Friday, February 26, 2010

green magazine.

The latest issue of green magazine is out and my family and our business Daylesford Organics are in it.

See that bit where it says Family Farm? That's us!

We love green magazine and have been reading it, loving the feel of the paper and admiring the gorgeous photos and designs for years. We are absolutely thrilled to be featured in its pages.

As I wrote on my other blog, its a funny feeling to read a story about a family living this organic life and then to remember that the family is us. We are so busy in the day to day of family and farm life that we forget to look at what it looks like from the outside.

And just in case you were thinking that this post belongs on my other blog and not here, let me assure you that the article contains the words crochet and baking and even pot holder.

I hope you have the most wonderful weekend.

On Saturday, Bren will be at the Slow Food farmers' market at the Abbotsford Covent in Melbourne selling some of the produce mentioned in the article and we will be open from the farm gate stall from 11 - 5 on Sunday.

It would be great to meet you. XX


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    I might have to get a copy - I was given a copy once before but didn't like it all that much - seems being green to them is akin to spending tonnes of money on professionally design environmentally friendly do-dads & what not... or maybe it was just that issue... whatever, this one will rock... 'cause you're in it!

    Congrats - must be pretty weird seeing everyone in print like that...?

  2. oh wow . you should be so proud ...a real family business I see in the photos!

  3. can I have your autograph? :} And if anyone complains about any one of your posts then I will be happy to tell them what they should do with those thoughts.

  4. Congratulations... one day I will be at your gate, (hopefully not on my zimmer frame!!) how cool would that be? Two things...
    1. Awesome to see you in print
    2. You have another blog?? I must hunt it out!!

    deb xx
    ps was just thinking about you as it's friday afternoon and I suppose you are on the pilgrimage to town for the weekend. Hope its not too hot and frazzling.

  5. oops, duh that would be the blog under the large red sign. [blush]

  6. Fame! Your family ( mum and sisters) are goin' off!! Go girls!!!

  7. well done. is that your 15 mins of fame.

  8. You're famous!
    Congratulations, it looks like an awesome article!
    So, come on, confess - how many copies of the magazine did you buy? 5, 10?
    You should buy a copy each for your daughters and pop away into storage along with the outfits that they were featured in - imagine on their 30th birthday can you then present them with an amazing gift - the mag & their outfits - how cool would that be!

  9. This is amazing! Congratulations to you both. You deserve this for all the hard work you guys are doing.
    I love Rie's idea. So lovely!

  10. Congratulations on being featured in the magazine!
    Good luck with the slow market and the farm stall this weekend! I would come if I lived anywhere near... or at least on the same continent.

  11. Well done, it's nice to get a little recognition sometimes.

  12. This is so good! I am going to go buy a copy.

  13. this is fantastic Kate! So well deserved. You must be so proud if everything you've achieved. I've always admired your blog and life with stars in my eyes, it was only a matter of time the media found out!

    Oh and you're at the convent again tomorrow? Bad day for me unfortunately. I promise you that one day when you are in a fluster serving customers at a market, someone in the crowd will pipe up and say "don't have any potholders for sale do you?"

  14. You are so famous and cool!!
    Not sarcasm ... I really mean it!!

  15. How exciting! You must be very proud of your achievements,. It looks like a fantastic article too:O) x

  16. Oh Kate, what a spread they have given you! Will have to find me a copy. Well done, hooray for you.

  17. Oh Yeah that's wonderful! Congrats on having your successful family business out there for everyone to see.xo

  18. unfortunately it's a little too far to drive :(
    congratulations on the magazine article - i will have to see if i can lay my hands on a copy.

  19. Thats so cool Kate..Im sure it must feel great to see some recognition for all your hard Im sure it is. If I was closer I would be a farm gate and afternoon tea regular :-) x manda

  20. Congratulations, i bet the girls loved it!! Love Posie

  21. I'm visiting on the recommendation of "Sew Pretty Dresses", and so glad I did. I'm following now and looking forward to reading further.

  22. oh that's great!
    i might have to get a copy :)
    might also have to visit the farm gate some time soon, i also saw your business in Thaw - what a great little regional mag. Mildura needs something like that.
    Amanda x

  23. Wonderful Wonderful!
    Congratulations. The photos look fantastic.

  24. Congratulations - this article is praise very worthy of all your hard work! My parents have an Olive Farm near Mudgee in NSW, where we prepared the earth, planted the trees and hand pick at harvest each year, so I know a little of what is involved in making wonderful organic goodness grow from the ground. Enough to know it's hard work and you should be commended indeed! I'm inspired by families like yours to make my life have a healthy and positive impact on our earth.


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