Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I heart bloggers!

In the eight months I have been blogging I have come across such kindness and generosity. I have had one negative experience but for the rest of the time it really has been my happy place.

As well as the kind and encouraging comments, the new friendships and the inspiration another perk has definitely been the fun mail.

This week I got the most gorgeous mushroom pot holder from the lovely Laurel at Miss Muggins. I made her daughter a seal t'shirt and she made me a pot holder, what fun! Thanks so much Laurel!

Today I got this gorgeous skirt, some cute apple fabric, mushroom stickers and a bumblebee peg that I won in a giveaway at Claire at Little Tweetheart's blog. Thanks so much Claire, Miss Pepper has claimed it all and loves it.

For some reason she wanted to have a nap with it all.

And this wonderful book came from Peta Jane at Sewing the Seeds of Love when I commented on her post about it.

We are looking forward to potato harvesting time when we can make our own potato family. Thanks Peta Jane!

I hope you find some fun mail in your letter boxes this week.


  1. i've just come in from our mail box and all I found was bills!

    Your mail looks lovely!

  2. Wow that all looks fantastic. I love bloggers as well ( well most of them!)

  3. That potholder is so great and so is the little napper.

  4. ohh, so very cute.
    blogland is what you make it and you make it a beautiful place.

    we love potato people too!!

    thanks for making me smile whenever I visit you here

  5. What lovely mail ... and I agree the blogging world is a great one.

  6. Lovely things. Blogging is fun, nice to know craft & family style blogs can avoid meanies. Love Posie

  7. beautiful goodies! blogland really is a place of giving. but of course, you always get what you give so I am sure you were very deserving of all of these lovelies. xo m.

  8. What wonderful mail Kate! Miss Pepper does indeed seem to love it too. Blogland is full of wonderful nice people (although there can be a meanie or two) and I have made some wonderful friendships and won some lovely pressies too. I always enjoy coming over to visit you and see what wonderful things you have done. Congrats on raising so much money with your bunny too.

  9. I am waiting for a nice parcel, didn't come today though, have to keep anticipating for tomorrow! Well done on the bunny auction too.

  10. How funny we blogged the Mushroom pot holder on the same day! lol I like the colours.

  11. yea for prizes! It's so delightful to receive fun gifts. I've sent some off this week and that, too, is so sweet.

  12. What lovely gifts! I just love mail! The little pot holder is so sweet. The blogging world is so lovely.
    Sophie x

  13. I hope you all enjoy reading the book and making potato people..we did!

  14. lucky you! Miss Pepper does the dance with the new stuff oh so well!

  15. hmm, did someone say apple fabric? I love it that Pepper is claiming it, and laying all over it so that claim can't be contested!!
    What great goodies- no mail for me today. We love the potato people in this house (we have a Jack too).
    Nice post, cheery, thanks Kate.
    I love Peppers dress too.

  16. Lovely things, especially loving the potholder! (And Pepper of course). I agree, blogland has been my happy place over the last few months too :)

  17. I love the potato family idea. When my daughter was young her little drawings of people always started with a potato shape.


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