Monday, September 24, 2012

Some day...

Some day in the future my parents will live on the block of land opposite ours where we picked these flowers.

Some day we will will ride our bikes down our driveway for cups of tea with them.

Some day they will live in a gorgeous passive and active solar house, with their own Esse stove for cooking.

Some day they will keep some goats and sheep in their paddocks and their Maremma Petey-boy will bark to protect them from the foxs.

Some day my girls will sleep over at their house and me and my farmer boy will have date nights.

Some day we'll drive past and wave at them and they'll wave back.

Some day I'll call them and ask them if they need anything from town.

Some day my girls will run away to their house when they are angry with me.

Some day I will call my Mum when I am too tired to cook. We'll collect a basket of vegies and flowers along the way to their house. We'll sit in their kitchen while they make dinner and we'll tell stories and make plans.

Some day they'll be just down the hill.

Some day they will be here with us for all the birthdays and special occasions.

Some day my Mum will make me a rainbow layer cake and do all the dishes herself.

Some day my Dad will correct the apostrophes in my blog in person rather than by email.

Some day my Mum will pick these flowers for her own kitchen.

Some day, someone from somewhere will buy my parents' house and property so they can move over the strait and accross the road from us.

We can hardly wait!!

Have you got something you are looking forward to some day?
Are you planning and imagining?
I hope it happens sometime soon.
For you and for us. xx


  1. Some day we will finish renovating this house. Some day we will move east.

  2. I hope your 'Someday' comes soon, Kate.

  3. Kate, I didn't know your folks lived here in Tassie! Their place is just gorgeous and I have a feeling your someday will not be too far away as I'm sure it will be snapped up in a jiffy :-) Well someday I will have doorknobs that don't fall off every time I touch them and paddocks stocked with fruit trees, berries and cut flowers. Mel x

  4. I hope that some day is much closer than you think . xxx

  5. I hope that you all don't have to wait too long x

  6. such a sweet post! My parents live across the country from me and sometimes I miss them so much- Its always hard when you have little girls too and they miss their Grandma and Grandpa :(

  7. Oh Kate, I do hope for all of you that 'someday' is very, very soon indeed. How wonderful to have your parents, the girls' grandparents living nearby. So many fun things to do together, fun memories to make.
    FIngers and toes crossed that someday very soon, someone buys their house.......
    I am looking forward to this Wednesday when No. 1 and i bid farewell to New York, we board a Qantas flight and head home to Oz. To all that we have missed and all that is dear to, peace and quiet, family, friends, the garden, my sewing machine, my pillow and great coffee!!

    Claire :}

  8. What a lovely thing to have to look forward to. I'm a big believer in things falling into place when they are supposed to and I'm sure things will do the same for you very soon. Fingers crossed until then

  9. hi kate....its sure to happen now cause you have put it "out there"...we have all read it, so in turn have put it "out there".... i bet your dad is itching to correct my punctuation!
    after 20 years apart, we moved a 5 min bike ride away from my its how it should be and all you described.
    Allison x

  10. Oh Kate this is so wonderful! I'd LOVE it so much if my parents would move close to us. They often talk of selling up their land in the country and heading our way, but I'm not sure it will happen, and then sometimes I worry what if they do and we don't have that beautiful country getaway anymore. Still, I'd love them to be here, close to us so our boys can spend time with them and learn all those clever things they could learn from Pop...x

  11. some day the studio will be finished and this baby will come out!! ( in that order)

    some day I will go on a date with my Chef again.

    someday our family will visit Daylesford.

  12. Your plans sound wonderful Kate...such a special thing to have family close by. My family are spread far & wide and I often imagine what it would be like to have them closer. Hope you are enjoying the holidays. Beautiful photos; pretty girls and flowers :)

  13. Your dream sounds lovely, and I hope it comes true really really soon. It would be fantastic to have that sort of loving family support just down the driveway. Grandparents are so important in kids lives!

  14. My someday is today! My parents are arriving this afternoon to stay with us for the holidays.
    Beautiful, beautiful post, thank you.

  15. All very relevant to my thinking today!!! I've been pondering the where/when/why/because/what we would like/what we can/can't afford/ of our future family home!! Lots of lofty plans for the future, and even more impending plans for moving again - at least back to the familiar!
    But then again, maybe we might just be lucky enough to win lotto, and move to paradise!

  16. maybe someone could buy my house (we have our house for sale too) and i could buy their house (a plan to move to tasmania is on the cards) and they could move in across the road from you! happy all round!
    lovely looking property if only it had surf out the front then i might be able to convince alistair to move there.

