Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday mayhem.

So here we are, week three of the school year and I feel like its all getting on top of me.

It doesn't help that we work weekends. We leave for Melbourne when the girls finish school on Fridays, do farmers' markets and deliveries on Saturdays, drive home, go to bed, wake up Sundays and spend the day working in the farm shop.

Monday mornings we wake up to find school bags full of wet bathers and towels and uniforms, lunchboxes full of soggy, stale lunch left overs and tired, grumpy kids.

We'll get into a routine soon, but at the moment I feel like I'm constantly running trying to catch up. Who has swimming this week? What day is calisthenics? What colour leotard for what age? What song does who need on a cd for singing lessons?

So that being said there's not much time for making things at the moment. The crocheted trim in the above photo was crocheted in the car when Bren ran vegies into inner Melbourne restaurant kitchens and in between customers at the farm stall yesterday. Hopefully one day it will go on the neckline of a dress.

And this doily I crocheted last week isn't speaking to me as loudly as I'd hoped. Or possibly, I'm just not standing still long enough to hear.

I tried sewing the dress up to help but I'm still not sure.

Possibly sleeves,

or a collar, or maybe I'll just stitch it on whole.

I hope things are calmer and less soggy at your place and that your Monday is a funday. XX


  1. Sleeves, loud and clear! it looks lovely. Maybe even balanced out with a small trill in the same colour around the bottom?

  2. Hi, Kate...
    You won the Pinstriped Pill Bottle Giveaway at my blog! Can you send me your mailing address so I can get them out to you?

  3. Madness here too kate...surely we will get into the groove again soon...

  4. Sleeve!!! it looks great- and is a little different.

    It sounds like you need a chart for the week with all the girls names down the side and the days on the week across the top and what they do and need each day as its probably the same every week.

  5. Feeling very much the same at the moment. Like we have hit the ground running and can't stop to catch our breath's. Not an ideal place to be. Hope it helps you to know we are all drowning in it together! You just have to laugh.

    Sleeves. Yes. Sleeves. Exactly how I thought they would look too. Very pretty.

  6. *sigh* That is how it feels here too at the moment. Hard to get back on track once you've been off for a while. Cath's idea for charts is a good one. And remember if mummy isn't happy no one is so take care of yourself.
    And sleeves on the dress! xox

  7. definitely sleeves!
    I like Cath's idea of a chart aswell.
    I know how you feel with the markets & baking & delivering and I definitely don't do as much as you do!
    hope it gets better soon.
    hugs gorgeous gal

  8. Yes, sleeve, for sure. It looks perfect to me.

  9. I think sleeves too. It's lovely! I feel a bit behind the gun as well. I think the rain is partly it - I'm defeated by the laundry loop... but am generally not on top of the 2010 routine yet either. Let's hope we both manage it soon...

  10. Funny I feel completely crazy for not having that type of madness going on over here. Dare I say I miss it a little...haha

    And I think the sleeve option is fab!

  11. I find lists and weekly schedules help a lot...Kikki K has some great 'family planners'. Good luck!

    Sleeve option looks perfect.

  12. Hmmm ... I hear ya! Today was the best Monday we've had for a while, sp hoping it's the new thing! Hope Tuesday works out better. Nic

  13. You must be tired, Kate. Because the way you've written it, it sounds like the lunchboxes are full of tired, grumpy kids.
    But maybe that's what you meant to say, i.e. that's what you were subconsciously hoping.
    Anyway I hope you have a restful week to compensate for your hectic weekend.

  14. Hey Kate, Monday is almost over, hoping Tuesday is better.
    Sweet little cap sleeves look like the way to go with the doiley and the dress.
    Love the new trim, great colour. You must get a bit of crocheting done in your travels. It's always nice to have a project you can pick up and take in the car with you.
    I am heading down to Gippsland this Friday with my boys and hope to get a fair chunk of a wrist warmer finished along the way. Hopefully I won't have to pull it out due to mistakes!!

