Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Desperately seeking Forest!

What's cooking good looking?

The sun is shining and we are having a lovely morning this morning.

The washing is drying, the apple cake is baking, Jazzy is obsessed with that song 'anything you can do I can do better', Indi has gone to school late because she was busy finishing off her crane that can lift some wood 10cm off the table, Pepper is slowing me r-i-g-h-t down because she insists that she's Pixie and has to crawl everywhere and Bren and the boys are responsible for the wild and loud noise that is coming from the shed.

And me? I'm good too. I feel like things are speeding up towards the end of the year, I feel like my 'to do' list is so long that the things on the end of it are never going to see the light of day, I feel like being everything to everyone sometimes has me forgetting to breathe but truthfully I probably wouldn't have it any other way.

And I'm sewing a seam here and a seam there, so I'm happy.

If you think your Little Miss would look gorgeous in this Tree Dress 2, you can find it in my shop.

Oh and the desperately seeking Forest thing?
Well it seems that Bendigo Woollen Mills have delivered my order, but the ball of Luxury in Forest colour is currently unavailable. The ball that I needed, whereas the rest of the order I just wanted. The ball that I must use if I ever want to finish the sleeves and button band of my Tea Leaves cardi.


So, I am wondering if one of you guys has a ball, or a bit of a ball, of BWM Luxury in Forest that you could spare. I would LOVE to buy it off you if you do. Or, alternatively I could send you mine if and when it arrives.

Are you having a happy and sunshiny day??
Are you ticking your way through your list?
I hope so.

See ya!


  1. Oh BWM are so slow with deliveries lately. My last order took nearly 2 weeks to arrive at my place! I hope your ball arrives soon. Love the dress, the tree looks wonderful on the fabric!

  2. Pepper is such a cutie pie and that dress is gorgeous. Too bad about the yarn, hope you find some.

    My list seems very long as well, but I'll just take each day as it comes and see what happens. What can go wrong??


  3. Ooooo that little face is so very gorgeous ;) Oooops so is the dress ;)
    Drat about the yarn but can't imagine you're stuck for to do's! It's all sun shiny and happy in my world too. HUGS xo.

  4. Golly, she's a cutie! Love the smock, love the tree, and wish I had some matchy yarn to send your way.

  5. You have the most gorgeous model ever!!

    Sorry - wish i could help you with the yarn too!

    (i had a nice pick-me-up today - spotted one of my dolls on someones bed in a magazine!)

    hugs to you guysxx

  6. I wish I could help out with the wool but have only just discovered BWM's and haven't yet ourchased anything - although that forest green is lovely and I hope you have success obtaining a ball so you can wear that gorgeous cardi!

  7. your smocks are adorable Kate, can't help you with the wool (sorry) & i'm loving that bit of patch under the cardi! x

  8. Another gorgeous dress Kate!!
    I'm no help with the wool but good luck with your search.
    Andi x

  9. Such a happy sounding morning but for the wool. I hope you find some.

  10. Mr Flowerpress has helped make three simple machines here this month for school (boat, elevator, flagpole)! I think he needs a medal.
    Hope you find your wool, how frustrating!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog, loving your work!!

  12. Oh that dress is just adorable! Too sweet. Loving your cardi too, maybe put a call out in the BWM group on ravelry. :)

  13. Sweet Pepper. My little Ivy, who is three, is still pretending to be our dog who died 6 months ago. I finally made her a felt collar with a felt dog-bone shaped tag with his name embroidered on it. It's so hard for the little ones when they just don't understand.

  14. Ooooh that is so frustrating isn't it! Sorry I have none of that wool :-( Cute Dress tho :-)

  15. Hope you find the wool Kate - I'm sorry I can't help. Actually I'm loving the one short sleeve look (very cute!) Kx

  16. Ummm...I think the cuff on the sleeve of my latest hoodie has that exact green on it. I could unpick it for you. (Sorry this is the first and only thing that popped into my head). Today we cleaned out the shed, mowed the lawns, and cleaned out the cars. None of these were on MY list! x

  17. Lovely snaps! But argh onthe wool. I am making mine in a green from BWM too...but alas a different colour and yarn. Hope some comes your way ASAP. So frustrating for you :(

  18. No, I'm getting sod-all done but I am at one with that :o)
    Hope the apply cake was super tastey.
    Ab xxxxxxx

    Ps. Me and Pete missed you last night because we think you rock.

  19. I have a full ball here, but I'm in NZ...but happy to send it to you at your cost? Let me know if that will help? I *think* I'd like it replaced at the moment as I love the colour, but hadn't decided what it would become lol

  20. Sorry...can't help - but completely love the little tree dress (especially the surprise back!) xxx

  21. bum - that means my ever so late order to BWM won't see a forest !
    oh well.

    Your smocks are looking great - at least Miss Pepper WILL model for you despite the force fed carrots - at least you know they are organic ;) !

    And i get the "ever-stretch-woman" thing - do we ever limit ourselves I wonder ?

    Yay for kitchen garden, and chook shed improvements - and best of all the illusive spare time !

  22. Sounds you might be in luck with that ball from new zealand :-)..... hmm.... I can't think of anything inspired to say because I am tired from being at the beach all day..... we are all a little sunkissed.... should sleep well tonight.

  23. Kate, we have a BWM outlet in Geelong, I'm looking for an excuse to venture in (I need some navy to start on Lily's school cardies and some cotton for Chrissie presses) ...so I can check if they've got a ball, they're sure too, they usually have full stock! If you'd like me to let me know the dye lot number

  24. Loving tat Tea Leaves, lovey!!! I feel your pain re: yarn! I hope someone comes to the rescue.

  25. Pepper's dress is adorable! If only it was in my size!
    I'm also envying your cardigan skills-it looks great and I'm sure it will be lovely when the yarn comes.

  26. i just took a look at your online store...amazing!

  27. Yes please...I'll take one exactly the same but ..erm uh everso slightly larger..for me. Pxo

  28. Your little girls is soo cute Kate. I hope your list doesn't grow any longer this time of year can be stressful with so much to do. Hoping you get some much needed yarn to finish of your pretty cardi. xo

  29. Your blogs are very beautiful and visiting them this evening has made me feel very happy.
    Thank you &
    best wishes for a happy and healthy life and thank you for your wise comment on my blog.

    Robyn :)

  30. Wow, these are adorable. Love the little tree dress. Hope you dont mind if I link to you in my blog. xoxox


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