  17. We live on the farm with my parents, and I adore adore adore it. Way more than I thought I would. They left today for four and half week in the US, visiting my brother, I miss them already!!! Fingers crossed for a speedy sale and quick move for yours. I'm so happy you get to live close to your pares too. We're lucky. (On so many levels.) xxx

  18. That sounds like a wonderfulsome day or wonderful someday... xxx

  19. Your parents eco-house is amazing...I don't think it will take long to sell, so it looks like that dream of yours is not 'somewhere over the rainbow'!

  20. I live interstate from my mum and my sister, and my sisters brand new baby, Peach (My nickname for her, because she truly is as soft and as lovely and as squishy as a peach) I know it is hard to be away from your family...I don't think you ever really get used to it, not properly.
    Someday I will live 'across the way' from my family too...and I will get to see Peach everyday. As it happens funnily enough, we live next door to my brother and sister in law now. We are in joint custody of chookies. :)

  21. Darling Kate
    After 24 hours of careful consideration, it's my privilege to write the 21st comment on this post.
    It's strange - no, come to think of it, it's not strange at all - that your dream and my dream are almost identical.
    In partnership with your Mum, if I can do each thing you mention in this post, I'll be over the moon - the happiest man in the world.
    What's more, I have a feeling in my heart that they'll begin happening in late 2013. I hope I'm right.
    In the meantime, I want to thank you for your beautiful and loving post. I've no doubt I'll revisit it many many times over coming months.
    And also I want to thank you for being my daughter - the best one imaginable.
    With much love
    From your prospective neighbour, tea-maker, baker, sheep and goat farmer, round-the-lake walker, big-girl sitter, homework helper, story-teller, plan-maker, birthday celebrator, and in-person apostrophe corrector.
    PS I can hardly wait.

    1. Kate, what a beautiful Dad you have! I thought my heart was going to burst when I read this comment, so affectionate and warm, you must have a very special relationship! Makes me miss my own lovely Dad (passed away 9 yrs ago). I hope these plans come together for you all really soon.

    2. Farm doc!!! Such lovely words you have written, they have made me cry so much and miss my dad so much.

  22. I wish the same thing. For my mum to move from England and join us here in Australia, so her grandsons get to see her more than once a year... I hope that it'll happen one day. I can't bear thinking of the alternative. Our dream is she'll live down the road somewhere or on the same block of land as ours (if we have land by then). She wants to keep chickens, goats and pigs. Some day it'll be just the way you've written it. x

  23. dreams and somedays do come true!!!! hope yours is real real soon!

  24. Hi Kate - your post really rang true for me as we too are trying desperately to sell our property so we can move on.... I'll wish for success for your parents if they promise to wish for success for us!!! love and hugs xxx

  25. One day my husband and I will find a piece of property that we can afford large enough to raise goats, ducks, pigs, sheep, chickens, and other livestock.

    One day gardening and taking care of our animals won't be what we do early in the morning and when we get home from other jobs - it will be our living.

    One day we will barely have a grocery bill because we will be harvesting our food from the land we borrow from the earth.

  26. Do you know I cried my heart out reading this . I so very hope that you can have your parents there very , very soon . My parents in law moved next door to us and it is so good for my kids but I wish I had even one more day with my mum . Give yours an extra hug for me when you see her xxxx

  27. What a lovely post - and what a lovely comment from your Dad. I can't imagine my parents ever saying anything like that and I can't imagine wanting to be living next door to them. You're very lucky that you're relationship is so close & special.

  28. I have just spent a "whole cup of tea and 3 biscuits" oohing and aaahing over Onemilebridge... it will sell soon for sure, how can it not? It. is. HEAVEN. XX

  29. Oh Kate what a beautiful post and such beautiful pictures. Your Dad's comment made me cry!


    I wish I lived next door to you xx

  30. Oh Kate! And Kate's Dad! I'm sitting here in tears reading that... I'm so very happy that you are all dreaming in sync and all those gorgeous, wonderful things will happen for you. They will!

    I wish more than anything that my family would long to move near me... It's the one missing piece. So I can imagine just how magical that moment will be when yours are just across the road. Bliss. xx

  31. That's such a lovely 'some day', Kate. I hope some day is soon. x

  32. PS - just read your Dad's comment, Kate. He seems exactly as I would imagine a Dad of someone like you would be. Thoughtful, creative, loving and kind. x

  33. Wow Kate, your posts are so lovely, so heart felt and so honest utterly I'm blown away. And your Dad's comment had me hurry away for a tissue. What a wonderful relationship you have. x


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