Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stuff in my head.

I haven't been spending much time on the computer lately. In the beginning it was hard, I felt guilty, but now that I am used to it, its hard to come back.

I am knitting something for me. Its a bit fun. I have no idea if the gauge is right or if it'll fit but I am hopeful. 282 stitches in a row means each row is taking a looooooooong time though.

I am reading a book at the moment that is full of characters that I don't like. I want to persevere because it sounds like an interesting story but I am struggling. Sometimes I find myself alternating a chapter of the book with a game of spider solitaire on my phone.

An older man came up to me in a cafe yesterday to tell me he thought my girls were so gorgeous and well behaved and allowed to have fun and that he thought I looked like I was a great mother. What a nice thing to do. Sometimes they are, sometimes they are not. Sometimes I am, sometimes I'm not. But yesterday that felt like the best gift I could get.

In a game of 'would you rather', I claimed to love coffee so much that I would rather live in freezing cold and have lots of coffee than hot and tropical with no coffee at all.

Yesterday Indi and her scooter slipped on some wet bricks and went flying. She's ok. A bit battered and bruised but I think it gave us more of a fright than anything else.

Just after that happened, Jazzy and I ran in the pouring rain for about 15 minutes to get where we needed to go. We were soaked through and jumping in puddles and singing and laughing. We had a ball.

When we came home we had a bath with Pepper who only wanted to play the naughty girl that kicked.

I'm good. I'm happy. I'm feeling like so far this week its all working.

How are you?


  1. It is hard to dip your toe in after time away but I think that breaks are good.

    You're time out is obviously being very good to you. The knittery looks lovely.

    Is the book "the slap"? I hated all those characters.

  2. How lovely that man's comment was.
    And you've really got my head spinning - could I actually give up coffee if it meant sunshine and lollipops?!?! Oh, that's a decision I'd never want to make :D

  3. That's a lot going on indeed. Loving the colour and pattern of your knitting. I indulged in the Olerea Pattern for Maddy when I saw yours. So cute. Glad to hear Indi didn't do too much damage to herself. And don't you love older people who take the time out to give you compliments. It's such a wonderful thing to do. I agree. It feels like a gift everytime it happens. Hope you are having fun! Sarah xx

  4. Sounds just right.
    Your knitting is lovely.

  5. Bless that man. Those spontaneous positive moments can keep you on a high for a long time. I am intrigued though- what's the book?

  6. And I am with you- cold and coffee (and you can still eat icecream when it's cold anyway. I just can't drink coffee when it's hot :p )

  7. I don't think i could give up coffee either! What a week you are having! Its all about these moments - how lovely for that gentleman to take the time to compliment you all!x

  8. Not feeling like such a fabulous mother this week.
    Dan is away for work all week and my patience with the kids has been rather lacking.
    Lots of arguments and yelling.
    Why do we do that to ourselves? To our kids? (Well, when I say "we", of course I mean "I").
    Need to go and find some puddles to jump in!

  9. What a lovely thing for that man to say, something you will always remember. Cold weather and coffee......now that's a hard one. I have been known to visit a friend's house in the heat of summer to take advantage of the fact she has air con just so that I can cool down enough to drink a coffee!

  10. Sometimes hearing that from a stanger is just what we need.

    I am tired. Up every 40 minutes to a unsettled baby. I dream of sleep and of coffee (on the decaf).

    But today the sun is shinning.


  11. Hey Beautiful, glad it's all good with you and yours, hope indi is ok and that life is relaxing and sweet. Enjoy the puddles and baths and spontaneous fun times together. Much love xo

  12. Love your knittery.

    That older mans comment is gold. A similar thing happened to me recently and I was so surprised (because really it doesn't happen very often) & thankful.

    As for not spending too much time at the computer, sounds good to me. After a period of time spending too much lost time at my computer I now enjoy having less computer time, which really translates into more kid-time, me-time, boring-housework-time, etc...

    the puddle splashing sounds good too.

  13. Your cardi is looking amazing! I'm with you on the cold & coffee thing, that's for sure! Summer is not my favourite time of year, though I'm hanging out for spring sunshine...glad you are having a great week, & so nice to be told you're doing a good job by a stranger, nice to hear it every now & then..

  14. so glad you had fun! I love playing in the rain :) and yes, isn't it wonderful to hear what great mothers we are (sometimes it's best to leave the doubts inside)

  15. Those comments really do make your day don't they. I need to make a habit of speaking positive thoughts to strangers. I know it would brighten someone else's day just as it does mine.

    OH I hope your new project fits. It looks lovely so far..

    And oh so jealous of your rain...It rained here for a minute last weekend I LOVED IT!!

  16. oh I just got back after a break as well. I had lovely comments from strangers whilst away and i think they make life and parenting so much more bearable and publicly recognised. I think social recognition of the amazing job parents do is so importnatn - hey I want to write a post about this! hmm, in a free moment perhaps...

  17. God, I always feel like the worst mother, at the park/ at swimming... the most impatient and uptight, that everyone is far more patient than I am. That is so nice that man said that to you. really nice. x

  18. those comments can really lift you up sometimes when ya' need it =) Seems like your time away was much needed for you - and making things for yourself is great!!!

