Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crochet & me.

There was a while back there where I was unable to crochet. My hands were so full of blackberry thorn scratches and splinters that holding the hook hurt. But I'm pleased to tell you that time has past and I am back hooking away.

The other night I made this jug cover. Gosh I love sorting through all my buttons to find just the right colour and shape combinations.

As a side project when crocheting that bunny got a bit complicated, I made the top pink and white pot holder from this pattern.

I recently saw somewhere on the internet that someone had made the same one swapping colours every two rows instead of every row, and I am dying to get a chance to make another one like that.

This is such a fun pot holder to crochet because it doesn't look like it is going to work until the final row when it all clicks in together.

To make crochet matters even more enjoyable than I thought possible, look what arrived in the mail from the wonderful Leonie at Raglan Guld.

Thank you soooooooooo much Leonie I love it so ridiculously much!!

My end of the swap is being contemplated and will hopefully be in the mail by the end of the week.

And lastly, I am crocheting a doily!

Ha ha, I know you are all laughing, calling me a Nana and making toilet roll cover jokes, but after making this dress the other day with a doily that someone else crocheted, I have been dying to make one of my own to sew into a dress.

I hope you are having a lovely, creative Wednesday.


  1. I love the little buttons on the milk jug cover rather than beads. Very cool.

  2. Ugh! I was living in hope there for a second, when you said "...I was unable to crochet..." I thought - Oh my! There is hope for me yet! But then I read on & realised it was for reasons of comfort, not ability. Damnitt. I am going to suck at crocheting forever. Even the bit I think I know I don't actually think is right...!

    I LOVE your crochet hook holder deal'e... lucky duck!

    Admiring all your crocheted (that doesn't look right, does it? Too much likt 'crotchity') goodness from afar....

  3. Hey Nanna, sorry... Kate! Loving that top photo, so pretty. Just wanted to say congratulations for having 200 followers! Wow!!! It doesn't surprise me in the least as your blog and you are both so friendly, interesting, colourful & fun. Oh, and so inspiring! xo

  4. Nothing "Nana" about crocheting these days. There are some wonderful projects to make and once you start you are bound to be hooked(couldn't resist that one!)
    Great 'hook holder' I must make myself one and that way I would avoid spending half an hour searching the spare room for the right sized hook. Love the pink doiley (my Nana never had one that colour).

  5. I love all of your pics, I can't wait to see the doily attached to your dress!

  6. The shade of blue you have chosen for the jug cover is just beautiful x

  7. Ooh the pretty blue jug cover looks delightful, is that for me by any chance Kate! I think your crocheting is just wonderful (wish I could be a nana for a day and actually do it properly). Love the pink doily. I have a few crocheted table runners that Paul's grandmother made me a few years ago now but they were made out of a beige cotton, wish I had colorful ones now after seeing yor wall of inspiration!

  8. Your jar cover & doily are really lovely,and what a great collection of pot holders! As for 'Nana' - there is a little bit of nana in all of us I'd say...

  9. Definitely no toilet roll jokes from this nana!! I love the hook holder, I made one of the pencil ones for a grandson at Christmas but I never thought of hooks - and knitting needles. How great!

  10. I love your collection!!!
    They are just gorgeous...
    And love the colour of the jug cover...especially the pretty buttons on the end

  11. definitely NO jokes here, I'm with Vic, i wish I could, I wish I could!!
    lovely jug cover & pic and that Ms Leonie has definitely made a gorgeous little holder for you hooks to have a rest in.
    hope Sunday was good for you.

  12. I love your potholders wall its very charming.

  13. Olá, Kate!
    Que bom receber um comentário seu. Fiquei feliz em saber que você agora entende meus crochês, apesar da diferença de nossas línguas. Falo muito pouco o inglês. Sempre vejo com carinho as visitas da Austrália. Meu filho, Paulo Rogério, fez um curso de inglês na cidade de Noosa. Ele ficou 5 meses no seu país. Ele gostou muito das pessoas do seu país. Ele foi muito bem recebido aí. Depois do fim do curso ele viajou por várias outros locais da sua região.
    Voltem sempre que quiser e puder. Será uma prazer recebê-la no meu blog.
    Abraços com carinho,
    Sônia Maria

    Hello, Kate!
    Glad to receive your comment. I was happy to know that you now understand my laces, despite the difference in our languages. I speak very little English. When I fondly tours of Australia. My son, Paulo Rogério, did an English course in the town of Noosa. He was 5 months in your country. He enjoyed the people in your country. He was very well received there. After the end of the course he traveled to many other locations in your area.
    Come back whenever you want and can. I will be happy to receive you in my blog.
    Hugs with affection,
    Sonia Maria

  14. Now that's my kind of nana!!!!

  15. Ahhhh...I am glad to see the recent crochet obsession is spreading and that I'm not the only one going crazy with it! I LOVE, LOVE your potholder wall and have been compiling some potholders to do something similar in my of these days...

  16. I'm so happy to see your beautiful crochet again. I love the jug cover and the new potholder too.

  17. My husband calls me a grandma all the time. At least we are chic ones!

  18. Oh.....I am so glad you loved it and they all fit!!!! I hit the panics that you would have fat handle ones once it sent if off!!! Thats my FAV fabric...I just love it...I am wrapped that you think its MAGIC!!! Great post nana....he..he!!

  19. I wish I was as clever as you Kate. You are so creative!
    I love your wall full of colour. Very inspiring.

  20. great idea to use the buttons. I like your collection.

  21. Kate...these are so pretty! Loving the jug cover and the gorgeous colors!

  22. Wow! Loving your progress with the crochet! Thanks for posting the link to that potholder pattern too, it's wonderful, colours are fab too.


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