Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some solutions.

Thanks so much for your empathy and advice yesterday. It all helps. The knowing that I am not alone and that so many of us are struggling to get on top of things and your words of wisdom.

Like Fruitful Fusion pointed out in her comment yesterday, 'sometimes we find ourselves being blown along with the whirl wind', but there's no reason why we can't enjoy the ride. We shouldn't have to wait for a health scare or a breakdown to appreciate the everyday, even the routine.

This morning I baked banana bread for lunch boxes and afternoon teas. Nothing like the smell of fresh baking to make you feel on top of things.

When I mentioned to Bren the trouble I was having trying to keep track of everyone he raced off to the shed and brought back some blackboard paint and a roller. This little bit of wall is next to the front door and will hopefully be the last thing we look at when we leave the house.

And I finally decided on the sleeves.

I think it probably needs a bit of crochet along the top of the hem ruffle to balance the crochet out. It is a few sizes too big for Pepper so there is no rush.

And the last thing is a reminder to myself not to drink more than two coffees a day. Even if the most gorgeous farmer boy in Daylesford meets me as I'm walking out of my pilates class and offers to buy me a cup. Drink water!! The extra energy that caffeine might bring will not be productive energy but manic, out of control energy which is NEVER fun.

I hope you are finding some solutions over at yours. XX


  1. Hi Kate
    I'd like a top with those pretty sleeves...lucky Pepper.
    And the spontaneous blackboard- i love it.
    Hope you find some peace in these crazy back at school days.
    I'll try drink some more water with you, and maybe even remember to feed myself some nice food.
    Manda x

  2. And here I was wondering how you managed to do so much, with your own business, three kids, busy fingers......glad to hear that you are a mere mortal!

    I feel lazy compared to you, just slow down please, you're giving me a complex!

    Was planning on going to see you guys at the market on Saturday, but I had a rare sleep in and then the rain thwarted my last minute attempt to get there, when are you in Melbourne town hawking your wares again?

  3. I think some trim along the ruffle would be a great addition. It is going to be a real beauty when finished. A dress anyone would be proud to wear.

  4. I love the sleeves option for your fabby crochet piece and think a little matching trim on the hem is a brilliant plan.
    I have to agree with Emma and say I don't know HOW you manage to fit so much in to one little day!
    It freaks me out and yep makes me feel like the lazy, slothful cow that I am!
    Even when my 3 babies were my babies I always managed a lie-down, if I didn't get a regular break from frantic family life I would literally have a melt-down.
    I love my coffee and that photo has me drooling for my favourite Las Chicas (in Carlsile st. St Kilda) Coffee. I CAN NOT get my cofee fix anywhere here :(
    Once again, LOVE your work x

  5. hey honey, loving the blackboard idea. I bought an expensive calendar thingie with places for six names but it's all so small and my eyes are having trouble reading little writing! I may have to steal your idea and go crazy with some blackboard paint. Glad you are finding some ways to fly through the whirl wind xo

  6. forgot to say another good thing is getting school clothes out and on the end of their beds for the morning. It's a little one but it does help x

  7. Love the blackboard paint idea, love the sleeves on the dress... maybe you could put a little doily pocket in the middle or on one side.. and Kate, we have one child and barely cope. you are doing great! x

  8. Glad to hear that you are getting on top of things. I love banana bread soooo much! Looks yumo.

    Isn't Bren clever! The black board paint was an inspired idea. The dress is great and I agree, it can handle more crochet! :)

  9. oh yay you're feeling better :)

    that spontaneous blackboard is fantastic (go Bren) and the sleeves look very sweet.

  10. Good idea with the blackboard - your boy is a keeper!

  11. Glad you're feeling more in control.
    The blackboard looks great. But there's no 'Kate' section!
    And the dress is beautiful!!!
    I can smell the bread from here. No ... that's the banana cake we made yesterday!!
    See you SOON!!!
    Andi :-)

  12. And you bake as well? I was speechless at your last post, before I even could think of a response, you had recivered and BAKED? You're doing ok- my daughter has yet to have a homemade treat in her lunch box, weekends are all about me, and I give her the full week- hectic, but we only do what we can to survive. People think I'm amazing doing it on my own- I think I manage because I admit a) i'm not mum of the year, nor want to be and b) I ask for help!! So don't beat yourself up for a bad day, hey, we had mouldy lunchboxes and at the end of the day- you spned time with them, and they obviously love it. Keep up the good work!!!

    PS My mission in my new house is to bake once a week- I'm going to blog it haha

  13. Hey Kate, Im loving your posts they are so real and make me feel normal...Your boy sounds like a real sweetie love the black board idea and the dress is beautiful, I think your right about something above the ruffle what about some ribbon, velvet ribbon even?
    Im going to have to bake some bread too, looks delish.

  14. You have the best solution Kate... a soul mate. Sure, they can't solve all the problems but knowing they're there sure does help.

  15. I love those sleeves!!! And I love your take on my comment!!! So true! :)

  16. A novel solution to keeping track of everyone - not that blackboards are new, but applying paint directly to the wall near the front door is new to me and so downright sensible.

    BTW, I love the owl on the tee-shirt you sent Knitter Sue for Isabelle.