  19. How nice for someone to notice the good and not the bad as is usually the way, and to say something to you as well...a bonus, you go good mummy!!! That knitting is divine, you are getting amazing with those circular needles :-) I am knitting a hat with two sets of circular at the moment instead of DPNs, have you tried that? Its fun!
    Hmmmmm Tropics with no coffee???? Do it every day but don't take away my chai latte!! :-)

  20. I remember when I was sick and I wasnt on the computer for about a week or more and it was hard to come back too, but then I started to miss what my internet friends were up too! Your knitting looks gorgeous, what is the pattern or are you going to keep it a surprise until you have finished. I am glad that Indi is okay, I was worried she was going to end up in the same scenario as Izzy for a moment there! I am so glad too that there are wonderful people who tell you your a great mum, I happen to think you are too. It does make you feel that the harder days are worth it!

  21. love the look of your knitting.
    I'm so pleased you are good and happy, the breaks obviously been good for you.
    So sorry to hear about Indi, but Im glad it seems she is Ok. ( give her a hug from me)
    I think give up on the book, if you don't like the characters well for me anyway.
    I love that that man came up to you and said that, it's totally true but it's so nice when someone out of the blue says it to you.
    Jess xo

  22. I'm good really good. What ever you are knitting it's down right AMAZING!!

  23. Some days a kind word about your kids from a stranger is the nicest part of your day.
    For a stay-at-home-mum I think this is high praise.
    Glad to hear you are all well.

  24. I think you got it in one with the girls in this post - take the good when it comes and enjoy and boast and hope to survive the horrors.
    Love what your knitting for yourself, looks very interesting

  25. So lovely to read your all happy up in that gorgeous head of yours.

    Me, wishing it was cold enough to drink coffee all the time. Sigh.

    PS you are an awesome mum, not sometimes, all the time :) xox

  26. Your knit looks good Kate, happy to hear all is well with you. T. x

  27. My reponse necessitated point form:
    *love the green knitting, looks fancy and complicated
    *happy you are doing something for you
    *go the lovely man with the well deserved compliment
    *yay to the coffee, not the hot tropical where ever
    *big hug to Miss Indi, wonder if she has black and blue knees like my daughter after a first time rollerskating
    *yay to jumping in puddles and relishing being a great mum
    *and yay to being happy xx

  28. Dear Wonderful Mum - Chuck the book - Sooooo many other great books out there why waste time on a dud :)

    You are the second person I have come across recently who is making themselves something - maybe we should all have a Blogger Girls Pact to make ourselves something for a change ? Can't wait to see the finished garment - dig that colour !

    Puddles, mud, hot baths and firesides - our Winter leaves today :)

    And I had a great day, not quite my Kid Free Tuesday - parent help X 2, canteen duty, finished the day with a COFFEE and a Turkish delight and a new English Garden Magazine

  29. i admire that you blog so regularly - my blogging is so sporadic that i sometimes wonder if it's worth blogging at all.
    what are you reading at the moment.
    i love what you are knitting - it looks amazing. have i told you how much i admire your approach to knitting - you just do it and it's fantastic.
    lovely to hear you are good and happy - in a world where lots of people dwell on what's lacking, it's a lovely change to hear someone discussing all they have (and it's not even material possessions!!) :)

  30. I have been knittig to take my mind off the fact that my husband has just been retrenched very suddenly. Last week was horrible, this week is good, breakfast this morning together eating pancakes reminded me of what is important, without any heating lol and him wearing my hat that I had made for myself to wear when next visiting daylesford. i have promptly made a feminine hat so this one is not claimed! Life is good.
    The comment about you being a good mum is really stating the obvious to all of us especially. xx

  31. I'm with TAS was thinking the exact same thing as in - bless that mans cotton socks for speaking up with NICE things about your kids/parenting and also would LOVE to know what the book is

  32. LOL. I also thought the book could be The Slap. I loathed it and had such issues getting through it. Sounds like you had some special little moments with all your little ones. xo m.

  33. I'm glad you are good and happy at the moment. Your knitting is looking wonderful.

    What a nice man to compliment you and the girls like that, such a rare thing these days (getting spoken to by strangers). I'm always conscious of that when I'm out, why don't strangers talk more? I always try to make conversation if I'm near someone else and just waiting or something although then I get a feeling like maybe they don't want to be spoken to..oh well. Food for thought.

    I'm well, like you I've been away from the computer a lot and have gotten very slack at reading blogs so I'm having a bit of a catch up which is very inspiring. xxx

  34. I’m great, thanks for asking! The first day of spring here is sensational, almost a cliché of perfect springyness. Lots of exciting things going on for me as well, including a guest post and an interview today and hopefully big, good news just around the corner….
    I am so glad you are knitting for you, can’t wait to see you modelling it. What a great thing to run into that old man, remember him when you are having “one of those days!”
    I’m glad you are finding a rhythm that is working for you right now. Enjoy.

  35. After a week away in tropical far north QLD I am feeling fantastic. I enjoyed being unplugged too.

    The best bit was taking some time to reflect on things and to get a fresh perspective.

    Now Spring is here and my life is changing immensely and i feel ready to embrace it with open arms.

    Glad that you are happy and good.


  36. Hi Kate. I'm struggling getting back onto the computer too. I'm enjoying my slow life. But I do love hearing about what you're up to... so perhaps it is good to jump back on the bandwagon!

  37. Now, that's just teasing! Which book and which pattern and what yarn is that? It's gorgeous! What a lovely comment from that man too!

  38. Great shade of green.
    What a nice man in the cafe... it is so lovely to receive compliments and I am glad that you took it graciously. Lovely. That story has made me smile. Thanks ;)


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