  15. Oh the sleeves, definitely the sleeves! It looks great with that dress.

  16. Oh Kate it sounds as though you need a holiday! A weekly planner sounds like a good idea. I have a small whiteboard on my kitchen wall and write the kids events down the week before so I remember what they need to do (and me too). The sleeves seem like the right place for the trims! If I lived closer to you I would pop around make you a nice cup of tea!

  17. Know the feeling. But you guys have so much on your plate, you're prettty amazing doing all that. I hope things calm down, or get in a rhythm soon. Perhaps you need some help.
    If I can do anything to help, do let me know.
    On the dress I'm not help, because I like them both! xo

  18. oh jeez imagine if i had kids. it's crazy here & i just have to take care of 6 chooks, a python & a turtle :)

    love the purple colour

    it must mean you had a good holiday, that's what i've put my permanent mondayitis down to.

  19. Sometimes life gets like that and you end up being blown along with the whirlwind. I think it's brilliant that with all that have going on, you still manage to create such beautiful things!

  20. How you still find time to create so many gorgeous things is beyond me! I have been so slack that we actually have no activities going on this term, just thought it would be easier on everyone, especially our new preppie...slack, I know, but easy for do a great job of fitting it all in doing it all so well!

  21. I'm exhausted just reading all that!!
    Andi x

  22. Sleeves! Love it!

    Kate sending you a soothing cup of cyber tea my dear and many many more opportunities for some soothing crochet! Just this morning as I was finally managing to have a shower I thanked my lucky stars that I have one more year until the school madness begins.

  23. I am joining the sleeve lobby, I like the way you pinned them on in the photo. Hope you have time for a little feet up time soon. X


  24. I've got the school thing down pat, very organised (read: devoted & boring) to lunches & school bag routine. That said, we have an extra for 2 nights who is doing swimming lessons & just asked me if i could wash her swim suit in the morning??!! Um, no honey, i can't i have 4 other children to organise, but i can lend you clean swim suit & fresh towel. So just in case i had my 4 sorted, i take on an extra to rock the rhythmn.
    Busy lives, 'tis small business. I can't do Monday morning drama, no matter how many markets & parties on the weekend, i don't like chaos or rushing. Good luck, you'll find your groove & the girls will grow with responsbility too. It will happen, i assure you. Love Posie

  25. Ahhh I her you Kate. Am wondering how long it takes to get used to being my first year of having a Scool aged child. I stick with sleeves too, so pretty.

  26. oh dear.. isn't it amazing with a whole weekend to try to go to bed late sunday thinking, "OH MY GOD I don't have the [whoever's] uniforms/clothes/undies washed! But I still did about 12 loads! How in the ....?!"

    Best of luck with soggy lunches - maybe chore list for kids?

    and the doily is gorgeous!

  27. The joy of living and working on a farm.... We work flat out Monday to Sunday here too and feel as though we are always chasing our tails trying to get on top of everything and that;s without throwing school into the equation as-well... I'm sure your routine will come together soon....

    Love the dress and as for the doily, I say put it on whole...

    Jodie :)

  28. your life seems a tad busy......
    i love the crochet collar - i can't wait to see it on an item of clothing.
    our monday was okay - naturally it was warm and dry - bone dry, apart from the tears from my youngest who realised the weekend was over again :(
    goodluck with the week ahead - holidays must be just around the corner :)

  29. The red one is a sleeve. Definitely a sleeve. It drapes beautifully.

  30. Just know that we in the city......or the burbs really.....APPRECIATE seller's at Farmer's Markets IMMENSELY!! Where would we be without you? Thank you for making the effort!

  31. I hear you sister!
    Just trying to keep up is an effort and a half. take care Ro xoxo

  32. I thought it was crazy here, but goodness, your place sounds even crazier. I take great comfort from the fact that I'm not the only one facing icky lunch boxes and wet towels on a Monday morning!

    Don't forget to take time out for yourself Kate. It's not optional, it's essential!


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