. Sounds like a perfect day! I made my 2nd ever batch of bread (my first was with my kinder kids!)and we had minestrone soup with broken spaghetti and basil pesto on top. It was full of spring colour and flavour.
    P.S Lists are over rated!

  10. Thanks for sharing all these nice impressions! It's so good watching spring photos when it's autumn here. But fortunately it's a very warm and sunny day today. We're having no plans or guests, simply relax. Next week school will start again so we enjoy the last stressless moments. For dinner: Yummy pumpkin porridge for me, and some hamburgers for my carnivores ;-)

  11. Your dinner sounds so good... we had pepper pot soup.
    Awesome day in these parts too.

  12. I think there was a young chick pashing your man in one of those photos?? I'm not doing much at the moment but spring is coming.

  13. I did so much work in the garden yesterday! It's starting to look like a real veg patch again with these few sneaky sunny days!!

  14. Kate you have captured Spring beautifully!
    With the temperatures here in the West we spent much of our weekend seaside :)

  15. Beautiful photos! So lovely to see Spring... we don't see many signs of it up here;) Kx

  16. ok, what is witches stew? brew yes, but stew?? Lovely daffs and family pics. It's just starting to be a bit fallish here in the Pacific N.W. USA, so looking forward to autumn colors, and the Snow Swans flying in from the Arctic! Have a wonderful week.

  17. Yes, wasn't it a wonderful weekend!! You obviously spent your time wisely outside and enjoying it, I'm loving how hopeful and energetic this burst of sunshine has made us feel! Today we went exploring and tomorrow is some seed planting for our spring/summer vegetable garden. Hope we've seen the last of winter for a good long while :)

  18. Ahhh, looks like you found things that were too big and beautiful to be put on a list. xx

  19. Lovely photos! Spring is in the air!! :)

  20. Hi Kate,
    Just over one year ago my little family and I moved from Blackwood Vic (just down the road from you) to the Cotswolds in gorgeous Gloucestershire, UK. I adore reading your blog as you keep me connected with that gorgeous forest and the lifestyle that we had in Oz. Instead of the Daylesford Market and The Garden of St Erth we have lots of local car boot sales, fab charity shops and an incredible sense of abundance and joy in the gardening culture here. Sadly, not a whiff of that divine eucalypt, but, hey, we can't have everything!
    So, thanks!!
    Katie x

  21. Indeedy, hallelujah for Spring & those pretty daffodils, love Posie

  22. So fun! Lemon tart? That sounds just fabulous!! It is sliding into fall here in northeast US - just started school and made a glorious broccoli soup with apple blueberry crisp for dessert! Enjoying the cool sunny days before winter hits for 5 loooooong months of bland, freezing, days- thanks for the sunshine! I have a beautiful bunch of sunflowers in my kitchen from the farmers market- love their big faces!

  23. Thank goodness for spring - I hope it stays around here too! :)

  24. Kate, Kate, Kate you keep posting such beautiful posts, with stunning photos, and thoughtful words, I'm lovin' your blog!!!

  25. we had lunch in trentham and i thought of you around the corner picking daffs and breathing in all that fresh air !!


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