Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Firstly I would like to thank you all so much for your support with this auction.

Thank you for your help in setting it up. Thank you for your lovely supportive comments. Thank you for spreading the word on your blogs.

And of course, thank you for your unbelievably generous bids!

In the end, the highest bid went to Amanda of Eco-Possum. Thank you soooooooo much Amanda for your most generous bid.

According to the Care Australia website $200 will supply 10 families in Haiti with emergency survival packs.

While I was crocheting the bunny, I was hoping that his/her sale would make a difference and thanks to Amanda, I believe he/she really has.

And something tells me that this bunny is not going to be upset to leave this house...


  1. YAY!!!

    Congratulations to both of you, you're beautiful people. xo

    (..and I don't think I mentioned how much I luffs that bunny tail!)

  2. Thats great!! Thats $225 raised between us -thanks to you!
    Looks like Pepper might need a crochet bunny for easter...

  3. Yay! Great job Kate and congratulations Amanda!

  4. Well done Kate. It was a lovely generous thing to do.

  5. congratulations to all concerned.

  6. YAY to Amanda, Bunny has gone to a lovely home. And YAY to you Kate, your generosity and kindness is inspirational.
    Sophie x

  7. thanks for your lovely words but honestly I should be thanking you coz you got me off my bum and donating for Haiti. it is such a small amount of $ in the scheme of our lives and I'm just lucky that i get a great perk in the form of a super cute bunny!

    can't wait for my parcel :)

  8. Fabulous work Kate and Amanda!!

  9. Oh, Well Done!!

    greetings from Finland, visiting here for the first time, came throu some other blog? Lovely sewings here and beautiful stories! I don't sew much myself, but always admire others' work!

    Have a great week, I will stay here as your reader :)

  10. thats fantastic Kate! congratulations to you & Amanda for your beautiful generosity.

    Kate I must comment on your absolutely STUNNING pics!
    I so love your new Nik & how he has inspired you & the way you are now looking at things through a different perspective. not everyone can do that, and you definitely can.

  11. Congratulations Kate and Amanda (and Cath!), well done all! xx

  12. Congratulations! Such a thoughtful bunny isn't he/she? :)

    Such a great idea for such a great cause.

  13. You are amazing! And so is Amanda! Great job to you both.

  14. Fabulous result - a very generous donation - hurrah for you Kate.

  15. That bunny has so much personality and has had so many adventures already. Congratulations Kate on raising so much money xxx

  16. Congraulations Ameanda - and I am sure that bunny willmiss being carried around by the ears:)

  17. Awww Kate HOW BRILLIANT IS THAT!!!! Congratulations!!

  18. Congrats! But of course... It's PERFECT!! Love the bunny.


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