Sunday, November 21, 2010

This weekend...

This weekend we drove to Melbourne and back to go to a festival on Saturday.

This weekend we spent the whole of Sunday at home.
We ate, we did the farm chores, we sewed up some softies using Indi's new sewing machine, we played on the trapeze and the trampoline, we hung around and relaxed.

This weekend I finished my two test knits for Tikki's new pattern Darwinia.
I knitted Jazzy's dress in BWM cotton and Pepper's baby doll in Woolganics.
I like the look and feel of the wool one much better.
I love this pattern.

Details for Jazzy's here and Pepper's here.

This weekend Jazzy filled an entire book with little characters she designed, Indi made everyone dinner and Pepper flitted around the place playing with everyone and everything she could find.

This weekend I wore a top I found in the back of my cupboard that Bren says reminds him of a t'towel, I got my hair chopped into a style that I wont have to style and I tried my hardest to sew with the girls without taking over or getting frustrated or frustrating them.

This weekend the laundry dried quickly on the line.
For once I wont be scrambling around for bits of school uniform tomorrow morning.

This weekend we marvelled at the enormous amount of fruit that has set in the orchards and hope that the frosts, hail and birds spare us this year.

This weekend the girls made the most gorgeous fairy ring for the fairies to come and dance in.

This weekend I realised that I have started looking out for snakes when I am walking around the farm. UGH!

This weekend I learnt that toothpaste is the best way to remove permanent texta from white boards.

This weekend I remembered that pesto is the besto!

This weekend we watched Robin Hood and I surprised myself by enjoying it.

This weekend a song about growing up made everyone in our family cry.

This weekend is coming to an end and our house looks like a bomb has gone off in it, but I feel happy and rested and ready for the week to come.

Have you had a good weekend?
I hope so. XX


  1. Gorgeous girls, heart warming post (of course) and im left wondering what the song was?

    written while listening to prodigy here, x

  2. I wonder about the song too. Was it 'Sunrise Sunset' from Fiddler on the Roof. That always makes me cry. Kate I've got to say I'm really impressed with your knitting. I think you only learned a few months back and those little dresses are beautiful. (So are the little girls, of course.)

  3. Those dresses are so pretty Kate and like you....really enjoyed Robin Hood x

  4. Sorry to tell you this but we had a big brown in the backyard yesterday , eeek !

  5. Beautiful beautiful dresses for your gorgeous girls Kate! I love both of them and will have to try out that pattern! Looking for snakes does not sound like my idea of fun either, ugh! Sounds like you had a busy fulfilling weekend, and how exciting that Indi has her own sewing machine.

  6. Your weekend sounds wonderful. Have a fab week!

  7. I love love love the green dress Pepper is wearing. we spent the day at at a park next to the beach with friends, eating and watching the water and playing Whats the time mr wolf?

  8. oh my goodnes Kate, those dresses are divine, the pattern is gorgeous & I love your colour choices.
    Your weekend sounded funfilled, as was mine but can't write about it as nicely you!
    Wishing you an easy Monday morn :)

  9. that green dress (and the plaited cutie in it) is gorgeous

    Sounds like a lovely weekend - worth every bit of the mess. If only it would clean itself up

  10. We've had an exhausting but lovely weekend.
    Those dresses are completely gorgeous!!

  11. Sounds like an awesome weekend, except for the snake bit! Loved the photo's especially the first one and the dresses are brilliant too!
    I can beat you on the weekend fun bit - this weekend I got married, completely a shotgun wedding but still awesome!

  12. Sounds like you guys have had a busy but happy weekend - love the dresses ,very gorgeous!

  13. The dresses are both lovely, but the green one is particularly cute!

    What do you think of BWM cotton? I like it's softness but find it particularly splitty. I'm not overly in love with the 2011 colour palate, either.

    We've had a good weekend - an attempt at a family bushwalk, some me-time, and lunch with friends today. Lovely!

  14. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me. Lovely pictures too

  15. Lovely dresses and beautiful girls:)

  16. it sounds like you've had a lovely weekend, just what a weekend should be really. i love your girls' new dresses you've made, they are adorable!

    i know how you feel about snakes, i have been carefully looking each time i go to hang out my washing for the past month and a bit already.

  17. Those dresses are so sweet and I love that green. I've been pattern writing, child organising, cooking, washing and getting ready for Ayden's 17th birthday tomorrow

  18. Sounds like a great weekend. Do you write this things down as you think them so that you remember to blog them? The dresses are gorgeous, the wool one does seem alot lighter than the cotton. I would have thought cotton better for summer, surprising :-)

  19. The girls are adorable in their finely knit dresses!

  20. Those dresses are just beautiful! Sounds like a lovely weekend, I love the fairy ring & I love that toothpaste can clean a whiteboard!

  21. Yesterday somebody told me that snakes don't like geraniums and that having lots of them growing will keep snakes away. Anyone else heard that or am I being conned? I do have lots of geraniums & pelargoniums and have only seen one snake here, on our semi rural block, since 1997. Does that mean that it works?

  22. Too cute for words:) I finished Amelia's the other day - shhh she doesn't know it is for her yet - I keep telling her it is for a little girl LOL!

    I think that I should have stopped knitting at the 2 year old size though - it is going to be long her her - pics to come int he next few days.

  23. The dresses are lovely especially on those beatiful girls.

  24. loving that green dress woman! the wise choice buying that woolganic yarn methinks!!! gorgeous! x


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