Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Like old times.

For the whole of this week farmer Liam is away at chook school in Queensland and farmer Pierre is still in France with his family and me and my farmer boy are here running the show.

It's been reminding me a lot of life twelve years ago when we first moved here. Except back then we only had one little girly and Daylesford Organics was more about self sufficiency than the business of feeding lots of people.

Back then we did everything ourselves and we took little Indigo along with us everywhere we went. The three of us worked together all day every day. We were in our work clothes and boots waaaaaaay more than our town clothes. We worked on and lived and discussed and planned this farm. It was all there was.

But then over the past few years as one girl became three and the business grew and grew, I have left most of the hard yakka stuff to the farmer boys while I've done the girls and the house. It's worked well for us. It's mostly felt well balanced.

But this week with the farmer boys away, I've been farmer Kate again. We've been feeding out, collecting the eggs, moving the chook houses and fences, running the egg machine, organising, invoicing and packing the orders, looking after the chicks, working in the garden and solving all the problems that arise during a normal farm day.

And then we've come in and cooked and cleaned and fed and looked after.

There's so much dirt under my finger nails and I have cuts and bruises up and down my arms and legs. But its kinda nice to be all achy and tired at the end of the day from physical work. I've missed it. I love it. Especially in the glorious springtime sunshine. And especially with my gorgeous farmer boy.

I'm really remembering what we saw when we moved here. I think I know what I want to be when I grow up...or when Miss Pepper goes to school next year anyway. Its been great.

How are you going?
Are you having a wonderful week?
Are you getting outside?
Are you who you want to be when you grow up?

See ya!


  1. So good to know you want to be a farmer girl when you grow up! It's fab that Miss Pepper gets to experience what Miss Indigo once did..another side of her mum and having her mum and dad to herself for a bit.

  2. Kate, I just read this book and thought of you: http://www.kristinkimball.com/the-dirty-life

    A funny and gorgeously written tale of life on the land. And I'm not sure I am who I want to be yet...but I think I am getting closer.


  3. Is that a Bundy that I spy? Do you know how much I am willing to pay for the imported Bundy at my local Superspar?? And then I leave it in the fridge, waiting, waiting for the right moment...to find my husband took it.

  4. I love that question..."Are you who you want to be when you grow up?"!

    Isn't it too bad that often we are made to decide what and who we want to be when we grow up before our ideas and selves are properly formed. I'm in my 50s and am only now knowing who it is I want to be when I grow up. And maybe I've had ideas in the past, but it is now...as I look back...that I know what I wanted. Didn't know it then, but know it now. I love your posts...such a different life than mine - and so awesome and inspiring! Thanks for sharing YOU!

  5. Things definitely feel as if they should be beginning to be wonderful this week with the lovely spring air feeling how it does.

    We are about to look forward to going backward in time too.
    For real.
    Back to how we used to live in a way, being outdoors together again but making our living from it.
    Gardening artists!
    I guess thats what I wanted to be when I grew up (but until someone asks you and you have to put it into words it somehow doesnt truly hit).
    ...thanks for asking, Kate x

  6. Its a great experience to head backwards in time. Its fun and definitely something to reminisce. Farming is a memory worth to be cherished.
    kids bean bag

  7. No, I don't think I am who I want to be just yet. But I'm working on it! Loved this post!

  8. This made me cry, in a good way - well wet eyes anyway. It's so wonderful to spend good solid meaningful time together, to work towards something together, yet also enjoy the journey. This is beautiful. I love seeing the deep love and respect you have for your farmer boy.
    I am slowly becoming who I want to be when I grow up. But I'm not sure I'm actually going to grow up.....
    I feel myself becoming more like my mama, which is making me happy and contented and feel warm. This morning I sent my little girl off to school with a special crochet bag as a necklace, with a secret note from mama (I'm hoping it will mean less tears at the school bus/school gate, which we've been working through all year). It's something that my own mama would have done - sending magical mama powers with kids to school. So I guess I want to be more like my mama when I grow up; my kids are helping me be that.

    Have a lovely week Miss Kate. Spring is here, and it sure is glorious xx

  9. That's so wonderful and inspiring Kate. I love that you've had this time together. We often feel that way too because we have a small business and it's got to be everybody-pitch-in or it won't work. We also get this feeling of being in our own little world which I love. Great post :) Kx

  10. Chef just became my business partner and part of me is happy to have a helping hand and the other part of me is overwhelmed at trying to explain the systems I have in place and how I do things and heck I may have to listen to someone else's opinion!!

    I never thought I would run a business when I grew up or be a counsellor. I like the mix of them both together, but our roles are shifting again as I am home all the time now waiting inpatiently for the new flatmate to burst from within- and feel like should be doing the majority of the house work stuff... we have kind of had the same set up as you... I do the house and family stuff and Chef does outside... I think we have both forgotten how much time a little baby takes and how we will juggle Busy in with all of this too.

  11. It all sounds wonderful. There is nothing like getting your hands dirty, particularly with your family.
    Both hubby and I come from farming backgrounds, wheat and dairy. Although we live in town we are still very country at heart and have been busting our bums getting our garden in order. Lots of vegies planted and plans for a more sustainable garden.

  12. Excellent Kate, beautiful thoughts and photos as always. My husband and I have a similar scenario. 12 years ago we were both doing the farm stuff...now with children and home schooling I can usually be found around the house or garden. Last Saturday the kids and I helped with some sheep work and it was a wonderful feeling to get out in the dust, like the 'old me'.

  13. Sounds perfect Kate. And I envy you that you know what you want to do when all are at school, I'm still trying to work that one out, it's not easy. Enjoy the lovely sunshine!

  14. Sounds so satisfying Kate!

    I have been trying to figure out 'what I want to be' for my entire life...and am afraid to report that I am still no closer.

  15. I often wish I worked with my family but unfortunately I make a better preschool teacher than anything I could do at my husband's business and 4yr olds en masse are not his idea of a good days work!!!

  16. You make me want to be a farmer too... it looks so good & I love that achey tired feeling at the end of a day. So much nicer than the mentally frazzled tired!

  17. Oh hasn't the sun just been glorious! I'm loving it! Miss Daisy and I have been outside while our little Peppa has slept! It's been lovely! Our ambitions of a natural playscape and a vegie patch will hopefully come to life shortly! :) What a beautiful memory you ahve to relish of where it's all come from. And three gorgeous girls to love along the way!

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