  17. Yes!

    I knew it was destined to be sleeves!

    You are amazing Kate, were you aware? An inspiration you are, with your sewing & baking & wisdom... you shine so bright my eyes hurt. ;)

    Maybe I should bake... or just go to the bakery. Mmmmm bakery. Chocolate cake. Chocolate. Don't mind if I do. *wanders off*

  18. i love the sleeves on the dress - what a clever use!
    i try to only have one cup of coffee a day - at one stage i was drinking way too much.
    i love the chalk board idea i wish we could do something similar, but alas, the landlord would probably have a fit :(
    enjoy your week

  19. How cool is your blackboard, it looks so great! Nothing bets the smell of baking in the house, love it and need to do it more often!!
    Drink water,yes!! I'm trying to be aware to drink more each day - trying I am :)

    (The sound of my own brakes screeching to a halt).

    Things are sounding identical (well, ish) around here, only I have never mentioned calisthenics to my girls in case I'd be sewing sequins on costumes for months on end. Evilry, I know. Borne from memories of my own poor mother slaving in to wee small hours.

    I'm so glad to hear things are brighter now it's Tuesday. Here's to a week of growing zen.

  21. did you know every single one of us is cringingly green with envy that your slap-a-dash chalk board wall looks likes you had an interior designer sketch it out prior to ;p It's gorgeous! and such a great place for it! AND WOOT FOR WATER (altho I also am easily side tracked my beautiful men.. and um, I meant coffee, yes, we are talking about too much coffee).

  22. Yes ! Sleeves ! I knew it ! looks lovely xxx

  23. Great solutions all round. It sounds like you have created a little order from the chaos. Bren's idea of the blackboard by the door looks fabulous. Who'd think of that! The crochet cap sleeves are perfect. I agree that a little crochet near the ruffle would finish it off nicely.

  24. I love the sleeves, that's fantastic. I missed your monday post so scrolled down to read it. It sounds like you are amazingly busy. Do look after yourself, you know the old adage... if mama not happy, nobody happy! By the way have you tried chai latte instead of coffee?? so good for your bones too and actually is delicous. (that's from me who is the only person on the planet who doesn't like hot chocolate!!) We've started making the mix, I can send you the link if you want to try it.

  25. Love it! both the dress and the sleeves, I saw earlier posts and I love your little one's comment on why not to wear the dresses that you are making for her ;) I have trouble making my two wear anything anymore for photos too ;)

    and mm... now I am craving banana bread!

  26. Oh yes water water water, just part of the routine. Sleeves also look great & i don't drink tea of coffee, so one less thing to monitor. Talk to the girls & explain how their helping & listening helps the family function, they'll take it on board. Black boards are sweet, good luck, chin up Kate, love Posie

  27. Wahooo Good MOVES!!! Stop and breathing is a good one to keep up your sleeve once in a while...lol xx

  28. Kate, I think you are an absolute HERO! I wanted to apologise for not popping over sooner to say so but I have been swamped by life (as you will well understand) and I haven't quite managed to balance blogging and life yet. Yet another reason why you amaze and inspire me! I think the dresses with the crochet trims are so adorable. I would be the happiest little girl ever to wear such a dress. Truly, you should go easy on yourself, I bet your girls think you are the best mum ever.

  29. I think it's a mini miracle that any of us mums can create anything, in the midst of all the chaos of our lives. I'm inspired by your blackboard and your dress is beautiful. Cathy x

  30. hello, what a gorgeous dress! The little sleeves are lovely. And what a great idea with the blackboard paint too
    : )

  31. hugs lovely lady, hope you have had a good week thus far.
    you are a fabulous mum no matter what happens. I can tell by the smiles on your gorgeous girls faces & the way you write about them.

  32. LOVE the chalkboard paint. It is very cool. We too have tried a message board center area near our front door. It works when I keep on top of it.....:-)

    And the crochet sleeves are simply beautiful. I am loving your delicate trims that you have been hookin' up.

    I too have the too-much-coffee fueled-craft-craziness problem. Have you seen my craft room???


    That might make you feel like "phew, my stuff isn't that bad!" or it might scare you from ever visiting my blog again! :-)

    We do what we can as mamas, wives, artists, crafters, gardeners, bakers, chefs......it can certainly be daunting some days. Sending you peaceful vibes!

  33. Oh I love the impromptu chalk board, tres funky! I have been trying to cope by writing lists, and schedules, and menus, and more lists, and printing out calendar pages and pinning them up all over the house! Hope you settle into a routine soon xx

  34. Dont tell me you go to pilates as well as all the rest of the stuff you get up to?
    Gorgeous dresses youve been making. Must try that banana bread recipe soon.

  35. Love the chalkboard. Love the resourceful husband that just did it, no pfaffing about procrastinating (which is what my DH would do). Love the crochet sleeves but agree that a little crocket ruffle along the skirt edge would even it out. Agree about the water - I'm on a drink more water kick at the moment too.

  36. Oh my goodness. So many things to comment on. LOVE your crochet! I don't know how to do that. I have a lot of ideas but cannot implement them! I like how you used it as sleeves on a dress. I also love how you painted the black board paint in an 'unfinished manner. I like how it turned out wonky. So cute! Okay off to another one of your posts.


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